that change

I girl named Charlie has gotten into the collage of her dreams. She is gonna make sure everything goes as planed. But what happens when drama comes a destroys every dream she had. Will everything be okay in the end?


4. chapter 4

"Do you want something?" I asked. "Oh nothing, just wanna meet the new one" he said with a nasty look. "Well ummm" I said looking around the lunch room. I saw a girl with long blonde hair she was walking very fast towards me. Her eyes were ocean blue with rage. I looked away from her and went back to harry. Still having that stupid smerk on his face. "Harry back the fuck away from her." I looked to the direction of the voice. It's was the blonde girl. I could tell she was fearless. Her eyes were still on Harry. He just got up and left. His eyes were layed on the girl's. She had her eyes still layed on Harry. He finally was gone. She looked back at me an let out of sign. She say down were Harry was. "Hi. I'm Ashely" she stuck her hand out. I just looked at it. I'm not good with meeting people. "Hi. I'm Charlie" it was really awkward so I just looked at my phone and acted like I was doing something. That's when she got up and said "the best thing to do is stay away from Harry. He's bad news. Don't fall for him." And walked away. "I wasn't going to anyways" I yelled after her. That's weird. I though. I really need to get to the bottom of this Harry boy.

Sorry the chapter is short xc I'll make it longer next chapter.

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