"Hey nerd hey slut oh how could I froget my favoutie KILL YOURSELF, don't you think I haven't tried you assholes " I yelled at the whole school when my mom was right beside me she looked shocked like every one. " I have had it I am no nerd nor slut and do you want to know how many cuts I have cause of this damn school DO YOU " I yelled more loudly, I heard the front door open and maybe 5 boys were laughing stoped, they came in right when I yelled loudly. Someone laughs " How many " It was a girl, I shaked my head back and forth and took my hoddie off and then they all gasped at my cuts which were everywhere. " You know that my mom here she is one of the most richest person ever and I could be the bully or popular one but I wanted everyone to like me for me not my mom " " I am so sorry I never knew " The school's bully said, I shaked my head again " I don't care any more about anything not even my LIFE " I said but kinda yelled, than ran as fast I could, I am beautiful no matter what.


4. Chapter 4


I was walking off the front porch while Perrie was trying to look at the little window.

" Perrie I think i got it wrong maybe it was someone who looks like One Direction you never know " She laugh as right on que the door opens to show a very hot boy, god Harry Styles. I kept staring and I think he noticed cause he smirked, and I looked down.

" Perrie I think it's is One Direction " I say as I stare at a smirking Harry. Perrie walked over and smiled at Harry and gave him a hug.

" Harry, did you not tell us that you live right next to my friend here " Perrie said as soon as she left his hands, I waved, awkward. 

" Oh must have not knew, that such a beautiful and frice girl as living right next to me " He said in a husky voice that made me melt, wait those were the boys that entered the room when I showed my cuts and now I have a blank face.

" Don't worry love we didn't judge you " Perrie looked so confused and then she got it, she nodded as to say something.

" Yah, um let's not talk about that "

" Sure beautiful " I blushed, but he let us in and told us to follow him to the living they were playing call of duty. Me and Perrie and just stood there, while Harry just walked over and sat with the boys. Perrie laughed and shook her head.

" MISS ME " She sreamed, all four head turned and Zyan was the frist one to jump up. He just hugged her so tight I thought she couldn't breath, he let Perrie go and she gasped for air I smiled.

" Wait then there go's part of my surprise " Zyan pouted      

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