Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


1. Chapter 1

*Elise's POV*


"My, my" my dear friend Tabitha giggled lightly as she watched the young Earl and his 'butler' leave Undertaker's place, "A human...and a DEMON of all things, associating with a Reaper? What a treat!" she looked up and me and grinned, her blood red eyes sparkling.

I bared my teeth as I smiled and nodded my head, "Indeed, Tabitha. Hmm..." I then frowned.

"What are you thinking, El?" Tabitha tapped her chin with the long black nail of her index finger, smirking.

"I'm intrigued..." I replied, pursing my lips.

Tabitha flicked her head to me and back down at the image that was open in the middle of nowhere, connecting Hell with the 'Human World' as we angels like to put it, "Oh?"

I continued, not peeling my eyes away from the demon, with long black bangs and...pretty damn sexy red eyes. A small smile was almost permanently plastered to his face, "Why has this demon made a pact with a mere child?"

"That's obviously no mere child. Have you not heard of the young Earl Phantomhive?" Tabitha chuckled at my obliviousness, "He was taken away by an assailant, when his parents were killed and he tried to flee. His was sold to his new owners, only to involve him with a sick cult, who tortured and..." I couldn't help but notice the pause from Tabitha. I looked up, but she was looking away. Her eyes showed hurt...remorse...something I would not expect from an can ruin our reputation if noticed. Her lip quivered as she continued, "he was...branded...the mark of a noble the age of ten..."

My stomach (if I had one) would have sunk at that, ten years old...and he was branded like cattle. Even for an angel of Hell, that's sickening.

Tabitha sniffed. She was close to tears, "They only went to see him to admire his beauty. But he never knew who they were. They wore masks. They would jeer at him as he sat in a cage like a trapped bird." she shook her head, "That was when he came." she pointed at the butler, "His name is Sebastian Michaelis. Well...that's his given name. He was somehow summoned. The young earl was going to be sacrificed, but he was saved by him. Everyone in the room dropped dead."

"All of them?" I asked.

"Yes. That's what young Phantomhive wished, and Sebastian granted it."

"Wait! So, Phantomhive made a contract with Sebastian? He knows of the catch, doesn't he?" I asked, my eyes widening when I remembered something.

Tabitha nodded, "That his soul would be eaten by Sebastian? Yes. But he didn't care in the slightest."

"That's so bizarre." I muttered, looking back down at the image.

They were back at the mansion. I closed off the image and stood back up from my kneeling position, grinning ear to ear, "Well! That's enough morbidity for one day! I've heard there is a nice epidemic floating around the outskirts of London at the moment. Fancy a quick...bite to eat?"

Tabitha, immediately over her mood swing jumped to her feet, "Well, let's get going then! Otherwise the Reapers will have 'em all to themselves!"


After having licked my lips of the tenth soul this evening, me and Tabitha took a walk around the roofs of the big city.

"Damn, I feel bloated." Tabitha rested her hands on her slim stomach and rubbed it in circles.

"Interesting how you don't look it." I retorted, smirking at her, "Do you want me to check?"

"Ew! No you weirdo!" she pushed my arm away, making me topple slightly. She looked around alertly, "Do you think William will get mad at us for interfering with his work? I'll bet this was his golden opportunity for promotions."

I shrugged, "Probably...but who cares? I was peckish! They don't eat the souls so they only go to waste unless we snag 'em first!"

" true."

"Y'know, Tabby...I was thinking...about that story you told me, of young Phantomhive." I looked up at the darkening sky, watching as the sun began to sink into darkness.

"Oh? What of it, El?" Tabitha turned all of her attention onto me, and watched me, curiously.

I sighed, "I dunno...I just wonder how...interesting it would be to associate with a human myself. It could be fun! And with having Phantomhive being the Queen's Watchdog and all, I'm sure it won't be boring."

Tabitha raised an eyebrow, "You would associate with scum? Ok, posh scum, but even so." she grinned, "That sounds like a horrifically awesome idea! I could totally see that! But it would have to be something I'd watch with my own eyes. Go for it! Maybe then you can share that squirts long as you save some for me, that is."

