Love, Loss, and Tattoos

(Note: This is my first FanFic and story that I'm posting on Wattpad so it might be crappy. Please be nice and bear with me here >~<)

Sarah Bell has been through some really rough times, and she still does to this day. Her parents died when she was too young to remember and was put into many foster homes at a very young age. She ran away from her recent foster home at the age of 15.

She is now 18 and lives in an old shabby apartment in New York City by herself where she struggles to survive and pay rent and can barley afford to take care of herself.

But, on one fateful day, while roaming the streets of New York City, she meets a guy that will change the rest of her life forever. Good and bad. Nothing will ever be the same again for Sarah Bell.

People will fall in love, hearts will be broken and tears will be shed.


12. Chapter 12

Today was a dreadful day back at school after winter break. Zayn, lazy as usual, didn't get up in the morning with me but then again, I didn't want to get up either. But this was school and I was required to go five days a week for 10 months to learn bullshit that I wasn't going to use in the future. I was used to walking to school and it wasn't that far either. I gave Zayn a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving for school and was soon out the door. I walked down the chilly morning street, gripping my warm cup of coffee tightly and taking a sip.

I hoped no one would recognize me here or at school, but it was pretty obvious since Zayn and I made the news a lot when going on our dates and at the party as well. Well, I was screwed. I arrived at my crappy excuse of a school and tucked my empty coffee in my shoulder pack. I slowly made my way to the entrance, trying not to attract any attention to myself. I almost made it until someone called my name and it was very noticeable.

"Shit!" I whispered under my breath. They screamed my name again. I turned around , expecting to find a crazed fan, but was surprised to see Jill running towards me. It was that girl that Niall always bragged about but in a cute boyfriend kind of way. I couldn't believe she remembered me or maybe she was mistaking me for another Sarah. I looked around to check if someone was reacting to her call, but it was just me.

"Hey, I'm talking to you, silly!" she said, stopping to catch her breath.

"Oh," was all I said. I was still shocked that she was actually talking to me and I was really shy in front of new people.

"I'm Jill, if you don't remember me. You are Sarah, right?" she said.

"Yup. That's me."

"I didn't know you went to the same school. I guess we'll be saying more of each other!" She seemed really excited and enthusiastic about hanging out with me more. She must really like me. She seemed nice so I decided to give her a chance. I gave her a friendly smile.

"I guess so," I said and she took my arm in hers and we walked into the school together. No sooner had a large crowd surrounded us and it was total chaos. They were asking so many questions all at once about One Direction or my relationship with Zayn. Some girls gave me dirty looks and called me names like "Slut", "Whore" and "Bitch" and said things like, "You don't deserve Zayn." or "He could've done so much better.", but I ignored them. It was just their jealousy talking and all I had to do was remember the things that Zayn had told me and I felt better. The trick was just to smile in their faces. Show them how confident I was.

The school bell suddenly rang throughout the building and that meant the start of homeroom. Turns out Jill and I had a few classes together and lunch, so my day wasn't as horrid as I thought it would be. The school day was bearable for once and Jill turned out to be a really cool person. The end of the school day finally came and we had to say our goodbyes. I stepped out of the school building and was met with some stranger on a motorcycle waiting by the curb. He lifted up his helmet just slightly and I realized that it was Zayn.

I didn't expect him to pick me up from school, but it was a pleasant surprise. I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug and a kiss full of longing. He then pulled the helmet down so no one would recognize him.

"Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise," I giggled and put on my helmet too.

"It gets better," he said and I could tell he was smiling under his helmet. We sped off down the road and became confused once we passed my apartment complex. Where was Zayn taking me? Instead, we stopped in front of a large flat that was as big as a mansion and not surrounded by many buildings so it had some privacy. My jaw dropped as I stepped off of the motorcycle and took my helmet off. Zayn pulled a pair of keys out of his pocket and unlocked the front door and held it open for me. I cautiously walked in and gasped when I saw it all.

The living room was huge for starters. The whole back wall was all glass and window, overlooking a wonderful view of the city of New York. In the middle of the living room was a large square sofa bed and facing the front of it on the left side of the room was probably the largest flat screen TV I've ever seen. On the left side of the wall that the TV was on was an entrance to a kitchen and on the right side was a hallway. The thought suddenly hit me. I turned around to face Zayn.

"You are not going to buy this place are you?" I asked nervously. A smile spread across his face.

