Love, Loss, and Tattoos

(Note: This is my first FanFic and story that I'm posting on Wattpad so it might be crappy. Please be nice and bear with me here >~<)

Sarah Bell has been through some really rough times, and she still does to this day. Her parents died when she was too young to remember and was put into many foster homes at a very young age. She ran away from her recent foster home at the age of 15.

She is now 18 and lives in an old shabby apartment in New York City by herself where she struggles to survive and pay rent and can barley afford to take care of herself.

But, on one fateful day, while roaming the streets of New York City, she meets a guy that will change the rest of her life forever. Good and bad. Nothing will ever be the same again for Sarah Bell.

People will fall in love, hearts will be broken and tears will be shed.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to harsh sunlight in my eyes and groaned as I turned over in my bed.  

It was the day before Christmas Eve and, as usual, I was alone for the holiday.  

After a good ten minutes I managed to get out of bed and take a long warm shower to get away from this freezing winter weather. I got dressed in some dark skinny jeans, a black and white long sleeved shirt and a black varsity jacket.  

I grabbed my black beanie with a Pom Pom on top before heading out the door. I quickly slipped on some finger less gloves and huffed warm air into them as I made my way through the busy streets of New York City.  

As I pushed my way through the crowded streets I finally found my destination and favorite store: Hot Topic. I excitedly opened the door and my eyes roamed around the store. I loved the punk rock theme of this store. The music they played was awesome and always put me in a good mood.  

I walked through the store and looked at the cool stuff they had: leather jackets, plaid pants, goth-like accessories, candies, phone cases and in the back was the music. I headed straight for that section and stopped to look at the albums they had.  

There was a guy who looked like he shopped here because he wore jeans, biker boots, a leather jacket and a red plaid scarf. His hair was black and in a quiff with a single blonde streak going through the middle. I couldn't see his face for he held it down very low and had a hood over his head.  

I stood next to this stranger and scanned the albums in silence. There was Imagine Dragons, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, Mayday Parade and much more, but not what I was looking for.  

I looked over to see what the guy standing next to me was holding and my jaw dropped. He was holding One Direction's latest album Midnight Memories: The Ultimate Edition.  

"I love that band!" I blurted out to him without thinking. I heard him chuckle and felt my face burned red in embarrassment.  

"You have good taste then," he said in a British accent that sounded all too familiar and he handed the album to me.  

I reluctantly took it and our hands brushed slightly, sending shivers thought my body.  

"Thanks," I said and examined the picture on the cover. God, they were gorgeous. They were more than that. They were perfect. You could tell I was obsessed with them.  

"Who's your favorite?" the guy asked.  

"Obviously Zayn. He's so hot and has the most beautiful voice in the band. He's also got that mysterious vibe and that bad boy charm I just love."  

I didn't realize I was smiling at Zayn's picture when I spoke.  

"Really?" laughed the guy as he followed me to the cash register to pay for the album.  

I had to get myself a Christmas present too and an early one at that.  

"Yes, really! And if I ever met him the first thing I'd do is kiss him smack dab on the lips!" I exclaimed and laughed as I payed for the album and walked towards the exit.  

I knew kissing Zayn would never happen though. Number one: he had a girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. Number two: he was famous and way out of my league. Number three: why would he ever kiss a girl like me anyway?  

I stepped outside into the falling snow and leaned against the store window ledge with the bag with the album in my right hand, looking down at the ground.  

"Are you okay?" asked a familiar voice once again.  

I recognized it as the guy from the store. I slowly turned my head in his direction.  

"Yeah, I'm fine-" I stared in shock as I looked at the guys face, for he finally revealed it to me. There was no mistaking those bronze eyes staring back at me. It was Zayn Javadd Malik from One Direction in the flesh.  

I didn't know what to do, but stare at him with my mouth gaping wide open. He could tell I recognized him and gave me a cheeky smile that made my insides melt. He put a hand on the window sill and leaned in very closely to my face.  

"So, where's my kiss?"



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