that change

I girl named Charlie has gotten into the collage of her dreams. She is gonna make sure everything goes as planed. But what happens when drama comes a destroys every dream she had. Will everything be okay in the end?


1. chapter 1

It was just a typical Saturday I had just woken up and realized I have such a horrible bed head. I grown as I try putting my hair up and making it not look as bad as it really is. I looked over to my clock and see its 3 in the afternoon. "I need to stop going to bed at 5." I told myself.  I headed downstairs to see my brother eating some chips and watching something on his phone,  god knows what he's watching. I  shack my head at the thought. "Has anything come in the mail yet?" I asked. "How the fuck would I know."  he said with a careless look. I mumbled a few cuss words and walked towards my brother  grabbing a hand full of chips from his plate. "Hey!" He screamed. "You could loose some pounds fat ass I'm helping you" I say with a grin and walk into the front room looking for my mom. She was fixing some pictures on the wall. I rolled my eyes cause she's such a perfectionist. She must have seen me because she turned around and gave me a look. "Hey mom, has anything come in the mail?" she turned around once again and gave me a cheesy smile as she was hiding somthing. I couldn't hide my smiles anymore I ran to the counter were we put all of our school papers or anything important. There was a big envelope with fancy writing on it.It read "Bellington Music College"  I tore it opened and my mom was walking in slowly from the other room  with a proud grin on her face. It took me a good minute to read the paper. I turned to my mom with a huge grin. "I got in!!" i shouted. My mom came up and hugged me. My brother was still on his phone paying no attention. "Thanks bitch! I'll miss you too!" I said towards him while smiling. "Mooom" he said with a whine in his voice then smiling. I go and face my mom who has a disappointed face. "whatever" I said leaving the room with the envelope in my hand. I ran in my room and took out my phone. My boyfriend Keith texted me. I  smiled with his cheesy "morning" text he always sends me. I sent a message explaining I got into the college and he congratulate me. I threw my phone on the ground and went to my stereo. I put on my normal music that scared the crap out of my mom, the music people called shit...punk,metal,alternative. That's the whole reason I wanted to go to this school. I want to be apart of that music. I want to make that music and inspire other people to do that too. Like my bands have to me. At the thoughts of college swarmed in my head i drifted to sleep to the song "Do you know what they do to guys like us in prison?" by My Chemical Romance. I can't wait for my new life. 

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