My idiot 👦

Tiffany is not a fan , But likes Harry . What happends when Harry saves her while in a fight?
Get ready for Love , Fightning , Bad words and alot of crying .


1. I dont like them .. #sorrynotsorry

My name is Tiffany , Everyone calls me Tif. I'm kinda that "goth girl" but i love reggae music and i honestly dont love one direction. So today is march 11th 2013 , i walk out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen , I'm wearing Black shirt black pants and black shoes , my eyes are Green so they kinda stand out alot . I hate being the only girl in school that is diffrent , everyone at my school loves one direction and act like 7 year olds while someone says their names, i have no friends maybe cause im diffrent? who knows.

I hear the teacher Mrs.Parker call my name , I forgot i was singing out loud, i had my iphone but Mrs. Parker took it away, Gosh i fucking hate her . Anyways i was walking down the hall as i see this little 14 year old come to me , she was wearing a "nasty" look on her face , Almost yelling at me she said " hey , do you like one direction? " i gave her a big smile and said "no" she said "Ew haha" i laughed along knowing she would get pissed an walked away. I was getting ready for another class when all the sudden i see these little girls running i started running to , i honestly thought there was a fire or something .. I stopped and looked at all the girl were running cause those "onedirection" where in my school , i rolled my eyes and kept walking making my feet stomp at the ground . then i see this creepy fan of 1D stare at me and say " What the fuck are you doing going the oppisit way?, One direction is that way" pointing where a shit load of girls where . I responded " my goal is to get away from you freaks and for them!" all the sudden the girl slaps me , i simply laugh at her cause im not about to fight with a motherfucking 11 year old , i heara teacher yell at us , all the sudden all the attention one direction had was on us , even yhe boys where looking at us . I tend to walk away but as soon as i want to, another crazy fan gets my long hair and pulls it so hard i fell to the ground .. And then i hear a bog say STOP! and i look around tryin to find the person who said that , it was Harry styles , How do i know it was him? he is the only one in the band i was so drull about , But i didnt want anyone to know ... i wanted to be diffrent . but honestly Harry saved me , just hearing his voice makes me think im in heven , wierd right? he doesnt even know me .. Anyways i get up and harry is helping me , i keep thinking to myself "play hard to get " I say thanks to harry but with the fakesed smile ever . i am about to walk away when he takes my hand , i get 1,000's of butterflys in my belly so i removed my hand from his mostly cause im scared , my hands sweat ALOT , im wierd .. let me be . Harry looks confused when i snached my hand away from his . He looks at me in the eyes and says "Wait why arn't you fangirling ?" i laugh at him and i said " im not an idiot thats why." harry quickly defents the fandom and says to me " No fan of one direction is an idiot they are Smart , i just think they hear what they wanna here" I look at him and say " Weelllll not this girl " pointing to myself . Harry did a half smile an told me " so you dont want me to tell you you are beautiful ? " i could feel my hand sweat alot and i quickly responded no . Harry laughed and said " Fine i wont tell you what i think" . I walk away and harry grabs my hand once more, and i felt like punching him , i told him " Let go " and he looks at me and kisses my cheak , i was about to tell him something but he let go and walked away , But he left something in my hand , It was his Number ..

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