Who's That Boy ( A Louis story )

Louis is 17 in this fan-fic btw....... an 16 year old girl named Brianna who loves soccer just moved to a new school and used to be a cutter. She is starting 10th grade in Doncaster, England but when she's sitting at soccer practice she meets a boy named Louis. He invites her out for coffee but when he starts to act strange she notices something is up. Is he hiding something from her? Will she start to cut again? Will she open her heart up to him? Will she find love or hate? read to find out.


1. Brianna Worthington

 Hi my name is Brianna Worthington and I am 16 years old. I just moved to Doncaster in England but I don't think ill like it here. I never really liked any school I went to because I was bullied and I used to be a cutter. At my last school I was never bullied so I never cut. My favorite hobby is soccer and I like to sing. I also like to dance and I do gymnastics but that's about it.



 A/N srry guys didn't really know what to write. its my first movella srry!

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