A half smile merged onto my face, "Of course Tabby." we disappeared into the shadows, "I shall summon the young earl now."


*Third person*


"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Ciel called out in the darkness, trying to focus on something, anything, that looked solid within the darkness, "Sebastian. Tell me where we are."

Sebastian, who remained by Ciel the whole time took a step forward and examined the eternal black, "I sense a presence. One that's familiar, but not personally. We are within their realm."

Elise chuckled loudly. It echoed to the point it sounded like there was more than one person present. But she didn't reveal herself. 

"Sebastian. I command you to reveal to me this...entity." Ciel commanded.

Sebastian placed a hand to his chest and bowed in front of the young earl, "Yes, young master."

He disappeared into the darkness, giving Elise a potential opening. She silently solidified from the blackness into her true form behind Ciel and covered his eyes, even though one was behind a post op patch, and cooed, "Cooey~" she had a large smile on her face, and it only spread wider when Ciel cried out in protest.

Immediately, Sebastian had ahold of one of Elise's arms and his eyes were glowing.

" need to be hasty, Sebby!" Elise dissolved into a black mist, floated to in front of the two and reanimated again, "Just having a little harm...never would I harm such a charming young...human." she looked down at Ciel. He had his cool regained after the sudden appearance, "After all. I went on my binge hunt earlier."

He could now get a good look at his captor. She was a tallish woman of around five foot seven, with slender arms, legs and waists. However, her shoulders, bust and hips were rather wide. She had long wavy red hair, which stood out from the dark realm, and grew at it's own accord down to her hips. Her eyes were as red as Sebastian's, but much larger, and almost had an innocent look to them, but that was not to be misinterpreted. Her mouth was still set in her sharp, toothy grin, all submerged between rose lips. She wore a long, tattered black dress, which covered her whole body but her arms and one shoulder. It matched with her long painted nails. And in her hand, a scythe. One that had been stolen from the Grim Reaper Dispatch and used by Elise in her hunts. She had personalised it with a skull on the tip of the handle, by the blade, modified the blade to have a peculiar, yet almost elegant, shape, and added a chain which wrapped around the handle from top to bottom. It made a clang noise every time she moved it. 

Sebastian cleared his throat, "Now I am curious. What would a vile creature, such as you, want with a human?"

"Vile creature?" Ciel muttered, looking up at Sebastian, confused.

"Vile?!" Elise yelled, narrowing her eyes, a vein popping out of her forehead and throbbing, "You're one to talk you soul munching, death loving, sexy looking freak!"

Sebastian chose to ignore the sudden outburst and began to explain, "We demons are not the only creatures which come from the depths of Hell. There are also the...scroungers. Hell's Angels. While quick on their feet and inhumanely agile, they are also pesky and thieving. Always interfering with demon and..." he hesitated, "Reaper activity."

Elise snorted, "You lot interfere with reaper activity as well, you little hypocrite!" she clenched her fists. At that moment, a change appeared in Elise. A pair of large, black feathered wings sprouted from her back and began to flap at their own accord. 

Ciel was taken aback. She looked a satanic creature. When Elise took a step forward, he was pulled away by Sebastian, as he held out an arm in a defence position.

"What do you want?" Ciel asked again, from behind Sebastian.

Immediately, Elise calmed down, lowering her wings and giggling, "Before your butler so rudely interrupted with such insults, I was going to ask if there was any recruitment going at Phantomhive Manor?"

Ciel froze for a second and hesitated, "I-I never have recruitment going...Sebastian recruited my staff for me, if they were not already employed.

"And I will not be considering recruiting you." Sebastian stood dead straight again, and adjusted his waistcoat. He pulled his pocket watch out of his breast pocket and peered at the time, "Now if you will excuse the young master and I, we have dinner to be attending to."

"When did I ask you for your input?" Elise scowled at Sebastian, flirtatiously, making him glare right back at her, "I've heard that you have been looking for Jack the Ripper, young Phantomhive. Would I be correct in assuming that?"

