My life in hogwarts

This is my original written primary six work so plz don't judging it and I may tweak it now and then but now I'm in primary seven so yeah. Small clipping. It's also a mix of monster high and harry potter.
When I woke up I discovered that my friends wanted to give me a surprise for my 10th birthday I had fifteen letters. All of them were the same.'CRASH!'


3. Oh no what are they talking about?

At hogwarts all the students (except the slytherins) are fascinated in everything about us because although monster high is on that island they don't really get to see the monsters much ; the time periods. It has been around a month since we ended up here and still nothing from Frankie everyone is so worried about her. THE NEXT DAY. Finally she is up even though she is my best friend I try not to startle her because Madam Pomfrey doesn't really like it when people see the ill. I woke up Halloween morning and go to the Great Hall and saw that all the teachers were having a meeting about.... Me.



                        How about that for a cliff hanger ay! ;) 

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