Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


9. Chapter 9

"No Bald, I have not forgiven you!" Elise shouted at the so called chef, storming over to one of the chairs and collapsing onto it, folding her arms.

"Come on Elise! I am sorry. I would have thought you have wanted me arrange the tangerines." Baldroy replied, standing in front of her and pleading for forgiveness.

"Ugh!" she growled, standing back up and walking off out of the kitchen.


The day ended up really well for Ciel, since he saved Elizabeth from a rampaging bear before Elise took it down with an arrow. But guess what? Sebastian got all the glory because a split second after Elise shot her arrow, Sebastian threw a knife, and, unlike Elise's arrow, Sebastian's knife did not embed its way into the flesh, so Middleford noticed that and not the arrow. Boy was Sebastian smug! But at least Ciel got praise for rescuing Elizabeth and Elise was happy for him. 

However, Elise was not happy about the fact while the spot check was taking place, she and Sebastian had to make diversions to avoid all the mess that Mey-Rin and Finnian made. And then Baldroy blew up the tangerines that Elise had arranged in the bowl. She was furious! And she still has not forgiven them.


Months passed and the season of winter finally arrived. Ciel had taken all of the staff out on a trip into London. Elise had thought that after the Jack the Ripper case, things would be back to normal, but they were not. On the streets, outside an Indian food restaurant, people were hanging upside down from the roof, blindfolded and with a note. According to Ciel, all the victims are not dead and they are people who have returned to England from London.

"That makes no sense, young master." Elise mumbled as they walked down the streets, and to a rather dodgy looking area near London Bridge.

"Hush Elise. Young Master, we have arrived." Sebastian declared, standing in front of a door. He opened it and said, "Please watch your step."

Ciel descended the stairs by himself, but Elise was wearing particularly high heels and found it difficult to follow, so she had to grab hold of Sebastian's arm and go down with him, much to her embarrassment and disgust.

Elise suddenly caught a nasty smell, "I guess there is something more disgusting than holding your arm. And that is the smell! Is that opium?"

And that is when she spotted Lau sitting on a sofa with at least six girls, including Ran-Mao surrounding him. While Ciel was talking to Lau about all the incidents that have occurred, two more women came over to her and Sebastian and spoke.

"Aw what a sweet couple. Wanna smoke?" and they offered them both the foul smelling substance.

"Erm, no." Elise spoke directly to them, but not before pushing Sebastian away and dusting herself down.

Looking around, she noticed that this room was some kind of drug taking room, since it was clearly so secure for people to get stoned without getting caught.


After the conversation, and loads of denied offers of drugs, the group left with Lau down the streets again. Elise was paying very little attention to the conversations as she was trying to cover her nose and mouth to cover the smell of opium that was wafting off of Lau. But then a sound caught her attention.

"Young master, get down!" Elise shouted, covering Ciel from an incoming attack, while Sebastian launched himself at the mass coming straight towards them.

Sebastian was too quick, only Elise could see what damage he did, but it would have been obvious to a human as well because you could hear the crack coming from the attacker.

"It hurts! My ribs have cracked!" the man cried, clutching his damaged chest and recoiling away from the group.

In his place, even more men came running, wondering what the crying was all about. This time, the whole group were surrounded by what looked like homeless scroungers. One of them even had the nerve to grab Ciel by the collar of his coat.

"A noble eh?" the man snorted, before Elise intervened and crushed the bones in his lower arm.

"Get your filthy hands off of him. I am in no mood for the likes of you." Elise threatened, her eyes glowing in rage.

The man cried out in agony as he clutched his arm. But he was not finished, "Pay me consolation money! Strip off everything you have and give it to me." he held out his good hand at Ciel.

Sebastian and Elise stood to the sides of Ciel.

"Shall we?" Sebastian asked Ciel.

Ciel stared ahead and droned, "Dispose of them right away."

"As you wish." Sebastian smiled, but then both of them stopped.

"I'll tell you, all of us here despise noblemen. You brought us to England and dumped us like trash! All you British are selfish!" the first man shouted, still clutching his bad arm.

Elise snorted, "At least I am not from Britain then." she smiled, cocking her head to one side.

"Because of you we have been living like gutter rats. Our country was walked all over by your shoes." the man continued to babble, much to Elise's annoyance.

"Why can't we just slaughter them and put these miserable people out of their misery?" Elise asked Sebastian.

"All in good time, dear Elise. Wait for them to come to us." Sebastian replied, whispering slightly in her ear.

As the crowd continued to slink forward, Elise reached into one of the stockings on her legs, and curled her fingers around the silver pistol she always supplies in case of emergency, If this isn't an emergency, I have no idea what is.


But just before the excitement of using her pistol could begin, the crowd were interrupted by a passer-by. And to Elise's surprise, this guy actually looked like he owned a home.

"So yeah guys, we're searching for someone. Have you seen any Indians who look like this?" the newest comer held up a picture.

Elise tried to observe it, but then she stifled a giggle. The picture he was holding up looked like it was drawn by a three year old. Elise then looked at the new guy. He was clearly Indian as well, with long dark hair tied in a pony tail and he was wearing the finest clothes under a shawl clipped with an expensive looking broach.

I don't think this guy is three, Elise thought to herself.

