Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


2. Chapter 2

*Elise's POV*


"Elise!" Ciel called out to his newest

In a flash I was at the door to his study, balancing his fine china and a steaming pot of Earl Grey tea on a silver tray in the palm of my hand, "Young Master." I walked over to his desk, noticing the bizarre mass of papers scattered all around it, "Your tea, sir. Where shall I put it?"

"Just here, Elise." he replied, his face still buried in the newspaper he was reading. He pointed to the spot just to the left of where he was sitting.

Carefully, I placed down the cup and saucer, before pouring the aromatic beverage into the cup.

"Milk and sugar, sir?" I asked, placing the teapot back down.

"Milk, no sugar."

I picked up the gold brimmed milk jug and splashed it into the cup, "Very good, young master."

I turned to his guests, "Would Madam Red, Lau, or Ran Mao like some Earl Grey?" I asked, smiling a closed eyed smile.

Madam Red nodded once, "Please. It's been a while since I have had a decent cup of tea." she glared at her butler, Grell, who stood behind her with his hands behind his back.

He tittered nervously, adjusting the neck of his white shirt. I raised an eyebrow, before pouring out another cup of tea.

"A cup of tea would be wonderful right now." Lau replied, "Right?" he asked Ran Mao, who was sitting on his lap. She nodded.

Two more cups were served.

"Would that be all, young master?" I asked, "Anything to eat, sir?"

"No thank you." he replied, "We shall have dinner served soon."

I curtsied, "Very good sir."

"But," Ciel stopped me, "Madam Red requires her room to be cleaned. Get to it."

Picking up the tray, I nodded to the young Phantomhive and left the room. As soon as I left, I rolled my eyes.

Honestly...could he be any ruder? He didn't even look up from his paper. At least the others showed a bit of gratitude, although I found Lau's 'thank you' a little unnerving. That one's good at giving me goosebumps... 


Heading to the kitchen, I picked up a faint, pleasant smell, That's definitely not Baldroy's cooking...greats he's in the kitchen.

Pushing open the door, I allowed the smell to hit me in the face. It smelt so good, but because I knew it was Sebastian doing the cooking, I decided not to comment. Instead I headed to the shiny metal sink and slammed down the tray, not realising Baldroy dozing off in the corner.

The loud clang made Baldroy snort loudly and jump out of his seat, "We're under attack! Aim and fire!" he looked around swiftly as if looking for something, but when his eyes met mine he immediately relaxed, "Don't ever do that to a veteran, El." he sighed, "Things could've gone a little out of hand."

"Oh, sorry Baldo." I tried to sound as innocent and apologetic as possible, "I didn't mean to cause any trouble." my large green eyed look managed to successfully defuse Baldroy when his mouth pulled into a grin.

He walked over and placed his hands on my shoulders, "Don't worry 'bout it. No harm done, right?" he winked at me, his American drawl making it difficult for me to understand.

I let out a little sigh, as if relieved and smiled back up at him, "What a relief." I took a step back and began to wash up the tray with hot, bubbly water.

"I sincerely hope there isn't a scratch on the Young Master's tray, Elise." another voice from behind me sounded insincere.

I looked up at the wall and groaned, "No Sebastian, there isn't." I looked back down at the washing bowl and continued to scrub the tray before placing it onto the draining board.

"I can dry that for you, Elise." Baldroy stepped forward with a drying cloth and picked up the tray.

I shrugged, "Thanks." before turning around and becoming face to face with the goddamn sexy butler, "Is there something troubling you?"

His mouth was etched into a smirk as he looked down at me. It was rather irritating that even in heels, he was significantly taller than me, so I couldn't square up to him, so instead I made do with a scowl.

"You are bothering me." he retorted, just loud enough so Baldroy couldn't hear us, "Having to associate with creatures of your status is most uncomforting."

I snorted, "Ditto with your kind." my face relaxed, "Fine, I shall get out of your way. I have to see to Madam Red's accommodation."

"Just make sure nothing goes missing, otherwise I know where to find you." Sebastian turned back to preparing this evenings meal.

Suddenly, I heard cursing behind me. I whipped my head around to see the tray Baldroy was drying flip up into the air, out of his grip. Instinctively I took a step forward and grabbed the silverware before it hit the ground, one handed. A loud sigh of relief escaped my mouth, That could have been a warning...

"Phew...thanks Elise, that was some quick thinking." Baldroy wiped his brow, before chuckling slightly.

"Hmph...easy for you..." I placed the tray back down on the counter, "that would have been an awful first impression if that had broken."

I turned to see Sebastian's smug face gaze at me, Damn I bet he enjoyed my little panic. He's desperate to have rid of me.

