Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


5. Chapter 5

"Would you please be so kind as to tell me this 'plan' of yours?" I hissed, as Sebastian reached into a glass case and pulled out two masks.

He handed one to me, "Put this on." he commanded.

I sighed and looked down at the mask. It was a pretty black velvet ball mask, which covers the top half of the face. It had diamond encrusted edges and a half a butterfly wing shaped lace design on the left side.

"Why do I need to disguise myself? What are we doing?" I continued to ask questions as I slipped the mask on. Sebastian ignored me and walked away. I began to see red, and before he could get out of my reach, I grabbed onto the top of his arm and pulled him back, "Answer me!" I demanded, clenching my teeth. I felt a familiar surge fill me, and I could tell my eyes were glowing.

Sebastian frowned, but I noticed his eyes twitch wider as he shifted his arm away from my slightly too strong grip, "While trying to escape Elizabeth, we noticed you speaking with the Viscount."

"Elizabeth?" I raised an eyebrow, my aura dying down again.

"The young master's fiancée. Anyway, our plan was for the young master to catch Druitt red handed, and to do that, we dressed him as a young female and use him as bait. That way, he would be the one to expose him."

"The young master?! Why would you use him?! Why didn't you leave me to it? At least I could defend myself if I needed to..."

"Because young master specifically wanted to be the one to catch him in the act. Then I would intervene when commanded. Anyway, we couldn't guarantee the Viscount would pick you out, since you are a fairly mature woman."

"Hey!" I snapped, "Are you implying I am old?!" then I stopped and thought about what Sebastian had said, "Eww! Druitt's a pervert?!" I shouted a little too loudly.

Sebastian quickly clapped a hand over my mouth and looked around in case anyone heard me, "If you would refrain from shouting..." he threatened, releasing his hand, "Now follow me."


"Just tell me, why are we wearing these?" I asked, adjusting my mask.

We had returned to the ballroom and there I spotted Ciel dancing with the Viscount. Just seeing a young child with a fully grown man was an unnerving sensation. Just when we he going to lead him away...? But I could tell by the Ciel's expression, behind the innocent eyes, he was not enjoying himself either, It would have been so much better if I were the bait...whether he was a murderer, or just a perv...

"Oooh! It's a pretty girl!" a high pitched squeal echoed in Elise's head. Flicking her head over to the right slightly, she could see the blonde girl pushing her way through other guests, right towards Ciel. That's this Elizabeth.

"Follow my lead." Sebastian demanded.

Luckily because of my quick speed, I could catch Sebastian's movement. He leapt forward, carrying a wardrobe on his back, right towards the gap between Elizabeth and Ciel. I followed quickly in tow. Sebastian slammed the wardrobe down to his side and stood before all of the guests. I took a position on the other side of the furniture and grinned brightly, my identity behind my mask.

"The ball is at its peak, so at this time, may all the gentlemen and ladies watch this magic performance I shall do with this cupboard." Sebastian announced, earning the attention of everyone in the room, including the three I kept my eye on. Sebastian then pointed at Lau, who, rather amusingly, nudged his way to the front of the crowd to watch the show, "That gentleman, can you assist me?"

Lau gave that calm smile of his, and I could tell he too was playing along with the act, "Me? Why of course." his smile widened.

I smiled brightly, stepped over to him and gave out my hand to him, before escorting him back to the front.  

"Viscount, I am tired of watching these shows. So..." I picked up Ciel whisper.

"I understand, my robin." Druitt replied, smiling at Ciel.

I felt the hairs on my back start to stand on end, Here we go. This is what we were waiting for...

As Lau took a small bow in front of the crowd, I averted my gaze to watch as Druitt and Ciel disappear into a different room, the door shut behind them.

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap...I started to get fidgety.

I don't understand these feelings I am having. Is this what it is like to feel protective over someone? Never have I felt like this before...even as a human...but why? And especially only after one day as a maid.


"Now my assistant will tie the cupboard up tightly and my volunteer will use these swords to pierce the cupboard." Sebastian explained to the awed crowd as he stepped into the cupboard. I picked up some thick chains which were left at my feet, and lifted them to the crowd.

"These chains, as you can see, are of a solid steel and completely linked. Even with a strong tug there is no way of breaking them without a powerful force. Escape is completely impossible." I explained, pulling at each link as I spoke, gently as to not break them, because to me, these chains are as easy to break a thread.

"I shall come out alive for all to see. There is no trick of trap to this. Please watch this rare magic performance!" Sebastian moved further inside the closet and gestured for me to close the doors.

"Hope nothing too bad to you happens in there." I whispered to him, smirking slightly, before I bolted the wardrobe shut, wrapping the chains around it.

Literally, just as I finished locking the chains, Lau jumped forwards with the swords, just clipping my face as he attacked the wardrobe, stabbing it from above and through the sides. He started to laugh manically as he went, using a peculiar style to wield the swords. Finally he ran out of swords and landed to my side, a little out of breath.

