that change

I girl named Charlie has gotten into the collage of her dreams. She is gonna make sure everything goes as planed. But what happens when drama comes a destroys every dream she had. Will everything be okay in the end?


5. chapter 5

After I ate my lunch I was the only one in the lunch room. Cameron had gone off with his 'friends' I was left alone. Like always. I walked out of the lunch room and decided to look around. I noticed some more people as I went down the hall way. They were all basically the same. Long flippy hair with piercings and tattoos. I don't get it why am I here with my brother? Im nothing like these people. A text took my out of my thoughts. It was Keith.

Keith- Hey babe where r u? I haven't seen you in days and there were police cars at your house is everything okay?

I read it and was about to reply when I tinted to corner still looking at my phone and I ran into someone. My phone dropped I went to go pic it up and as I did I got up I said sorry. Then I saw who it was. It was the Harry guy. I immediately got scared. "Oh um. Um. So- sorry" I managed to get out. He just smiled. This time it was a nice smile. I returned it make. That's when he leaned in...and kissed me. It was a long nice kiss. I liked it. Then it felt like it was jerked away as in he wasn't done. I opened my eyes and saw one of Cameron's friend. Zayne. He was on top of hairy and beating the crap out of him. I ran over and yelled "GET THE FUCK OFF HIM" "don't tell me what to do little girl. " he was still on top of Harry an throwing punched. That's when I had enough. I true pulling zayne off of Harry put he didn't budge. Then I made the wrong move. I punched him in the face with all my energy. He stop. Got off Harry and slowly turned his head and looked at me. He fists were balled up. He was about to throw one at me. I just stood there and closed my eyes. Waiting for it. But it never came. So I opened my eyes and Harry knocked zayne out. He was on the floor passed out. The I looked to Harry he had rang in his eyes. "Thanks" was all I said. He looked at me once again. "Anytime sunshine" now he was smiling. "I'll see you around" he said. All I did was nod. Then he left.

I continued walking down the hallway trying to find out what happened. Then I saw that girl again. Ashley she looked happy and bubbly. "Hey girl. We should talk soon. I hear your gonna be here for a while so I need to keep you up to date" she said then smiled. And walked away. "Um okay" then she turned around and said "oh yeah remember to stay way from Harry." She smiled and walked away.

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