"Already did." I couldn't believe it. Zayn actually bought me a house. An actual house! This was all too much. The thought of Zayn spending so much money on me also worried me a bit but I was too blinded by joy to care. I ran over and gave him a big and tight hug, squeezing him as hard as I could.

"There's more. You didn't even look upstairs yet," he said. I looked in the direction he was pointing and indeed noticed the wide staircase facing the wall the doorway was on. Zayn gripped my hand and led me up the stairs and down the hallway of rooms. There was probably about five room and one bathroom which was the second room we passed. We stopped at the end of the hallway, at the last door and Zayn opened it for me.

This bedroom was even bigger than mine and better. There was a king sized bed in the back left corner of the room and in the middle of the wall was a wide dresser. The room was painted a light blue and the floor was hardwood. There was a door leading into a walk in closet on the right side of the dresser and on the right wall of the room was another door leading to a private bathroom. I didn't notice at first, but there was an actual chandelier hanging right from the ceiling in elegance and beauty.

"And this is our room," sad Zayn. Wait a minute. Hold the phone. Did he just say our room?

"Our room?" I asked curiously yet playfully and crossed my arms.

"Well of course. I am moving in here with you. Did you think I was just going to let you live here all by yourself without your amazing and loving boyfriend? That's just crazy and for now it's New York but in the future we'll probably move to London. I mean, if that's what you want," said Zayn. He was being so cute and such a gentleman. I reached up and kissed him on the cheek since I was so short.

"I love it," I said.

"The place or my idea of-"

"Both, Zayn. I love both and you," I said and gave him another kiss on the cheek. He smiled brightly at me wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. His hands rested on the small of my back to keep me in his arms. His lips were floating so close to my lips, teasing me.

"I love you so much, Sarah. You know that, right?" he whispered and I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder.

"I love you too, Zayn. So much," I whispered back. He kissed the side of my head lightly and searched for my lips with his face. I giggled as his nose tickled my face and he stole a kiss from me. I kissed him back, harder and with more passion this time. God, I loved him so much and he loved me. I couldn't be any happier than I was today in this moment.

"You know, we also have a pool and a hot tub," he said, smiling against my neck. Once the word "pool" left his mouth a smirk grew on my face and I was ecstatic. We had a pool! This new house was just full of surprises.

"Then lets have a pool party!" I yelled. I swiped out my phone and quickly texted everybody the details. When I was done I locked my phone and took a look around the room for a second.

"Wait. We have to drive all the way back to my old apartment to get my bathing suit. And everything else," I said. What a hassle moving was. But Zayn was smiling.

"That's already taken care of, babe," he said and motioned to the dresser. I opened the first drawer and found my underwear, socks and bras. The second drawer held exactly what I was looking for: my bathing suits, specifically my bikinis. I grabbed my favorite pair with a British flag design and was about to start stripping when I realized that Zayn was in the same room. I knew he's seen me naked before but I still felt uncomfortable changing right in front of him.

"Do you mind?" I asked in a playful tone.

"No. Not at all," said Zayn with a cheeky smile on his face. I groaned and decided to lock myself in the bathroom to change. When I was fully changed into my bikini I stepped out of the bathroom and found Zayn already wearing some swimming trunks. He looked me up and down and then whistled. I blushed. He came closer and wrapped his arms around my lower back, his face only inches away from mine.

"I'd love to see more of you though," he whispered and my cheeks flared, turning an even darker shade of red. I was speechless. I was so vulnerable under his deep gaze. Suddenly, the doorbell rang making the both of us jump. I let out a nervous laugh and ran out of the room to answer the door. I opened the door and everyone embraced me in a tight group hug.

"Guys! Can't…breathe!" I gasped and they finally let me go. Now that everyone was here I became even more excited.

"Is everyone ready?" I asked.

"Pool!" screamed Louis at the top of his lungs and ran into the kitchen which obviously wasn't where the pool was. We all face palmed ourselves.

"The pool's that way, lad," said Zayn pointing to a hall that was in the back left corner of the living room.

"I knew that!" yelled Louis and ran in the right room this time. We all followed Louis and Zayn into the pool room and it was huge. There were three diving boards: a small, medium and large one in height. The tallest one had to be 30 feet high. I'd have to try that one out later. The boys started to take their clothes until they were left in just their swimming trunks.

I had to say, they all had really hot bodies. This was going to be a fun pool party after all.

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