You Left Something Behind

Louis went on the X Factor and left two very important people behind
What happens when they run into each other at the mall?
Will he come back in there lives or forget about them?


3. Just The Beginning

Julianna's (p.o.v.)

I turned around and saw Louis running like a maniac he came up to me and asked " why-why did you run off" I sighed and shrugged he looked at Tommy then back at me and asked " where's his dad did he leave you " I nodded and replied " his dad left about three years ago and his dad is standing right I front of me " he looked confused and said " w-what I'm his dad " I chuckled and replied " Louis William Tomlinson look closely at him he looks just like you when you were little just more bright eyes " he studied Tommy closely and smiled. He looked up at me and said " Julianna I was so stupid to leave you I had to though " I was confused I asked " what do you mean Louis " he sighed and said " remember Caitlin " I nodded " well she told me you cheated on me and got pregnant " I snickered I replied " come to my car and I'll tell you what really happened " I started walking and Louis was following me. We got to the car and I said " Louis my first time was with you and my last time was with you " he smiled and asked " Julie can um I get back into Tommy life " I looked at Tommy he was just playing a game on my phone I looked back up and said " well you got to ask him " he crouched down to Tommy's eye level and said " hey buddy " Tommy looked up and mumbled " hi " Louis said " well buddy you know how you always asked your mummy were daddy was " Tommy nodded " well buddy I'm your daddy " Tommy's eyes filled with brightness he wrapped his tiny arms around Louis's neck and said " I always new you were my daddy " Louis smiled. Let's just say that was only the beginning of the long bumpy rope

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