Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


7. Chapter 7

"That's correct! I'm an actress, and a top rate one at that." Grell explained, releasing his black locks from it's ponytail and allowing them to cascade down his back, "But aren't you the same Sebastian? And that cute little Elise girl? You're playing the role of human as well, right?" he removed his milk bottom glasses.

I watched intently, my anticipation making my whole body shudder, there are a few things I have to question. One, why is a Grim Reaper here without a reaping list? Two, he's calling himself an 'actress' so is he gay or 'non-binary'? Three, I am NOT cute. And four, he knew from the start...guess that's nothing too shocking I suppose.

Sebastian's signature grin did not disappear, "This is the name the young master gave me. I am Sebastian at the present."

And I'm Elise, once Elise, always Elise...why do I not get a name change...? I pouted ever so slightly and cocked my head to the side, continuing to listen to the conversation with much curiosity. I have heard of demons and Hell's Angels doing what they want, but for a Reaper to go rogue, that's something else entirely.

Brushing out his hair, the colour turn from black to red, like mine. False eyelashes were next applied, and a new pair of blood red glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose.

"Ah, I can finally stand before you in my true form. Because it's embarrassing to appear before a handsome man without make-up." Grell cooed, posing so cutely, it was almost deceptive.

Ah, so...he's one of those types is he. A flirt. And he likes handsome men...oooh, Sebastian you are in for a rough time. I almost chuckled at the thought of what might happen next.


The exchanges kept coming and going, Grell looking extremely pleased with himself about how he has managed to fool people into thinking he was a cute, naive butler and that he is probably the first Grim Reaper to become a butler for a human. Sebastian was also left intrigued, "Why did you choose to become a butler?"

To that, Grell smirked, placing a hand to his hip, "I've been captivated by a woman." he replied, as a matter of fact. woman is...

And as if to answer my question, the sound of heels clacked against the hard floor within the pungent building, stepping carefully over the corpses and exposing herself to the light of the moon.

"Sebastian." Madam Red greeted, folding her arms across her chest, a sneer on her pale face, "My calculations were wrong. Who would have thought the person to uncover Grell's real identity was someone by your side, Ciel" she gave an impressed grin, but I could sense the psychotic side to her calm nature. She stank of that deception.

Ciel uncovered his eyes from behind Sebastian's glove, and to my shock, he did not appear at all surprised that Madam Red was the one. That she was Jack the Ripper, "From the beginning, you were on the suspect list. But your alibi was perfect." he muttered, and for a split second, I could sense his sadness, but then it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

I can sense a fight happening in the near future. I'd say, two minutes from now, someone is going to make the first move. I reached for my undergarment where I concealed my pistol, holding it at the ready, to react to any surprise attacks.

"The attacks on those women could not be done by a human, including you, Madam Red. But your comrade is not a human so that changes the situation entirely. That night at Druitt's, you could not have escaped to kill Maria," Ciel was referring to the final victim, "and then return without being noticed, so that is when we realised, the killings were done by two people. Madam Red...and Grell Sutcliffe."

And then it all pieced together perfectly. Ciel had hit the nail on the head. I just felt gutted that I wasn't there in the study to hear his and Sebastian's discussions, because I bet he did not make the discoveries on his own. I bet at least seventy percent of the discoveries were made by the black butler.

"And something else. Not only were all your victims prostitutes. They are also your patients at your surgery." Ciel pulled out a sheet of paper from his coat pocket, "This is a list of these patients, all killed in the same order. Maria was the only one left, so we came here to meet her, but..."

We were too late...I looked down at the ground, feeling just the ounce of disappointment, It wasn't her time to die. Suddenly, my head flicked up again, That means...Grell is going against the rules of reaping. That could lead to severe consequences if he is to get caught...

But I wasn't given much time to dwell on the thought. I spotted Grell shift slightly, his hands behind his back. He was holding something. Letting out a silent hiss, I crouched in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

"How unfortunate, Ciel, my little nephew, my..." Madam Red hesitated, "My sister's son. If only you had not discovered this, we would still be playing chess, but..." her guilt subsided and her eyes instead shrouded in rage as she screamed out, "I WILL NOT GO EASY ON YOU ANYMORE!!"

I was ready, hearing the buzz of a mechanical device being activated from behind the Grell's back. Whipping the mechanism round to in front of him, I managed to make out what the weapon was. A chainsaw, but not just any chainsaw, a reaper tool. A death scythe.

Just about to shoot, I stopped in my tracks, realising Sebastian's quick reaction, spinning around and grabbing the blade of the saw between his palms, blocking it from touching Ciel or even himself.

"Tch, such a troublesome tool..." Sebastian huffed, deflecting Grell's lunge and pushing him backwards, "I prefer to avoid them as much as possible. Why do you think I avoid Elise's room?"