Before any more drama could take place, I swiftly left the kitchen and headed back down the hall. Madam Red's room was up the stairs in the guest quarters. Inside, the room was already neat, apart from the unmade bed.

"I guess it'll be a quick dust and sheet change." I muttered to myself as I got to work.

It may sound weird but I enjoyed the tasks the Young Master set me. If done right, it can be turned into an elegant dance, dusting the room, sweeping the floors and swapping the bed sheets. I hummed a gentle waltz to myself, as I spun around, removing the silk garnet sheets from the bed and dropping them to the floor. I replaced them with matching linen, and smoothed it out, making sure no crease was to be seen.

As I swept the floors to the sound of my humming, I stopped in front of a vanity mirror when I caught a glimpse of myself inside of it and scowled slightly.  

 My red hair was not as vibrant as before, and because it was so long, I had to have it tied up and pinned into a messy bun on top of my head. The typical maid bonnet was pinned to my head too. A now wore typical made attire, with a short black dress with a white corset with black ribbons on it. My spindly were surrounded by netted tights and long black heeled boots which covered most my lower legs. To hide my true identity, my teeth were now squared off, my eyes were a deep green and the chain marks on my arms were covered by white, elbow length gloves. My wings were hidden in my back.


I heard the door open behind me, and quickly I turned back to the task at hand, just finishing off the final area of the room. Sebastian stepped in, giving me his signature smile, "Ah, good work Elise. The Young Master just asked me to check up on you."

"I am capable of cleaning a room. I can clean this whole damned manor if ordered to. Just you remember what I am." I sneered, holding the broom I had to the side of me, resting my free hand on my hip

Sebastian chuckled slightly, "I do remember exactly who you are, dear Elise. And that is why we are taking cautionary measures. To make sure you aren't going back on your words."

I narrowed my eyes, "Just because you want me to."

"Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to rip you apart where you stand. Right here, right now." his smile widened as he took a few steps closer to me, but I wasn't intimidated, "But of course, you haven't broken your contract...yet."

"Obviously." I retorted, "I've only been here a few hours. How do you expect me to do anything out of line?" I picked up the many bed sheets and the broom, and tried to leave the room, but I couldn't get past the irritating colleague.

"Your type? I can expect anything." Sebastian took a step to the side and gestured me to pass.

I rudely barged past him and out of the guest quarters.

Honestly, the cheek of him, I thought, looking behind her every now and again to make sure he wasn't following me. Ever since I got here, I had that feeling all the time.

I spotted Mey-Rin dusting the stair banisters as I headed for the laundry room. She wasn't being very successful at removing all the dust however, considering the fact her glasses kept collecting all the dust floating in the air.

"Mey-Rin." I tapped her on the shoulder, making her flinch in shock.

When she tried to turn around, she clumsily tripped on her heels and fell backwards. She let out a yelp as she began to fall, but I was quick to react, dropping the sheets and catching her in my arms.

Mey Rin looked up at me and sighed in relief, "Oh...thank you Elise. I can be so clumsy sometimes." she adjusted her glasses

I nodded to her before pushing her back to her feet, "I suggest you get some new glasses, Mey-Rin." I suggested, picking up the duster she dropped.

"But master gave them to me. And I want to wear them because they mean so much to me." Mey-Rin complained, adjusting them again, as if they were crooked. 

"Hmm." I shrugged, "Tell you what. I'll finish doing the stairs, while you take the laundry. That shouldn't be too hard, right?" I grabbed the masses of sheets and handed them to the clumsy maid.

"Oh, er, of course Elise. Thank you." Mey-Rin looked a little uneasy at the thought of doing the washing again, after the little, well it was actually pretty big, issue this morning with the washing powder.

"Oh and it's three scoops of powder, not thirty!" I called after Mey-Rin just before she disappeared down the hall.

I sighed and started polishing the banister, Honestly...where does Ciel recruit this bizarre bunch? What made them stand out apart from how ridiculous they are?


I leaned back against the wall and sighed when the banister was finally shining to perfection, "Done." I smiled to myself and closed my eyes.

"I'm afraid there is extra work cut out for you."

I snapped open my eyes to meet Sebastian's. He was standing directly in front of me, his face inches from mine.

I turned my face away from him and mumbled, "What now?" 

"You are needed in the garden. Finnian is making a mess of the rose bushes." Sebastian lifted my chin with his index finger so I was looking at him again.

I tried to move away, but he gripped my chin tightly, "Why me?" I asked, "I wasn't hired to be a gardener." 

Sebastian chuckled, "Because I can quite easily..." he moved his head so he was inches from my neck, "Rip your throat out, once Young Master hears you have already defied him." I felt his breath on my bare neck.

I didn't shift, hoping that if Sebastian had no reaction off of me, he would let go of me. And indeed he released me from his grip and stood up straight.

