Blue Eyed Boy

Jay has never been interested into One Direction- that is until her best friend, Emilia, take her to a concert for her job. Jay learns a few lyrics to some songs and learns some facts about them before they go since Emilia also has VIP passes to interview them. As Jay learns more about the band and enjoys the concert, she finds herself thinking one of them is cute - the one and only Niall Horan. Can Jay resist the blue eyed boy?


1. Blue Eyed Boy

They scream. Louder. Louder. Louder. Finally, the screams are so loud, I don’t even need to look, but I know the boys are on stage. Oh, you think I’m talking about One Direction, right? Wrong. They’re the main act, but a new boyband, 5 Seconds Of Summer (aka 5SOS) has just taken the stage. They’ve blown up in the past few months because of touring with 1D.

I glance at my best friend, Emilia, who is screaming with the rest.

“Come on, Jay, lighten up! Have some fun! Scream a little!” Em shouts at me, nudging me in the side lightly.

I give Em a weak smile, and decide, hey, maybe this will be fun, as I see a 5SOS boy near our side of the stage. I smile a real smile as he looks at our side of the crowd. He is also smiling, and I can tell he is thinking, I can’t believe I made it.

After about an hour of them performing, the lights go dark. The screams die down a bit, but never near silence. All of a sudden, I hear several “snap” noises, and five voices harmonize. “Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun…” they all sing, as bright lights simultaneously flash on, revealing five young boys and deafening screams. I smile, naming them off in my head.

So, that’s Liam, Harry, Zayn...

I’m proud that I named that off, since I was never really into this band and tried to cram as much I could learn about them in the past few days. I actually started watching some YouTube videos on them, like their video diaries, other concerts, funny moments. I actually think one of them is kinda cute. Niall. I could get lost in those blue eyes…

The boys run up and down the glass stairs, make up dance moves, answer Twitter questions, and even sing a cute little song. They call it “Little Things”. The girls go silent as they softly sing the words. The boys tell the crowd to sing, and knowing a few words, I try to sing as much as I can.

The boys sing a few more songs, ending the concert with their famous song “What Makes You Beautiful”. The girls cheer as loud as possible, wishing the boys would stay for more. Unfortunately, they can’t.

That’s where we come in.

“Wasn’t that amazing?” Emilia jumps up and down.

I smile at her. “Yeah, it actually was fun.”

“Okay, now we have to go backstage for the interview.” Emilia is a reporter for a magazine, and her assignment for this month was to go to a concert, review it, and interview the performers. She got two tickets to this show, and so she brought me along because I’m her best friend. I also get to meet them with her.

“Excuse me, I’m a reporter,” Emilia holds up her VIP pass to a crew member, “and my friend and I need to go backstage. They are expecting an interview.” The man leads us up some stairs and down some long hallways, until we reach a door. “One Direction,” it reads on a sign. I take a picture of it. The man knocks on the door, and I can hear laughter from inside.

“Come in!” a woman’s voice comes through the door. The man opens the door and gestures inside. Emilia walks in first, and all eyes are suddenly on her.

“Heyyy!” Harry yells, standing up to hug Emilia.

“Hi!” Emilia smiles widely at him, embracing his torso. “I’m Emilia, and this is my friend, Jay.”

“Hello,” I shyly wave.

“Hello, Emilia! Hello, Jay!” a boy, who I recognize as Louis, greets us. He hugs us both, and then invites us to sit down.

Emilia starts the interview, asking them about their families and other basic things. It isn’t until a few questions in when things really get heated. She starts asking about girlfriends, and how the two single pringles, Harry and Niall, expect to find love.

“Girls who are just kind often catch my attention,” Harry admits.

“Girls who are really carefree and up for anything,” Niall answers. I listen to the interview as I stand by the food table, picking out a chocolate covered strawberry from a platter. “I also like girls who have a good appetite.” I finish my strawberry and head back to my seat, my head down, hiding my blush. I glance at Niall, who is watching me. I sit, casually listening to the conversation and joining in when they ask about us. I open up, more than I usually do to people I just met 30 minutes ago. After a bunch of stories and laughs, we start to say our goodbyes.

“That’s everything I need - and more.” Emilia smiles while giving a wink. “Thank you, boys, and I hope to see you again! This was really fun - one of the best interviews I’ve done!”

“Em, this is the first interview you’ve done,” I point out, and the boys laugh a little.

“And, they set the bar high!” Em smiles.

“Well, we better get going,” I say, standing up. I grab my bag off the back of my chair and swing it onto my shoulder. Em grabs her stuff and opens the door. We both wave, say goodbye, and the boys do the same.

“You know, I could do that again. They’re really good and funny, too,” I admit to Emilia, while walking down the hallways.  

“Really? I can get more tickets! Maybe for a show next year for their new album coming out!” she exclaims.

I nod. “That would be fun.”

We reach the door and exit the building. Then the search for our car begins. Blue, red, silver, blue… Black. We finally reach it, and I reach for the door handle on the passenger side.

“Wait!” I cry, digging through my bag.

“What?” Em asks.

“I left my phone in the room. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, I’ll pull up to the front and pick you up there.”


I run back to the door and swing it open. I run down the long corridor, looking at each sign as I pass each door. I bump into someone, not looking up.

“Sorry!” I say, moving around the stranger. The person grabs my hands and spins me around.

“It’s me!” Niall says, a goofy smile on his face.

“Hi, Niall,” I reply.

“I came to give you this,” he says, holding my iPhone out to me.

“Thank you so much! I was looking for this!” I say, holding the phone tight in my hand. I hug him before turning to go.

“Jay, wait!” Niall says from behind. I turn to face him and his sea-blue eyes. “You were really funny tonight, and had some great stories to tell. I’d love to hear some more over dinner sometime.”

I smile before responding.


“Everything good?” Emilia asks me, as I enter the car.

“Perfect,” I say, joyfully. The car lurches forward, and we start our way home. After a few minutes of talking about the night, my phone buzzes in my hand. I slide it open, a random number popping up on the message screen.

“Can’t wait for our date;)” it reads. I smile and give a little quiet laugh. I press the textbox to reply, and another button.

Save to contacts.



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