I will always love you

Ana was married with Niall for three years. She was even 3 weeks pregnant with Niall she didn't even tell him. It wasn't until Niall got cancer and left her. How will she survive without him?


2. Endless Nights




                                                                   Ana's P.O.V


               I cacan't believe he's gone. After I came home from the hospital I've been crying or cutting myself. We will never have our endless nights of fun or excitment.


 I remember when he would kiss me from my lips to my neck and down. Or when I would cut myself he would hold me tight tell me it's okay and say he'll always be there for me while kissing my foe head.


That's when I felt a tear running down my face which burned. Then more started falling.  

I could take it anymore. I stared crying more than usual


Then I started feeling sick to my stomach I ran to the bathroom and started throwing up.


When i was thowing up i heard someone open the  front door but I just thought it was my mine playing tricks on me so I ignored it.





                                                                            Perrie's P.O.V




                 When Ana called and told us Niall die I couldn't believe he was dead me and Jade were the first to cry . Everyone was so devasted then I saw on the headline on the news One direction's Niall Horan and little mix's Ana Gutierrez husband has lost his fight to cancer. I felt so bad for Ana so I just started packing and drove to the airport and went on the first plane to Ireland.




                                                                After Perrie landed still her p.o.v



      On the way to Ana'a house I wanted to cry she was one of my band member.  Who lost her husband.

 Once I got there I knocked on the door but nobody answered I tried to open the door but it was locked. Then I remember Ana puts her spare key under the rug I got the key opened the door to see blood on the floor. Which trailed to the bathroom. When I got closer I heard someone throwing up. Then iopen the door to see Ana puking her guts out while crying with blood running down her arm.I felt so bad for her I grabbed her hair and when ahe was finished I hugged her and told her it's okay.


 I  asked her why she was sick she said she didn't know it's been happening lately. Then asked her when the lasted time she had sex she said two weeks before Niall died  I said you must pregnant I told her I'll be right back and left for pregnancy test.














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