that change

I girl named Charlie has gotten into the collage of her dreams. She is gonna make sure everything goes as planed. But what happens when drama comes a destroys every dream she had. Will everything be okay in the end?


2. chapter 2

It was the middle of the night. And I woke up to the sound of crashing. Like very teenage girl you would think they would get scared and go hide.But I just sat up on my bed and rolled my eyes. Under my breath I also said "why the fuck does he do this it's every fucking night!" I went to go back to lay down as I do every time this happens. That's when I heard my mom scream. "Mom!" I screamed scrambling out of bed and running out of the room. I ran downstairs following the small yelps and mumbling cuss words made by my mom. I reached the end of the stairs and turned the corner to the kitchen and saw my mom pressed against the wall. And my drunk dad holding his grip on her t-shirt around her collar. All I could do was stand there and gasp. My mom gave me a wide eyed look of surprise. And my dad looking at me and having. Devious smile on his face. But still holding my mom's collar. "What are you doing up so late?" My dad said still smiling and slurring his words. "I um heard mom screaming" I managed to say looking back and forth from my mom with a frightened face and my dad still smiling. "Why don't you go back up to bed bitch?" He demanded. "I'm not a bitch and not until you let go of my mom!" I whisper shouted. He just laughed. That's went I grabbed his collar and pulled him back. Making him hit the kitchen counter and falling. My mom was loose. She ran over and hugged me. She pushed me,telling me to run up the stairs. Thinking she was behind me I ran. But she wasn't. I turned around as I noticed I only heard my footsteps on the stairs. As I turned she looked at me and said "I love you and you brother very much. You'll do great in college sweet heart." I was surprised she said that with a smile as tears were sliding down her checks. I had wide eyes as I was on the verge of crying. "" I managed to say but barley. All she did was smile. I could hear my dad getting back up " where the fuck did you go bitch!" Then she turned her back to me Running back into the kitchen. "MOM" I said now crying. "GO" she yelled. I ran upstairs still crying. As I was about to reach the top stair I heard a scream then a bang. "Mom?" I whispered. Falling to the floor crying. And panting from running. I can't believe that just happened my mom is gone all because of my drunk dad the more I thought of it the more I cried. "Now, where's the other bitch?" My dad yelled as I could hear his footsteps towards the stairs. "Oh my god" was all I could whisper. I got up and to my brother's room who managed to sleep threw the whole thing. I slammed the door and locked it. Which woke him up. "What the fuck are you doing In here!" he yelled. As I was dialing 911. "Shut the fuck up!" I yelled he could see me panicking and crying. So he shut up. I tried calming myself down as the phone dialed. As I did calm down, the door was being banged on. "open up slut!" As he said that the operator came on. I gave him all of my information and hung up. I whispered at my brother to get in the closet and hide. As my brother got in the closet the door busted down. "I told you to open the door!!" He yelled walking in. "I'm sorry" I said backing away from him. "Oh by the way your whore mom is dead!" He said laughing. "Your cruel! You know that!" I said crying. I shouldn't have said that because that's when he grabbed a gun out of his pants and Aimed it at me. "You want to be with your mom?" Before I could reply a crashing sound came from the window. It was a SWAT officer. What the fuck he's only drunk i said in my head. The SWAT man grabbed my dad and pinned him down. That's when more officers came in threw the busted door and grabbed him. A nice looking lady asked if I was the one who called. I told her I was and I grabbed my brother out of the closet and went down stairs with the lady and my brother. And we were walking down the stairs. As We were walking my brother asked where our mom was. I didn't answer. I just padded his back and continued walking. My brother and I were passing the kitchen and he tried sneaking a peek in the kitchen because there were investigators in there. As he did I turned his head to face away from the room. And pushed him to keep walking. I looked and saw people over my mom's life less body. I turned my head and bit my lip trying not to cry infront of my brother. The both of us were outside now and getting ready to get in a cop car when all the neighbors were outside in there robes trying to get a glims of what's going on. I looked around and then sat in the cop car. With my brother next to me. The lady sat in the passenger seat and looked back at us. I looked from her to my brother who had tears forming in his eyes. I pulled him in for a hug and looked back at the lady. "Everything is okay now" she said smiling. But it was an obvious fake smile. I still had tears flowing down my eyes. And then I looked at my brother who was now crying. "Ya...everything is fine" I Whispered.

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