I will always love you

Ana was married with Niall for three years. She was even 3 weeks pregnant with Niall she didn't even tell him. It wasn't until Niall got cancer and left her. How will she survive without him?


3. The test





                                                                              Ana's P.O.V

When I heard someone open the door Perrie came in the bathroom where I was puking my guts out.

She then hold my hair and when I was done she hugged me and told me it's okay and said she was sorry.

Then randomly asked me when the last time I had sex? I said two weeks before Niall died saying that made me cry more she asked me she'll be right back for testers I thought she was kidding but when she walked out the door I knew Perrie was serious.


Then I started to think I am pregnant my child is not going to grow up with a father the thought made me cry.


                                                                               Perrie 's P.O.V


I already knew that once Ana toke this test she was going to be prpregnant.  I should know I was 8 months pregnant . I went to Walmart paid for it and left.


                                                                              Ana's.  P.O.V                                                                        

Once Perrie got home I was nervous I can feel my plams getting sweaty . Perrie hand me the test and said "good luck". I did the test and waited ten minutes later I saw the test to see it was......



Once perri 































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