I will always love you

Ana was married with Niall for three years. She was even 3 weeks pregnant with Niall she didn't even tell him. It wasn't until Niall got cancer and left her. How will she survive without him?


5. Your pregnant!?


                                                          Ana's P.O.V


            I cam't believe i'm actually going to tell simion im pregnant i'm so dead! Then tell him it's Niall's and i'm going to raise it on my own. I remember the time Perrie told him she was pregnant he freaked out and she was in so much trouble so was Zayn.This is not going to go well.



                                           After tell simion


I can believe he toke all well . First he thought we came their to take about the funaral then when i told him i was pregnant he just smile hugged me and said congradulation! I just can't believe he toke it so well.



                                                                Perrie's P.O.V

 I can't believe he toke it so well. I remeber when I told him I was pregnant he yelled at me and Zayn well I can't blame him Ana was always his favorite ahe was like a daughter to him

We are about to leave we have to plan Niall's funeral. I feel so bad for her she's pregnant having to plan her husband's funeral. 



                                                                     Ana's P.O.V


We are going to my house to Niall's funeral the thought that he was gone made me cry my eyes out we dexide to bring the boy over for the whole time they just watch me cry. Then when I told them the news the cried and said at least your have something to remind you of congradulation! We all decided to burried his body because when the baby comes he or she can visit him. We then dexide to carve on his tomstone 

                                                                     BELOVED HUSBAND, SONj


can't believe he tolans P




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