"Hey nerd hey slut oh how could I froget my favoutie KILL YOURSELF, don't you think I haven't tried you assholes " I yelled at the whole school when my mom was right beside me she looked shocked like every one. " I have had it I am no nerd nor slut and do you want to know how many cuts I have cause of this damn school DO YOU " I yelled more loudly, I heard the front door open and maybe 5 boys were laughing stoped, they came in right when I yelled loudly. Someone laughs " How many " It was a girl, I shaked my head back and forth and took my hoddie off and then they all gasped at my cuts which were everywhere. " You know that my mom here she is one of the most richest person ever and I could be the bully or popular one but I wanted everyone to like me for me not my mom " " I am so sorry I never knew " The school's bully said, I shaked my head again " I don't care any more about anything not even my LIFE " I said but kinda yelled, than ran as fast I could, I am beautiful no matter what.


3. Chapter 3


I look in the mirror to see a normal looking girl with little bit of makeup, and I do look hot in a way. I smile big they did a really good job.

" Ok Shania we need to teach you how to use makeup then you can try it by your self at school " Leaih - anna I smile again, I am turning in a smiling freak.

" Ok teach now " I reach for the music and then Move comes on and I bob my head up and down slowly while they show me how to use it even though I already now. After hours and hours of listening to the music and them they finally were done.

" Oh Perrie I think your fancie is living next to me " Her eyes wide and she garps my hand.

" We are going to meet them " She says as she drags me out.

" Oh hell no " I pout and  give her the puppy dog eyes. 

" Fine you can stay but I am going " She cross's her arms while she give me a ' Please ' look.

" Fine but I swear if you .. "

" Yah I know don't say anything funny about you or else but come on " We walked tot eh front lawn and knock, oh this is going to be a long day.  

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