Love, Loss, and Tattoos

(Note: This is my first FanFic and story that I'm posting on Wattpad so it might be crappy. Please be nice and bear with me here >~<)

Sarah Bell has been through some really rough times, and she still does to this day. Her parents died when she was too young to remember and was put into many foster homes at a very young age. She ran away from her recent foster home at the age of 15.

She is now 18 and lives in an old shabby apartment in New York City by herself where she struggles to survive and pay rent and can barley afford to take care of herself.

But, on one fateful day, while roaming the streets of New York City, she meets a guy that will change the rest of her life forever. Good and bad. Nothing will ever be the same again for Sarah Bell.

People will fall in love, hearts will be broken and tears will be shed.


15. Chapter 15

Unfortunately, today was the day that the boys had to leave to continue their world tour. That also meant that Zayn was leaving too. And I wasn't as excited as they were.

I've been living with Zayn for at least two months and school would've been better. It's going to be weird without Zayn in this huge house. I was going to miss him...a lot.

We were busy packing suitcase after suitcase and I wished he didn't have to go, but this was his career, his dream. I couldn't stop him from living his dream just for my selfish reasons.

I had just finished packing another suitcase of clothes when Zayn walked out of the bathroom with a handful of haircare products. I tried to stifle a laugh. That boy really loves his hair. I rolled my eyes and smiled to myself as he dumped all of it in a separate bag.

"Do you really have a separate bag just for your hair?" I asked and giggled. Zayn dramatically ran a hand through his hair and looked at me with a superior smile.

"You think hair like this just happens?" he said with a cocky attitude.

"Peacock," I mumbled in a joking manner, remembering the conversation we had at the zoo on our first official date, but he heard me anyway.

"Come here!" yelled Zayn before he ran towards me and scooped me into his arms. I squealed as he threw me onto the bed and hovered over me.

We suddenly grew quiet and just stared into eachother's eyes, not saying a word. Zayn stroked the extra strands of hair off of my face, his fingertips slightly making contact with my skin. His finger traced my jawline and trailed to my lips, stroking my lower lip with his thumb. I didn't tear my eyes off of Zayn as I reached out and caressed the side of his face and he leaned into my touch.

"I don't want you to go," I whispered so faintly I didn't think he heard me but proved me wrong when he spoke.

"I know. I'm going to miss you so much, baby," he whispered louder in a husk tone. I was going to miss him calling me that. I sighed hopelessly and rubbed his cheek with my thumb. He suddenly cupped my face with both hands and this time really looked into my eyes.

He slowly leaned into me and brushed his lips over mine in an attempt to tease me. I was the one to finally connect our lips and Zayn didn't hold back. His hand slid down to my lower back and he pushed my body harder against his. I could feel him getting harder as our tongues collided, massaging eachother furiously with hunger. Zayn bit my lip, and that was enough to drive me crazy. Before things could escalate the door to our bedroom flew open and standing there in the doorway was a very wide-eyed Niall.

"Oh, my God!" he screamed a bit too over dramatically. "My eyes!" Then he covered his eyes with his hands until Jill decided to join us. She rolled her eyes at Niall until her eyes landed on us and the position we were in.

"Really guys?! This is not the time for sex!" she yelled and crossed her arms. Niall bumped into her, since he was still covering his eyes, and held his arms out, trying to feel his way.

"Princess, is that you?" he asked and put his hands on Jill's boobs. A smirk grew on his face as he squeezed them and Jill squealed before swatting his hands away.

"Niall, open your damn eyes!" exclaimed Jill with a giggle and Niall opened his eyes.

"There's my beautiful princess!" he exclaimed and gave her a huge kiss on the lips before giving her a hug.

"Silly leprechaun," said Jill and pecked him on the nose. They were such a cute couple and I was happy for them. I was also happy for Niall, he really needed somebody like Jill and she was good for him. I hoped they would last.

I looked back up at Zayn to realize that he was grinning at me in a very mischievous way. What was he up to? But then again, I loved to cause trouble so I wanted in. He whispered his plan in my ear and grin spread across my face.

We both creeped out of bed and towards Jill and Niall while they were distracted in their embrace. Suddenly, we both punched on them, me grabbing Jill and Zayn grabbing Niall. We pushed them towards the bed and ran out the door and locked it behind us before they could react.

