Who's That Boy ( A Louis story )

Louis is 17 in this fan-fic btw....... an 16 year old girl named Brianna who loves soccer just moved to a new school and used to be a cutter. She is starting 10th grade in Doncaster, England but when she's sitting at soccer practice she meets a boy named Louis. He invites her out for coffee but when he starts to act strange she notices something is up. Is he hiding something from her? Will she start to cut again? Will she open her heart up to him? Will she find love or hate? read to find out.


3. Who Was That

I looked back at Liam who was eyeing me nervously. Liam is taller then me so I acted like I was gonna give him a hug when I whispered in his ear, ''Are you okay?'' he just nodded. I looked back at the boy I bumped into but he was gone. ''Who was that?'' I asked the boys. ''That was Harry!'' Zayn replied. The boy that I had bumped into had emerald green eyes and curly brown hair. I looked at my schedule then looked at Liam's, Niall's and then Zayn's. I realized that we all had most of our periods together. Our locker numbers were written at the top of our schedules. My locker number was 47, Zayn's was 64, Liam's was 50 ,and Niall's was 32. As we were walking I stepped on something crunchy I backed up and picked up the piece of paper I stepped on. It was a schedule for Harry. His locker was right next to mine. ''Oh god this is going to be a long day!'' I said with no enthusiasm in my voice what so ever. Liam looked at me and I handed him the schedule. ''You and Harry have all the same classes and his locker is right next to yours.'' Liam then handed the schedule back to me and we started walking to the lockers.



A/N srry its short guys and srry it took so long to update I haven't been doing to well in school and math is hard. but like and comment if u guys want me to keep going or just stop. Thx!!!! ~ Hailie 

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