I will always love you

Ana was married with Niall for three years. She was even 3 weeks pregnant with Niall she didn't even tell him. It wasn't until Niall got cancer and left her. How will she survive without him?


4. the answer




                                                                                  Ana's P.O. V


      It came positive I couldn't believe it I was happy the sad I was happy I was finally able to be a parnet I was okay with either a boy or girl if I was a girl I can design her nursery purple and a nice blue when she older let her listen to little mix and one direction. 


 But, it's a boy I can get him sports lessons and be a soccer mom have his nursery blue and have Toy story and finding Nemo.

But then I was so upset thinking Niall is never going to see the birth of our child or be the first one  to hold him/her i couldn't help it I started cry I guess perrie heared me be cause she came in saw the test smiled and said congradulations .And said theirs only one problem you gotta tell Simion . Shit I said under my breath.



                                                                Perrie's P.O.V



I was waiting for ten minutes then wait for Ana to tell me the answer I waited twenty mminutes until I hears crying I went inside to see the were all positive I couldn't believe it I was going to become an aunt  I smiled and said congradulations!

 Then I went and hugged her and I motice oh mo she has to tell Simon when I told her that she said shit under her breath I just laughed.




 What do guys think shoul happen left tellin the comments.

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