"Okay, let's see if he's survived." I declared, unlocking the chains and removing them.

Then as the door creaked open, I stretched my arms out as Sebastian revealed himself from inside, completely unharmed. Immediately I closed the door as he stepped out; I could see all of the blood spattered within.


Suddenly, my nose started to pick up a very faint smell. A smell unlikely to be sensed by humans from this distance. It smelt sweet, like sugar of some sort. And it made me relax slightly. It was coming from the door Ciel entered before Sebastian finished his performance.

S***!!! I cursed internally, taking a few steps towards the door in panic. And from within I heard a murmur come from Ciel and then Druitt chuckle.

"That's right. This is a good place, robin."

I snapped into reality as I pulled on Sebastian's shoulder to try and escort him away from the swooning crowds, asking him about his magic trick.

"You were right about Druitt. Something is definitely wrong. I smelt something sweet coming from the room he and the young master are in. And then it sounded as if Ciel was losing conciousness. We need to find out what is going on." I explained, my voice becoming quick a panicky, completely out of character.


Sebastian hesitated for a second, before following me as I headed for the door. But it was locked tight as I pulled on the handle.

"Sebastian, please distract anyone who might see me." I whispered, pulling a hairpin out of my hair and starting to fiddle with the lock. True I could bust the door down with ease, but when there is a large crowd at a party, subtlety is key. Extra attention is dangerous.

Sebastian kept guard, turning around every so often to check up on me, to see how I am doing. In mere seconds, the lock clicked and I was in. The door opened with ease, but when I cautiously checked inside, nobody was there. Instead, there was another open door and a staircase leading down, to a basement potentially.

Suddenly, my legs started to go limp, It's that smell again...I could just about smell what remaining fragrance was lingering around, and it made me dizzy. I fell backwards...into Sebastian's arms.

"Elise?" he called to me softly, his eyes slightly widened in alarm.

My eyes were half closed as I smiled slightly, "Sorry. It's that smell again...making me...tired." I tried to pull myself up again, but failed.

Sebastian sighed, "The last thing I needed was another weight on my shoulders. First the young master potentially needing my help, and now you because of your creature's sensitive senses." he picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the room, "I'll take you outside for a bit."

"But what about young master?" I asked, trying to shift myself so I could stand up again.

"You will know when he needs assistance."


Outside I was immediately feeling better. I was sitting on a step, Sebastian next to me, looking down at the black mask in my hand.

"This is taking too long, Sebastian. We need to go and look for him."

"As I have already explained, young master will call for us." Sebastian repeated, looking away, completely unimpressed with my impatience. 


Suddenly, a voice was heard in my head, Sebastian, Elise. I am here.

And that was my cue to leave. A mere shadow, too quick for the naked eye, I followed the call directly into the basement below the mansion. There I saw Ciel, and what event was taking place. Many people sitting in seats, Druitt and Ciel at the front on a stage. Ciel was in a large bird like cage, while Druitt was standing in front

An auction...It dawned on me, He was going to be sold! But what as? Or what for?

Sebastian had removed all the sources of lights in the room, many flickering candles, causing an outburst. That allowed for us to eliminate any witnesses to this event. It all but ended all too quickly. Everyone but us and Ciel either unconscious, or dead.

Sebastian and I solidified into human like forms again and headed towards Ciel.

"Really, apart from getting caught, you haven't accomplished anything. You really are..." Sebastian, began, as I effortlessly tore the bars of the cage apart, lifting Ciel to his feet, "You really thought if I'd come at your bidding you could be so careless?"

"Give it a rest Sebastian." I growled, scooping up Ciel in her arms, "If young master wanted to catch Druitt, it was inevitable for him to get into danger. You yourself said that earlier. Don't contradict yourself."

Ciel stopped me before saying to Sebastian, "As long as I have this contract, you will come no matter where you are correct?"

Sebastian said nothing for a second but then smiled, "Yes, young master, of course..."

I rolled my eyes at Sebastian and shook my head, "Young master, I apologise for not coming sooner. If I'd have known of your plan, I would have put myself up as bait for this man. I am less valuable and less important than you my lord and..."

"Enough Elise. What's done is done. We have caught the Ripper and that's all that matters." Ciel stopped me from continuing my soppy speech, and good thing too, because what was coming out of my mouth was not one hundred percent true.


"I've already called the police. They should be getting here soon." Sebastian said, lifting Ciel into his arms.

"Then we should not dwell in this place any longer." Ciel said, "The Ripper is caught, so we have no reason to be here."

I looked up as I heard heavy footsteps, "The police are here already."

"Then we shall make our leave!" Sebastian smirked, as he and I escaped the basement and out of the mansion, onto the roof of the manor.

I sighed gently, flapping her wings as hovered above the others pair, "Please tell me we are heading back now, young master? I don't think balls are my thing."

As if in response, Sebastian made his leave, me following close behind.

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