I will always love you

Ana was married with Niall for three years. She was even 3 weeks pregnant with Niall she didn't even tell him. It wasn't until Niall got cancer and left her. How will she survive without him?


1. Why


                                                   Ana's P.O.V


                                             Why did you have to leave me? I can believe he actually left me after all we been through seem just like yesterday we rirst meet in the x factor . Then how he would call me during my tour with little mix before and after performances. Then when we got married.


Now I can't even kiss him anymore . Ever since i came back from the hospital I rather been crying or cutting myself.


  I called the girls and the lads all the did was say they were sorry and started to cry.


I will never forget when he pressed his skin against mine. I'm going to miss my Nialler.

But why did he have to leave me ?

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