that change

I girl named Charlie has gotten into the collage of her dreams. She is gonna make sure everything goes as planed. But what happens when drama comes a destroys every dream she had. Will everything be okay in the end?


3. chapter 3

The next morning I woke up with a headache and I was in a white room. The room was all white nothing but white. It made me feel like I was in a room for crazy people. I dangled my feet off the bed. Looking at the shoes I put on last night and still had on. Then as my headache went away I was thinking of last night. Trying to remember everything that happened. My dad coming home drunk,my mom being shot,my brother being very confused..."my brother" I said out loud and getting up at the same time. I frantically ran around the room looking for anything that was an exit. As I found no exit I was lying on my floor and cried. Staring up at the white ceiling. Helpless and feeling weak. Thinking there is nothing I can do. I don't know where my brother is. I don't know if he's okay. I know nothing. I was sobbing now but then I felt something on my butt. Like something was under it. I put my hand to my back pocket and what felt like my phone. I pulled it out. Seeing my usual good morning text from Keith . I ignored it. I went right to my contacts to call my brother Cameron. I dialed his number and waited for 2 rings. He answered in the middle of the 3rd ring. "Hey" he said very calmly. It shocked me. "Where are you? Are you okay?" I said very fast and breathing very hard. "What is wrong with you. I'm fine. I'm eating lunch in the food court. Where are you?" He said this with a chuckle. "Well I woke up in a white room with no way out" I hissed. He just laughed and said "good luck" then ended the call. Then I screamed. And was kicking things and throwing punches at the walls. As I threw the punches. The white walls had holes in them exposing black. "Better then white" I said pissed. Throwing more punches and kicking the wall making my knuckles red and bloody and my leg hurt. As I was kicking the wall I was thinking of how I really need to stop punching and kicking things when I'm mad. I always do that."but not today" still pissed. I threw one more punch. Then looked at my knuckles and saw how bloody they were. I ran over to the bed sheets that were white too. I wiped my knuckles on it.looking at the room seeing now it wasn't all white. But black,white,and now red. I heard a thump and looked to the right. When I turned there was a door. And it was opened. I never would have found it,it was really blended it. In the door way was two tall guys and the lady who took me and my brother to this place away from my house . They were all wearing black suits. The lady looked at me then the walls. "Are you okay?" She asked with one of the most sweetest voice. "Yeah I'm fine" I said calming down. "Okay we need to talk." She said with the same voice. And I walked towards her. She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the hallway. She was talking about something I wasn't even paying attention to. I was looking around the hallway. And saw all of the other rooms. All white. I saw one other person in the hallway. It was a boy who looked around 20. He had a black tang top on and tattoos all over his arms. I looked at his face and saw a lip piercing and a nose piercing. His hair was dark brown and was flipped up. He looked at me with big welcome green eyes but his mouth held a naughty smile. Then walked away. That's when I looked away. And looked the other direction. "Who was that?" I thought. "Charlie,CHARLIE!" I heard a shout that knocked me out of my thoughts. "What" I whisper shouted. "The food court is downstairs and when your done eating I need to see you and Cameron,your brother in room 2B on floor 7." She said to me in a stern but sweet voice. "Okay" was all I said. I walked faster then her and went into the food court. I saw my brother with 2 other guys. I walked over to him and sat down. I was looking at his friends. One had blonde hair and he also had tattoos like the boy in the hallway. But he has tattoos coming up his neck. I looked at his eyes they were crystals blue. "Very pretty but dangerous" I thought he had no piercings. And he had a perfect smile. That was a way of greeting me. I looked from him to the next boy. He had black hair that was brushed back like the other boy's. He had a lip piercing and tattoos on his forearms. His eyes were unreadable. Like something was being blocked in him. "Look who showed up" he said smiling and laughing. It took me out of my thoughts. His other friends were laughing too. "Oh shut up" I got up and walked away going to the area with the food. I got a slice of pizza and a salad. With a soda. There was only me and my brother and his friends who's name I didn't get. I went to a table far away from my brother and took out my phone and looked at the text from Keith. And was about to respond when I saw a figure standing in front of me. "Can I sit here?" He said. It was a deep voice. "Um sure" I said with a normal voice. He sat down and I looked up to see who it was. I recognized the hair and the tattoos. It was the boy I saw in the hallway. "Hi. I'm harry" he said with a nasty smile like before. "Charlie,I'm Charlie." I said looking at him with a shocked gaze. I looked around and saw the two boys looking at me with worried looks and eyes that read "be careful" I looked back at Harry and he was still smiling. I smiled back. "Something is off" I thought.

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