"Anyway, I am required in the kitchen to prepare dessert. The Young Master insists you join him and our guests at the dining table this evening."

My eyes widened, "Me?"

He nodded, "He expects you there at seven tonight. You have one hour to assist Finnian and find something suitable to wear."

"Very well. Tell the Young Master I will attend this evening." I curtsied, before heading down the stairs to the foyer and out the front door. I spotted Finnian in the front garden snipping massive clumbs of roses and leaves off of the bushes.

"Oooohhh deeaarr." he groaned, tossing another clump aside, "Now they look really uneven."

"Hey! Hey! Finny!" I shrieked, running across the cobble towards him, "That is not quite what the Young Master wanted! He still wants some live plants to show off."

Finnian turned around and looked at me with his big blue eyes, a large set of shears in his hands.

"Those aren't used to trim a rose bush! Those are for hedges and trees. You need scissors for rose bushes." I picked up a clump of the bush and sighed, "And only the dead bits need to be trimmed off."

"Ooohh!" Finnian droned, looking at her and nodding.

I rolled my eyes again and pulled out a pair of silver scissors from my skirt pocket and held them in front of Finnian's face, "A 'must have' tool." I smiled and began to carefully snip at the velvet soft roses, avoiding all the thriving leaves, flowers and buds and removing all the shrivelled paper like roses. 

When I finished, it looked like it had not been ruined at all. I had arranged the shape of the shrub so that it looked even on both sides but there was not a twig or a bald patch in sight.

"Oh, thank you sooo much, Elise. Yoou are a life saver." Finnian smiled, looking up at me with twinkling eyes.

I nodded, "All in a days work, Finny, all in a days work." twirling the scissors on my index finger, I slipped them back into my pocket. 

After helping Finnian with the rest of the garden, I headed back inside and to my room. I opened the door to have a look at the room I was going to stay in. Inside was unsurprisingly large, with a four-poster bed with red velvet sheets and a silk pillow. I collapsed onto the bed and took in a deep breath, to test it out. Unlike demon's, Hell's Angels still need to sleep, but not nearly as long or as often as human's. I could last months on only a couple of hours sleep.

"Nice." I whispered to myself before sitting back up again.

There were two other doors in the room. I walked towards the single door first and opened it slightly. Inside was the bathroom with a bath and a toilet with at least five towels in there, brand new and folded up on a shelf. I nodded in approval before heading for the other door. This one was a double door so I pulled both of them open simultaneously. I gasped at the sight. Inside was a large wardrobe, with clothes already in there, maid ones, formal ones and even casual ones. There was a shelf above with hats and on the floor, various shoes, all the same size as my petite feet.

How did they know that? I thought, trying on a pair of high heeled shoes, then sighed, Sebastian knows quite a lot. I closed the wardrobe and headed over for the chest of draws. The chest of drawers were rather wide and made of a fine oak with a marble top. The first draw was lingerie. I blushed a light shade of red, Really, they even know the size of my bust as well? I thought closing the door rather quickly. The second draw had general bits and bobs that I've brought from home, including mainly weapons such as my silver dagger and trusty pistol, with ready to use silver bullets.

"Hah, they have done a good job I must admit." I grinned, standing in the middle of the room, hands on hips, admiring the room again.

Then there was a knock at the door ruining the moment of admiration.

"Oh you are joking." I growled, storming over to the door and swinging it open, "What do you want now? I've done all my jobs for today."

"I'm just here to tell you that dinner will be ready in ten minutes. I sincerely hope you are getting ready now?" Sebastian looked at his pocket watch.

I sighed, "Yeah, I guess so. I will be down as soon as dinner is ready."

Sebastian nodded, smiled slightly and left, chuckling to himself.

He really enjoys pissing me off...I slammed the door and headed for the wardrobe, scanning through each dress individually. There I came across a long, silk black evening gown with long laced sleeves and shoulders. I also chose my black sandal heels and chucked both items on her bed. Stripping out of my uniform, I gently undid the corset as not to damage it. When it was off I took in a deep, needed breath, before letting my wings unfold and go back to their original position for a few precious moments. It's very uncomfortable having to keep my wings hidden, especially since it's different to hiding them in my true form. They have to be pretty much merged into my back. I then sighed again before putting them away again by pushing them into my back with my gentle fingers. I then stepped into my gown and zipped it up at the back. At the dressing table I sat down on the little stool and pulled all the pins out of my hair, to let it flow freely down my back. I then applied a little more make-up and perfume before clipping on my diamond necklace.  

Eventually, I was ready with hopefully enough time to spare, so I quickly headed down the corridor to the dining hall were Ciel was already sitting with Lady Red and Lau at the table. I was late, as usual.

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