They started to kick and bang on the door while Zayn and I were literally rolling on the floor laughing.

"You two are so dead!" threatened Jill, but we had already reached the bottom of the staircase. We jumped on the sofa and turned on the TV to drown out the ruckus that Jill and Niall were causing. Immediately after that, the rest of the lads and the girls burst through the door. Zayn and I quickly tried to shush them but they were obviously confused.

"We locked Jill and Niall in our room," I explained.

"Ooh, you rebels," said Louis sarcastically and we all tiptoed up the stairs and pressed our ears against the door. Everything was suddenly quiet, too quiet.

"Why did you guys lock them in there in the first place?" asked Harry, trying to contain his laughter. Zayn shrugged.

"Eh, just felt like it," he answered. We stood there for a good minute until moans and creaking emitted from within the room and an unexpected laugh from Niall. I hoped they weren't having too much fun in there...on my bed. There was a sudden scream and a crash.

"Oh, my God!" blurted Louis.

"This is ridiculous!" exclaimed Liam and he bust the door open. To our surprise, and relief, they weren't in the bed or naked. Instead, they were scowling down at us, arms crossed. I came to the realization that they had been faking it the whole time.

"You guys are so dead," growled Niall through gritted teeth, but we all knew it was all an act. Zayn and I didn't hesitate to sprint down the stairs with Jill and Niall hot on our trail. I was the first one to reach the bottom but got tackled onto the couch by Jill.

Niall had jumped onto Zayn's back while he ran around the living room like an idiot. Louis decided to interfere and Zayn crashes into him with Niall still on his back, sending the three of them on the floor laughing.

Liam appeared with Zayn's bags and my smile quickly faded as he let them fall next to the doorway. Danielle and Eleanor tried to break up the boys on the floor but that wasn't so easy since Zayn and Niall were wrestling and Louis was caught in the middle of it. Eventually, Zayn won by pinning Niall to the floor, holding his hands behind his back.

"Uncle uncle uncle!" yelled Niall and Zayn finally let him go. Zayn walked over to me and sat down next to me on the couch, putting his arm around me. I snuggled in close to the crook of his neck, taking in his scent that overwhelmed my nostrils. Cologne and, obviously cigars, but I loved it. I was going to miss it as well. Let's face it, I was going to miss everything about Zayn when he left.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Harry plopped himself on our laps and smiled up at us.

"Uh, Harry, what are you doing?" asked Zayn.

"Oh, sorry was I interrupting something?" he said, switching gazes between us.

"No!" I exclaimed sarcastically, dragging out the "O" and then pushed him off the couch, causing him to fall onto the floor.

"Watch out for my body!" screamed Louis as he body slammed Niall who was still on the floor. Niall groaned loudly in pain as Louis' body made contact with his but soon joined Louis in laughter as they rolled on the floor. Liam loomed over me and Zayn, arms crossed with a fake scowl on his face. Zayn grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the couch with us until we were all laughing and it was a nice sound.

The others soon joined us on the couch and we all formed a group hug. We all sat in a warm and comfortable silence and I wished this moment would last forever. I couldn't ask for anything more.

"I think it's time we go," said Liam, unfortunately breaking the silence that I was surprised lasted this long. Everyone groaned and whined as we all stood up from the couch and crowded around the doorway. Everyone was saying goodbye to their girlfriends except for Harry who stood there very awkwardly.

"I'm going to miss you," I said to Zayn as he caressed my arms.

"I'll miss you more. Everyday I'll be thinking about you," he said with low and sincere eyes. He leaned down to give me a long and deep kiss. I savored it since it was going to be our last kiss for a very long time.

"I love you," I said, it came out in more of a whisper but he heard me anyway.

"I love you too." The rest of the boys gave me a hug before heading out the door, but Harry still stood by the doorway. He was the only one who hadn't given me a hug yet or said goodbye. He had his hands behind his back and his head hung low, eyes looking down.

"Goodbye, Harry," I said softly.

Before I could react, Harry wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in tightly. He was hugging me so hard that I felt like I couldn't breathe. He hugged me like he would never see me again but we both knew that wasn't true.

"Goodbye...Sarah," he whispered and kissed the side of my head and then disappeared through the doorway.

I stood there in shock, not able to move. What was that about? Is Harry okay? I shook my head and came back to reality. I opened the door and looked outside at the empty road.

They were gone.

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