My life in hogwarts

This is my original written primary six work so plz don't judging it and I may tweak it now and then but now I'm in primary seven so yeah. Small clipping. It's also a mix of monster high and harry potter.
When I woke up I discovered that my friends wanted to give me a surprise for my 10th birthday I had fifteen letters. All of them were the same.'CRASH!'


5. what just happened??

Wow this year has totally flown away literally. I got to try out for the gryffindor quidditch team. Harry taught me to be a seeker but I wanted to try and be a keeper." Harry I want to try out for being the keeper not seeker," I complained to him " well if you don't want to be the star of the game then," he started to say. Suddenly I was whisked into the air not on a broomstick though. I was flying freely so was harry we tried going towards the castle. We couldn't move then I dropped out of the sky......

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