"Hey nerd hey slut oh how could I froget my favoutie KILL YOURSELF, don't you think I haven't tried you assholes " I yelled at the whole school when my mom was right beside me she looked shocked like every one. " I have had it I am no nerd nor slut and do you want to know how many cuts I have cause of this damn school DO YOU " I yelled more loudly, I heard the front door open and maybe 5 boys were laughing stoped, they came in right when I yelled loudly. Someone laughs " How many " It was a girl, I shaked my head back and forth and took my hoddie off and then they all gasped at my cuts which were everywhere. " You know that my mom here she is one of the most richest person ever and I could be the bully or popular one but I wanted everyone to like me for me not my mom " " I am so sorry I never knew " The school's bully said, I shaked my head again " I don't care any more about anything not even my LIFE " I said but kinda yelled, than ran as fast I could, I am beautiful no matter what.


2. Chapter 2


I ran to the house and tried to open my front door, I remembered the back door, I climbed the fence and saw that the empty house beside my house is now not empty, Oh my gosh those boys that walked in no no no, now boys are living beside me and they saw my cuts that's bad and to make it wrose, lot of rich and famous people go to the school. Whatever they not going to talk to me at all anyways.I ran and trip to he way to my bedroom. I walk well run in my bedroom and I sreamed as loud as I could and that's loud, and sobbed and sobbed.


My name Shania Brooks, it was the first day of Grade 12, so I am 17 years old. I have brown hair with gold highlights with purple eyes, that are like the ones in pictures its creppy and pretty at the same time, I am a strong  person to see I was a father's girl amd when my mother and father broke up they gave me a choice to live with my father or mother and the way my mother was sobbing her heart out I knew she needed me so I picked my mother and my father understanded so he went along with it. But after he left my mom became rich and he did not come back even then. But that's over now, now I am and always will be a mommy's girl.


I kept on sobbing, then the door to the front door opened, and foot steps came in.

" Mom I am okay just go " I said  

" Your in more troble than your mother " I heard and listened to the voice and it was Perrie, yes I am friends with Little Mix. I opened the door to see four VERY mad girls. I let them in and just stand in the middle of the room looking at the window to see 5 boys talking about me, I can also read mouth, then see Perrie's fancie, wow they are really nice aren't they, I think I hate them already.

" I am going for a change like umm.....the shy girl with a nose pircing " I say just as they sat on the bed and then they started smirking. I slowly started backing to the door but than Jesy and Jade put a girp on my arms and pulled me to the bath room. They smirked agian. 

" You are going to look hot " They said and than they started putting stuff which I think is makeup.

" Oh no " I say

" OH YES " They all say and then kept on going, I guess I am going to look HOT. I shrugged my shoulders and let them do what they are doing.


 Sorry short chapter I was rushed sorry :(           

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