Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


6. Chapter 6

"You're telling me what now?" I asked, putting the fine china on the tray and lifting it effortlessly with one hand.

"Jack the Ripper is still at large. Another prostitute has been killed." Sebastian repeated, as the two of us walked out of the kitchen and down the hall.

"But I thought you said we had him? It was that pervert, Druitt. Selling women and possibly their body parts. You know, explaining the missing womb in each of the victims." I dabbed my free hand against my rosy lips and yawned, just to exaggerate my disinterest.

"We can now safely say we were...incorrect with our accusations." Sebastian muttered, almost in a way that made him seem humiliated.

"Uh uh, you were wrong. I said nothing." I grinned, wiggling my index finger in front of Sebastian, "I was just doing my job."


I was back to her normal work, preparing the tea once again, since the original serving, made by Grell, had a salt substitute.

As I entered the study, I noticed Ciel and Madam Red playing chess, Grell standing near the doorway, keeping himself out of harms way. When I strutted past him, he smiled politely my way as I glared at him, There's something off about this Grell figure. He doesn't smell right... but I just shrugged it off, sticking her nose in the air.

"Check mate." Ciel muttered, candidly, knocking Madam Red's king off of the chess board.

Madam Red just glowered at the board, unimpressed that she lost, but when I approached, her eyes lit up as she turned to me. 

"Young master." I whispered, smiling civilly, pouring tea for Madam Red before Ciel.

"Thank you Elise, I hope this won't too much of a mishap, compared to that last disaster." Madam Red mumbled the last part, taking a small sip of the tea, "Mm, this is a considerable improvement. Did you prepare this?"

I nodded once, clutching the tray with both hands, by my legs, "I am most pleased you like it so, Madam." I then turned to Ciel, "I shall make my leave now, young master and organise Madam Red's quarters." I bowed before leaving the room.


There weren't that many chores today, much to my delight, so I decided to catch up on my fifty winks. It's been at least four months since my last sleep so I believe now is the time to put that to rights. After receiving permission from Ciel, much to his reluctance, and a quick nod from Sebastian, who seemed to be fairly friendly to me today, (well as friendly as a demon could be to an angel) I retreated to my room in the staff quarters and opened my wardrobe. Inside was a little black nightdress on a silk hanger I bought yesterday, which I bundled into before collapsing onto my bed. I was about to close my eyes when I remembered something, Sebastian likes to pop up to give me extra work at random times. I lay awake, awaiting a knock at the door, but after fifteen minutes and none to be heard, I closed her eyes and allowed myself to enter my dream state once again.


"Elise! Elise!" a voice hissed, shaking my inactive body awake.

I jolted, ripping a dagger out from under my pillow and pointing it at my rude awakening. Two red eyes glowered down at me in the darkness of the night.

Immediately I sighed and lowered my weapon again, "Never do that to a Hell's Angel." I avoided eye contact awaiting his quick remark, but when I got none I looked back up and noticed he was rummaging through my wardrobe, "Sebastian? What are you doing? Is something wrong?"

"Get a coat on." he snapped, "We are going out." he threw a heavy fur coat at me.

"Out? Out where?" I asked, looking down at the coat and realising I was still half naked and my legs were showing in the presence of another. Blushing bright red I reached for my dress, which was draped over a chair, and immediately stripped out of my nightwear and back into my clothes, caring not for the fact that Sebastian was still in the room, If he's not going to leave, that's his problem in the long run. 

He sighed and picked up my coat, draping it over my shoulders impatiently, "No time to explain, Ciel wants to make sure you follow us in the shadows. We think we have caught the real Jack the Killer." he grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of my room.


Shivering in the bitterness of the night, I followed Ciel and Sebastian as we silently wandered down the streets of London. Not a single soul passed us as we walked, all the lights in the houses were out. We continued for a good fifteen minutes before Ciel stopped us at a fork in the pathway. 

"Stick to the plan, Elise." Ciel whispered to me, giving me a brief glance, before heading down the right path. 

"Yes, young master." I replied disappearing down the alley to the left. Without the heartbeat of Ciel, it was dead quiet. All I could hear were my own footsteps as the clacked against the cobble of the path. But as I continued to wander, I heard something from the other side of a shop building. It was the sound of gasping. I could just about pick up the faint grunts of distress and clearly matched them to a person.

Young master I thought leaping onto the roof of the building and crawling across the shingle to reach the other side. Peering below I spotted them all. Sebastian, Ciel and somebody else, inside an open door. A pungent smell seeped into my nose. One that I oh so despise, but oh so crave. Blood.

"Jack the Ripper." she whispered ever so quietly, as leapt down from the roof of the building, camouflaging myself into the shadows and hiding. Vaporising into the shadows, I knew no one would be able to spot me.

And there, I listened to the whole conversation.

Of course Sebastian's supposed suspicions were correct, "Grell Sutcliff." He pointed out the killer, who finally made himself visible for all to see.

Grell?! I internally shouted, the man who couldn't make tea Grell? He...he killed all those women? I knew there was something off about this guy. His smell was different to any human I have ever encountered. His behaviour was way too clumsy to be that of a butler. And best of all, his personality was almost too innocent for words. I should have known it would all piece together. I began to feel my wings start to quiver in excitement. I want something to happen. I want there to be violence so I can have an excuse to kill this guy.

Grell. Grell is Jack the Ripper. I was about to snigger when suddenly that smell that emanated from Grell suddenly became stronger, as he began to titter like a mad man. And that was when my eyes widened and a small gasp escaped my lips. That was when I knew. Knew that Grell was not a human at all. And he wasn't a demon, nor an angel either.

At that moment I knew...Grell was a Grim Reaper.

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