Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


8. Chapter 8

The funeral did not concern Elise at all. Madam Red was just there, laying in her casket as those closest to her lay flowers and said their final goodbyes to her. But it did surprise her that all Ciel did was lay down a red frock onto the sleeping woman, then leave. Ciel visited her grave the day after, but Elise was allowed to stay behind and clean the house for his arrival.


The weeks went by and finally Elise could work as a normal maid, and not faff about finding killers and goodness knows what else.

"Elise, young master requires his afternoon tea. And could you make sure that it is that Gyokuro Tea that arrived this morning? The young master wishes to try it." Sebastian said, walking into the kitchen where Elise was doing the washing up from Ciel's lunch, since Baldroy was having trouble, what with smashing two of the three plates given, "I have other duties that needs attending."

"Whatever." Elise sighed, drying up the only plate intact and placing it in a cupboard, "Bald, no touchy." she demanded, waggling her finger in front of Baldroy.

"Whatever you say, Elise." Baldroy replied, sighing and rolling his eyes into his head.

Elise smiled and got to work making the tea. After boiling the water, pouring it into the teapot, and placing in the tea, she took in a deep breath, "Urgh! God! What the Hell is that? It stinks!"

"Erm, it's tea Elise." Baldroy replied, looking over her shoulder at the silver tray with the Chinese designed teapot and cups.

"I was not wondering about the tea. I was wondering what on earth is in it." Elise sighed, lifting the tray into one hand and walking out.

"Tea leaves!" Baldroy called after her.

"Shut up." Elise shouted back, slamming the door to the kitchen behind her.


Gently, Elise knocked on the door to Ciel's study, "Young master." she called in.

"You may enter, Elise." Ciel called back.

Elise opened the door silently and put on a bright smile, "Your Gyokuro tea, young master." she announced, pouring him a cup full and placing it in front of him.

"Thanks." Ciel droned before taking a sip, "This tea is terrible."

Elise could feel her face smashing into a brick wall, she was that annoyed, but she took in a deep breath and tried to maintain her anger, "W...well, w...what would you p...prefer." she grinned and insane grin, trying to make it genuine.

"You called for more tea, young master?" Sebastian asked, walking in with another tray, this time with a more aromatic smell coming from the teapot.

"Yes. Place it down." Ciel replied, not smiling.

"Ooh, trust the great Sebastian to come to the rescue." Elise growled, under her breath, picking up the Gyokuro tea and putting it back on the tray.

She was about to leave when Ciel stopped her, "Elise, stop. I am kind of in a hurry this morning so I need you to do a few chores around the place. Marchioness Middleford is coming for the day and we need the place cleared up."
Elise sighed, "Even though I have already cleaned the house top to bottom three times this week?"

Ciel slammed his hands on the desk and stood up, "Yes Elise. Now get going!" 

"Ok, ok chill." Elise sighed again, grabbing both trays of tea and leaving for the kitchen.

She heard footsteps behind her, so she turned around and directly behind her stood Sebastian.

"What now? I am not in the mood for your mocking, so say what you are going to say and beat it." Elise groaned, putting a fierce scowl on her face.

"Forgive young master for his mood swing. Clearly you have not heard of Marchioness Middleford. She is a very proper woman and allows no nonsense and no mess." he explained, taking both trays from her, "I suggest you should use you 'abilities' to take care of the job. Oh, and find something more suitable to wear. That dress makes your legs show too much."

"Excuse me!" Elise blushed, trying to pull down the skirt of her dress, but failing.

Sebastian chuckled and headed to the kitchen.

"Urgh!" Elise growled, before allowing her wings to spread and levitate her into the air, "Hope no one spots me doing this." and in a flash, the mansion was spotless.


And just in time for Elise to get changed, for Marchioness Middleford arrived with a few seconds to spared. Elise coiled back her wings and ran down to the entrance and out the door, just as the carriage door opened. Sebastian and Ciel were already there to greet the visitors.

"It has been a while Marchioness Middleford." Ciel said, sweating an awful lot, clearly out of breath and slightly annoyed, "As you have arrived earlier than expected."

Elise and Sebastian smiled brightly at the visitor. Well visitors. Elizabeth, Ciel's fiancée was also there.

"Forget the formal greetings. Anway, Earl Phantomhive, can I presume you have just awoken?" Marchioness Middleford asked, her back very stiff, and, in Elise's opinion, a very posh British drawl.

Elise only just realised that Ciel had major bed head.

"Sebastian! Why has Ciel's hair not been sorted?" she hissed.

"Shh, not now Elise!" Sebastian shot back, so both of them continued to smile in a sickening way.

Elizabeth clearly did not mind Ciel's scruffy hair since she was cooing all over him and hugging him tightly until she was stopped by Middleford.

"Elizabeth! It is not proper for you to engage in such improper actions. Also, you should be greeting him first. I have emphasized that you must still behave like a refined lady." Middleford said with that ridiculous drawl.

"I am so sorry Mother!" Elise wailed, letting go of Ciel.

"Pfft, mother." Elise smothered a giggle, "How amusing."

But the giggle was not misheard by Middleford, but luckily she got away with just a glare, before Sebastian spoke, trying to avoid any conflict,

"It has been a while. I welcome you, Marchioness and Lady Elizabeth. Thank you for taking the trouble to travel all the...way..." but he was cut short, for Middleford took a step forward and gave him the death glares, "May I ask, is there something on my face?"

"That face of yours. It's still the same as ever. What indecent looks you possess." she growled, her voice going deep.

"I'll say." Elise mumbled, trying not to burst out laughing at the shock on Sebastian's face.

But Sebastian tried to smile and said, "I was born looking this way..." but again he was cut short.

"And also. Both the master and his butler are alike." Middleford shouted, grabbing a handful of Sebastian's hair and yanking it, "The two of you are obviously men yet you both keep your fringe long. Seeing it irks me!"

Then suddenly she began to mess around with both of the guys and their hair, Elise looking in shock horror. Before it all turns into loud laughter. For both of them had their hair combed back in a ridiculous way.

"I am really sorry that I have to trouble you for this Aunt Frances." Ciel sighed, his and Sebastian's foreheads shining in the light.

Elise had just calmed down, but then she burst out laughing again when she saw the two of them again.

"Really now. Now, as for you!" Middleford turned her death glares to Elise again, "Might I ask what your business with the Earl may be?"

Elise was hoping that there was going to be no complaints for her. She purposely wore her longest maid dress, with a pair of white tights and a pair of black laced ankle boots. He had her red hair tied into a really tight bun on the back of her head, only allowing her combed over side fringe to remain loose. She also had her laced headband on her head, and her long white gloves to cover the seals on her arms

Elise stopped laughing almost immediately and cleared her throat, "My name is Elise, and I am the new chief maid of Earl Phantomhive. Delighted to make your acquaintance at last." she curtsied low.

"Indeed." Middleford said before taking a closer look at her, "Well, I am pleased to discover that at least one person in this household knows how to present oneself." she tapped Elise on the cheek but did not smile, "But I am rather disappointed by your vocabulary, Elise. Do please practise one's speech."

Elise was going to complain but decided to button it.

Finally, Middleford stepped away and stood in front of Ciel again, "I just came to conduct a surprise spot check. But you are still lazing around like usual. And Your Butler is still as indecent as ever! Bear in mind that you are the man who is going to marry my daughter in the future. In that case I am going to do an extensive check! Firstly I am going to check the inside of your house."

Elise grinned when Middleford said that because she had managed to clean the whole house, outside and in within one hour that morning, so hopefully it should still be up to it's high standards.

Boy was she wrong!

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