Who's That Boy ( A Louis story )

Louis is 17 in this fan-fic btw....... an 16 year old girl named Brianna who loves soccer just moved to a new school and used to be a cutter. She is starting 10th grade in Doncaster, England but when she's sitting at soccer practice she meets a boy named Louis. He invites her out for coffee but when he starts to act strange she notices something is up. Is he hiding something from her? Will she start to cut again? Will she open her heart up to him? Will she find love or hate? read to find out.


2. First day of school

Brianna's POV.

My alarm went off at 5:00 signaling it was time to get up. Today was my first day of school and I was not looking forward to it. " Brianna get down here and eat some breakfast! " my mom yelled from downstairs. The whole reason we had to move was because she got a better job offer. I can just remember having to say goodbye to my best friend and it was tough. We cried for about an hour before my mom told us it was time to leave. '' Brianna come on , by the time you get down here it will be cold.'' ''Coming!'' I yelled down. When I got downstairs there was a plate filled with eggs, bacon, and toast with cream cheese on it. ''Mom I'm not that hungry'' I said to my mom who was walking into her bedroom ''Well eat what you can Bri whatever you don't eat give to pebbles.'' I just nodded. Pebbles was our dog and she was a chubby dog too. It was probably because we always gave her what we didn't eat. After I ate I checked the time on my phone it said 5:15. I ran upstairs and went right to the bathroom. I stared the shower water and when it was warm enough I stripped and got in. The scolding water hit my body and I instantly felt my muscles relax. After I washed up I hopped out and wrapped a towel around me. I regretted getting out because as soon as the cold air hit my body I jumped. I went straight into my room and changed into this :

After I changed I went back into the bathroom and brushed through my wavy brown hair. I brushed my teeth then went back into my room to do my makeup. For my makeup I did a light shade of blue to go with my outfit. I added a little bit of eye-liner and mascara. I checked my phone and it said 5:50. I Grabbed my book bag and went downstairs until 6:00. At 6:00 i went outside and headed for the bus stop which was only right down the street. Which was a good thing I guess. I realized I hadn't said goodbye to my mom so I pulled out my phone and texted her.

( B= Brianna M=mom)

B: srry i never said bye i didn't know where u were :(

M: Its ok Hunny i was in the garage and u were probably in a rush. I hope u have a good day at school. Tomorrow ill drive you if u want?

B: Yeah ok ill see u when i get home :)

M: ok sweetie I gotta get to work but ill see u after.


Just as i was about to say something the bus pulled up and i decided to put my phone away. I got on the bus and just sat there all quiet and by myself but when we came to the next stop only one boy got on and he decided to sit next to me. The boy had dirty blonde and was wearing a green polo.'' Hi I'm Niall.'' he said. He had a irish accent which I thought was cute.     '' Hey I'm Brianna, but you can call me Bri.'' He held out his hand and I gladly shook it. ''Are you new here?'' he asked me as we were getting off the bus. '' Yeah I just moved.'' '' Oh that's cool'' he said. As i was about to reply a brown haired boy came up to us. He had his hair in a tiny quiff. ''Hi, I'm Liam.'' he said. He had a British accent unlike Niall who had a irish one. I thought he was kind of cute so I replied right away, ''Hey I'm Brianna, but you can call me Bri.'' ''Okay cool.''. I asked them if they wanted to walk to the office with me so i could get my schedule. ''Sure!'' they said in unison with a hint of excitement in their voices. As I walked  into the office I saw a boy with black hair and it was in a quiff but there was a little blonde streak in the front. The boy turned around and started to walk towards me, Liam ,and Niall. '' Hey Liam, Niall and new girl?'' he asked kind of confused and I noticed that he too had a british accent like Liam. ''My name is Brianna.'' I said '' But you can call her Bri'' Niall said almost right after and me and Liam nodded. I looked at Niall and he smiled at me. I smiled back. '' Oh, Okay well then hey Bri.'' ''Hi Zayn'' I said. Me, Niall, Liam ,and now Zayn walked up to the front counter . ''Hi, Can I help you?'' the lady asked ''Yes actually, I was wondering if I could have my schedule?'' '' Of course sweetheart what's your name? she asked. ''Brianna Worthington'' I said. She looked through the papers on her desk and finally handed me my schedule. '' Thank You!'' ''Your Welcome'' she said. I started to walk away but then Liam said '' Hey wait up, we still have to get are schedules ya know!'' ''Oh yeah srry'' I chuckled but then I mentally smacked myself for forgetting that. After they got their schedules I turned around and bumped right into someone. ''Oh srry'' ''Its ok beautiful'' His deep british voice went right through me and I looked up to then be staring into his emerald green eyes.


A/N: sorry if its short guys I tried and if u were wondering where Louis is then you will have to wait till the next chapter to find out. love you guys!!! oh yeah and comment if you think i should keep going ~ Hailie

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