My life in hogwarts

This is my original written primary six work so plz don't judging it and I may tweak it now and then but now I'm in primary seven so yeah. Small clipping. It's also a mix of monster high and harry potter.
When I woke up I discovered that my friends wanted to give me a surprise for my 10th birthday I had fifteen letters. All of them were the same.'CRASH!'


2. Starting the years

"Is this a different island?"asked Draculaura. Holt Hyde then thought he should tell the whole island, "I think Frankie Fein should answer." Little did we know Frankie was out cold we all screamed." Aaaaaah!!" Was it true? How had we ended up I'm such a mess? From hearing our loud screams someone was coming over it was Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald weasly, Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore. I thought it was impossible because before I came to be washed up there were books about Harry potter and all the adventures he is supposed to have. But if there is monsters then how is it impossible for witches and wizards.


" What happened here?" Asked Dumbledore Holt was going to answer before I cut him off " I was I mean we were on a ship and it crashed. We then got washed up on this Island Frankie is out cold she must have hurt her head hard or something worse." "Okay then," sighed Dumbledore. "Take them to the castle the others and Frankie but not Morgan I have to talk to her alone ." McGonagall looks like has gone mad, "But Dumbledore Madam Pomfrey just dissapperated! We can't get to her private stores." "We'll put her in a bed we shall wait on Madam Pomfrey for a little while." He then turns to me once they have left "You may stay for a while and did you get your letters earlier today?" I had no clue what he was talking about then it clicked the identical letters they must have been from him, "I did but didn't have time to open them,"

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