"That is confidential information, Miss...." Ciel began.

"Elise." she curtsied low, "And I already know you are. I have watched you from the beginning of the case, and I believe I could be of good use if you want someone quick on their feet...or wings in my case." her wings twitched in excitement, "And I am quite the useful individual."

"When you are not thieving." Sebastian added, "For example, that scythe you hold belongs to a reaper."

"So it does..." Elise traced her finger along the blade of the scythe, "But anyway, I have no use for human objects, unless they have some use when I am hunting, so you can guarantee I will not be stealing anything from your manor, or anywhere in that respect."

"And your point is?" Ciel asked, looking directly in her eyes. He had his finger to his chin, so he was obviously thinking about what Elise was saying

Elise gave a dramatic twirl and pulled a pose, one of her arms reaching out to the pair, "I want to help you with the case! And anything else for that matter! I promise to be of some use." 

Ciel thought a little longer in silence, "You are willing to give up your freedom to serve the Phantomhive household?"

Elise nodded eagerly, "I can do anything you ask of me! Even if it is impossible! But I am sure you are used to the impossible by now, so it won't be too shocking for you." she flashed a glance at Sebastian, who had his head tilted very slightly to the side.

"Young master, if I may interrupt. I have never heard of these creatures offering themselves to anyone, let alone humans. They are known to serve only themselves and prefer to remain with their own kind. I do not trust this...Elise." Sebastian whispered, but Elise's plucky hearing heard everything.

"I am most offended, Sebby. We Hells Angels are not that different to your kind, yet you still reject us, even when we are willing to live amongst you. I should at least be given a chance to prove myself, surely. And if I put merely a toe out of line, you can kill me however you want."

At first he remained emotionless, but then a grin appeared on Sebastian's perfect face. The grin was enough to make Elise, a ruthless, cunning individual, blush at the cheeks.

" we have a deal?" Elise asked, trying to look away from Sebastian, and back at Ciel, smiling excitedly. Not only was the young earl convinced, but she was enthusiastic to work alongside a rather attractive demon butler.

Ciel took in a deep breath and sighed loudly, "Very well, I will recruit you to work for my household, but there will be conditions. You are to serve me and only me. You will serve my soul is taken away, in fact, when that day comes, you may get a twenty percent share." Sebastian opened his mouth to complain, but Ciel silenced him immediately, "Your contract is with me, Sebastian. I remember nowhere saying what share of my soul you get, you just get it." he turned back to Elise, "You are to protect me, even if it means putting yourself at risk and you are not to leave or betray me for anyone else. If you disobey any of my conditions, or commands, I will permit Sebastian to kill you as slowly and painfully as possible."

To this, Sebastian grinned sadistically at Elise, but in a subtle, disarming way.

Elise's eyes widened and she curtsied low before looking up at him again and smiling. Most would be uneasy with such agreements, but Elise knew that she would remain loyal and never disobey anyone. She was handing her life over, but when she had an immortal life, a few decades seemed like nothing to her, "Young Ciel, my master, as an Angel of Hell I am vowed to serve you and only you and protect you with my life like the honourable creature I am."

She then held out her arms in front of her, and what appeared to be perculiar dark shadows submerged their way around her lower arm and wrists. When the shadows solidified to her skin, they could be depicted to be chains, which were linked together, and coiled around her arms like a tattoo. To her wrists, two dainty padlocks closed shut around the chains, and finally the word 'Phantomhive' was engraved on it.

Elise looked down at the tattoo like chains and locks on her arms, curiously, then looked at Ciel, "I am forever yours, young master. I will forever protect and serve you, and these chains shall prove that I am your property. If I am ever to disagree or oppose you, these chains will make sure I am severely punished for my actions. Thank you master, for giving me such an opportunity." she curtsied low.

"Do not thank me, Elise. You need to prove what you are worth to me. Otherwise, Sebastian can kill you here and now." he turned his back on her, "Elise. Take us back."

Elise lowered her head and smiled, "Yes, young master."

She closed her eyes, and all the darkness disappeared.


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