My life in hogwarts

This is my original written primary six work so plz don't judging it and I may tweak it now and then but now I'm in primary seven so yeah. Small clipping. It's also a mix of monster high and harry potter.
When I woke up I discovered that my friends wanted to give me a surprise for my 10th birthday I had fifteen letters. All of them were the same.'CRASH!'


4. Diagonal alley ❤️ and very first lesson

Whoop whoop! Finaly going to diagonal alley."okay so the first thing we need to get you is books to start the year,"mumbled Dumbledore " then it's off to madam malkins  to get your robes, next we go to gringotts for money (although we should really head there first,) and finally olivanders for your wand." How does he do that I don't know. After we got all that we then went back to school where I started my lessons the very next day. "Oh my god harry I'm so scared for this," I kept saying. Harry Ron and hermione they were teaching me with Dumbledore so I thought there would be nothing to worry about. I was totally wrong man that day rocked. The first lesson was about levitating objects or to make them fly. "Wingardium leviosar!" Apparently I was saying it wrong hermione would but in and say,"your saying it wrong it's Wingardium leviosa not with the r at the end." So I tried and tried all day but I failed until just before lunch I got it right! Whoop ! Whoop!

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