And this guy was not alone either. Next to him stood another man with short white hair underneath a plain white turban with locks of longer hair draping down his shoulders. He also wore expensive looking clothes, but they were not nearly as lustrous as the first guys. Also his right hand was covered in bandages. Injury possibly

The leader of the crowd was clearly not impressed to be interrupted and started shouting at the newcomers instead of Elise and the others. But there was no way they could leave, unfortunately, because the mob was still to large to sneak out of.

To Elise's alarm, all the newcomer could say was, "How rude. Calling me such impolite things eh?" then he looked over at Ciel, "He has a butler. You are British noblemen?"

Ciel looked back, "So what if we are?"

The newcomer put on a determined face, "Then I shall side with the people of my country. Agni!"

The second newcomer stepped forward, "Yes."

The first one glared at the group, "Defeat them."

"Your wish is my command." Angi nodded slowly as he began to unwrap the bandages from his hand.

Oh dear, Elise thought, Definitely not an injury...

"I will swing this fist blessed by God for my master's sake." Agni muttered to himself, before he ran for the group.

Elise immediately grabbed Ciel and pushed him behind her as Sebastian blocked the blow from Agni.

"Young master, stay down." Elise demanded, putting her hands on his shoulders before turning around and holding her arms out wide to block any sneak attacks.

But then she got distracted by the mob who were back in action. 

"Sebastian, grab the young master!" Elise called, pulling out the pistol from her boot and firing the first shot at an incoming attacker with a dagger.

Sebastian grabbed Ciel with a free arm and continued to block fast jabs from Agni, as Elise started to wipe out the mob. And as she fought, she noticed a clearing appear, so she leapt over the crowds (not before jumping on a few of their faces) and ran, Sebastian and Ciel shortly behind.

Unfortunately they were caught up by Agni who started to jab his index and middle finger at Sebastian's joints. And Sebastian stopped moving.

"Oh great, an immobilised demon! What next?" Elise groaned, shrugging her shoulders in annoyance.

"I've hit your marman countless times. Your arm should be paralysed." Agni explained, stopping in a still fighting position

But then Elise noticed Sebastian was still moving and she sighed in relief, At least I don't have to finish this guy on my own. Forget it!

Ciel started to whine about how he and the others were out on a stroll and we were attacked by the mob, not the other way round.

"What?" the other guy finally caught up with them and folded his arms in confusion.

"You heard!" Elise retorted, stepping forward and pointing her gun at the two men.

"You lot! Did you really attack for no reason?" the guy spoke again, "That's not right! Picking a fight is really childish. Agni! Our brothers are wrong here. We shall help the kid now!"

"Yes sir!" Agni nodded, as he turned around and mauled the mob to the ground, "All done Lord Soma!"

He smiled a cute smile at this 'Soma' much to everyone's shock.

"That's what I call a change of heart." Elise muttered to herself.


Elise thought that she could finally get back to work as they arrived back at the mansion, but she was a little bit off that. While Elise was suggesting a type of tea for Ciel, they were interrupted by Soma and Agni arriving in the entrance hall.

"Uh. Young master. What are they doing here?" Elise asked, whispering so the guests could not hear.

"No idea. Why the blazes are you here?!" Ciel shouted at them.

"In India it's common to welcome and entertain benefactors. We even have a saying that entertain the guests even if you must sell your treasures." Soma explained.

"What does that even mean." Elise asked, but she was ignored.

"Oi, where is the bed?" Soma asked, looking around.

What?! Is going on?! Elise shouted in her head before she heard Agni call from up the stairs.

"Prince. I found it!" he waved at Soma with that silly smile etched on his face.

Soma immediately ran up the stairs declaring he was going to stay, but then Elise thought.

"Oh no!" she shouted, running after the guests up the stairs. And she was correct. Agni was showing Soma HER room, "Wait no!" she shouted, but Soma immediately made himself at home, "This is my room!" she shrieked, but again she was ignored.

"This will do." Soma declared, collapsing on her bed and laying down, "Could you empty some drawers for me? Agni?"

Angi was immediately at the drawers and throwing out all of Elise's stuff.

"HEY!" Elise shouted trying to stop him, but failed. Agni examined the top drawer and pulled out a lace bra and held it up.

"Inappropriate." he muttered.

"OI!" Elise shrieked, snatching the bra away, but Agni continued to throw out her lingerie, "LOOK AT ME AND STOP!" she shouted, grabbing his shoulders.

Agni finally looked at her in confusion. Then he smiled cutely again and grabbed her shoulders, "Your cute!" 

Elise gulped and blushed, "Say what?" she asked, as she saw Sebastian starting to chuckle from outside the room.

"I mean, you are pretty!" Agni replied.

Elise looked away and pulled away from him, "Yeah, sure." she muttered, dusting herself down and walking out the room to whack Sebastian on the head, "Tell you what. They can keep the room. Who needs to sleep eh?"

"Then as a symbol of friendship, this Agni will serve you Chai!" Agni declared, smiling and running back down the stairs.

"Er wait. Serving tea is kind of my thing!" Sebastian went running after Agni, competing to get to the kitchen first.

"Ooh, wait! At least let me choose the china!" Elise called after, trying desperately to forget the fact her room had been completely taken over by the guests.



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