Girl next door

I hate u.... Well I can't hate someone I love this much oh save it styles I'm just apart of this game so just STOP


2. alcohol hero

Every body gets in the car and I'm just standing out looking like a idiot zayn liam and Niall are in the back and louis is driving and harry is in the passenger seat I laugh an just sit I Harry's lap ok then I guess your sitting here ya just drive I have my legs on the ground and my back leaning against the door what the fuck am I doing I say what? I'm in a car with for tattooed strangers who could kidnap me I say freaking out calm down Hotts look he hands me his id it says Harold Edward styles I hand it back to him thanks Harold he glares at me his hands drop to my waist no wondering hands styles your lucky my mom even made me hang out with u he puts his hands up in defense I'm not the dd so... Liam raises his hands that would be me oh ok I say we hop out and look at and harry looks at the bouncer rr-ight this way he stutters I give him a confused look but shrug it off me and Niall go straight to the bar I'm can I get your strongest drink Niall chuckles same he hands us this clear drink and it smells horrible I chug it down and it tastes like strawberries can we get 10 of these I say ya he hands me a tray and we take it to the table I see a girl and harry pushes her away and she rolls her eyes and walks away I kinda feel jealousy but relived she left I don't know why tho ok every body take one except liam cuz your driving my baby home oh thanks babe but u will be in the car to harry says I was talking about the car I say and slam the drink he chuckles and does the same I was on my 4 one and stand up I'm gonna go dance I say I stumble over there oops and look back and smile at the boys but I wink at harry fuck what did I do he smirks and all the boys faces form in a O I away my hips to the song until. To hands go to my waist I turn around an it was a random guy don't touch me I yell have some fun babe I'm not your babe and I'm with people so stop I tell him he looks at me who are u with huh he says cocky! ME deep voice says behind us I turn around and it was harry he looks at him with fear ooh I'm so so sorry he says and looks at me be careful he says and walks away I turn to see harry thanks I slur no problem babe I pull his arms so me and we dance together it ended up by me grinding on him zayn pokes my stomach so I stop dancing let's go he says I smile ok harry grabs my hand and we walk out I am leaning on him cuz of how waisted I am he sits in the car and I get on his lap thanks babe I say to him he chuckles it's fine he says louis let's go to the store so we can get some food an drinks ya we can have a fret party at my house since my mom will be gone for 2 months Harry's eyes widen ok then he says his hands rest on my hips your really cute u know that I say to harry your not to bad your self Lexi I don't even think he is drunk I turn around so my legs are on either side of him what are u doing oh I wasn't comfortable that way I wink he laughs and bits his lip don't do that I say why? It's to much to take in considering how hot it looks u know your really honest when your drunk is that so he shakes his head well I'm just a open book then your funny to I lean into him and he leans towards me just kidding I say and put the radio on wow playing hard to get I shake my head and dance to the music I'm jumping up and down and just going crazy until the car stops I look at harry and he has a bulge in his pants I giggle and poke it he gasps and I crawl out of the car do u guys think they will know I'm drunk I slur certainly of it liam says zayn is as drunk as me so I take a deep breath and stick my chest out and put my arm in his and walk in with a straight face I tried my hardest to not stop laughing but we run into the chip I'll and I bust my feet start to hurt OOW me feet hurt I yell then next thing u know harry swoops me up and is caring me bridal style he puts me in the cart and throws chips on me I grab sprite and harry gets vodka and a bunch of alcohol how are we gonna pay for this harry I have a fake id oh ok we get to the check out excuse me miss but u can't be in the cart fuck off I say excuse me F- harry covered my mouth sorry she didn't mean that I shake my head yes with his hand still on my mouth he pays for it and pushes the cart to the car lexi I can't believe u just told a cashier to fuck off I roll my eyes it's true he hops in the car while he rolls his eyes and I pile on him again straddling him it actually is really comfy he raises his eyebrows what ? Oh u just.... Nevermind I push up against hi so are body's are smashed together I'm just what.... I say and kiss his cheek then go to his lips then to his neck I pull away and look at him my buzz kinda wares off an I just realize what I did sorry I say and look down don't be he says and kisses me I kiss back with his plump lips we pull up to the house and I jump out like really fast ok let's get this party started I say they grab all the stuff while I unlock the door I go straight to my room and put a bandaro on it's just like a strapless bra I guess but way more comfy and put on some shorts I walk down to see liam on the couch zayn dancing like a idiot and harry and louis talking while Niall makes shots I run in there and scream SHOTS wow I'm never gonna drink like this again he slides me one and they all admire my outfit did u run out of half shirts louis laughs no crazy i go sit on the counter I have a idea I say and look at harry and go over to him pull him on the counter and tug his shirt up body shot I smile I throughs his head back and we out salt on his stomach he watches me as I chug the shot then I start to lick up he flinches as I go to his belly button I smirk and finish I shoot straight to his lips and kiss him and he licks my bottom lip and I accept we pull apart after louis "coughs" I laugh that tongue ring is really fun he says I laugh and grab another shot guys let's get in the pool They nod and run out to the backyard I look at harry and he pulls me out side here let me help u I say while I pull his shirt off he looks up at me with hunger in his eyes he pulls his pants down and is in his boxers I was gonna kiss him but I got picked up wait I take my shorts off so it leaves me in my underwear that are sort if like booty shorts it was zayn he picks me back up an dive in I get to the top an was so surprised how warm it was my hair was all every where and it looked so cool in the water I swim across the pool and place my hands up on the sidewalk and leap up I her out of the pool and just lay there I close my eyes for some reason then feel something hovering over me I open my eyes to see harry sexy harry hi I say hey he whispers he looks at my lips and back up to me before he smashes his lips to mine I couldn't stop the feeling I had in me he went down but I pushed him off I'm sorry but I can't I get up and walk away to go in the house all the boys are sitting there guys u can sleep here tonight I say and the smile and shake there heads ok I'm gonna take a shower make your self at home and I walk away to my room when I feel the water I think I have school in to days and I made out with a stranger that every body doesn't seem to like I guess I hear a knock at the door come in I say they open the door it was harry he sits on the counter just wanted to see where u went oh I turn the water off and grab my towel to wrap it around my body and see him raking my body up and down I giggle and walk out I quickly put on under wear and a bra before he comes out I was pulling my shorts up when harry comes out and I put a tank top on and go to my bed and turn the tv down he just stairs there awkwardly I pat the side of me bed and he smiles in relief and shuffles over in his boxers and plops down I turn the channel to the a movie that was hilarious I was getting sleepy I close my eyes and soon feel to arms wrap around me and I was out

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