"Ah yes, I forgot about the cute red angel. I remember Willie telling me about how a pest by the name of Elise stole a death scythe, right from under our noses. A naughty one she is. She would really turn me on. I love a naughty, red-haired individual myself, but alas, she never struck my interest. But you on the other hand Sebast...I would love myself a good looking demon to do vigorous exercise with." Grell droned on, making a pouty face towards Sebastian.

Wide eyed, I turned to Sebastian, who just sighed and shook his head, "Though I would agree with you that the angel is a huge pest, I cannot say I back you up with the rest of your vulgar words."

Sniggering slightly, I began to realise Sebastian was putting on a good front, trying to hide that fact that he was feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable with Grell's choice of words.

"Reapers should just quietly collect their souls, and butlers should obey their masters. You can't do either, Grell. Just the thought makes me sick..."

Wow...Sebastian actually has morals?? That's actually a shocker for me, I thought, raising an eyebrow.

Suddenly, my sharp senses picked up the slight sound or rustling from the side of the squabbling non-humans, Madam Red was shifting around a little bit, eyeing Ciel every now and again in a way that made me feel uncomfortable, She's definitely readying an attack. But Ciel was also moving too. He was reaching for his eyepatch...the seal.

"In the name of Her Majesty and my own wretched name, I command you, capture them."

"Yes, My Lord."


Instinctively I charged forwards, after noticing Grell make yet another move. With the heel of my foot, I kicked upright at the lunging reaper before he hit Ciel. He shot upright, but almost instantly regained his balance and landed with ease a few metres from me. Solidifying back into my human form, I stood to Sebastian's side, grinning widely.

"Finally in action." I whispered to him, not looking at the demon.

He snorted, "Took you long enough."

"Hmhm...just waiting for the right moment." I retorted, folding my arms, "Now to finally take out a reaper. Something I have always wanted to do."

"Ah, Elise. There's my little muchkin! You know it's very rude to linger in the shadows right?" Ciel cooed, his arms spread wide in delight.

Scruching up my nose, I chose to ignore his choice of 'munchkin' and just remained poised.

"Now, I must say, if you think I am the one being hunted, I do prefer to be the one doing the hunting. So instead, let's flip the table. Let's play a game of hide and seek, Sebastian." Grell cheered, lunging forward once again, cackling insanely.

Leaping out of the way, I turned back to Sebastian and chuckled, "Such nauseating vocabulary, huh?"

Suddenly, he pushed me out of the way, intercepting a sneak attack with a metal streetlamp. I just remained shocked, being aware of the fact I was too distracted to see it coming.

"Elise, when will you learn to focus?" Sebastian muttered as the pole was gnawed in half by the blades of the saw, "Stay out of the way, pest, and instead, protect the young master."

He managed to lure Grell away from me, leaving me with my mouth slightly agape in shock, s*** can't do that again...but then I noticed Sebastian make his first mistake. It costed him a gash to the shoulder, and...he froze.

"Ah the power of cinematic records. Shows the life of a person on the 'to die' list and determines what kind of person they are." Grell snickered.

Just as I was about to help Sebastian escape that boring lecture, I heard the faint sound of metal scraping behind me. Madam Red pulled out a knife and was aiming it directly at Ciel. With his butler occupied, I intercepted with my hand on the blade. Clenching it tightly, I showed no sign of wincing, even though the blade did feel immensely uncomfortable

"Now, now, play fairly Madam." I tugged on the blade to see if I could get the blade out of her grip, "Young Master has no form of defence." 

Madam Red flickered her glance from my palm, to my face and back to my palm. Grinning widely, I revealed my set of sharp, angel teeth, eyes flashing red at the feeling turmoiling in my hand.

Madam Red took in deep breaths, which turned into gasps, which turned into a loud scream. She stumbled back, slipping the blade out of my grasp. I frowned, looking down at my hand.

"Tsk. Such a shame. I liked these gloves, young master. Sorry that I had to trash them on the second day of working under your wing." I turned to the boy and smiled, "You should have called me sooner. I could have sorted this predicament, seeing as she was unaware of my presence."

"No Elise. First I wanted the information." he let out a loud, chesty cough.

I frowned, placing a hand to his forehead, "Hmm...You have a bit of a fever going on sir. Please, allow me to make this a quick battle, so we can get you home for a hot glass of milk, otherwise you will get a horrific chill."

Ciel nodded, "Then you had better do something."

"That is my job, my lord." I grinned, pulling off my coat and wrapping the fur around his shoulders, "Here, keep yourself as warm as possible." spinning back around to face Madam Red, I muttered, "No hard feelings, Madam. I am just following orders. And the orders are to put an end to Jack the Ripper." I allowed my wings to disperse in all their glory on my back, flapping them back and forth to pick up a small breeze.

"Wh..What the hell are you?" Madam Red blurted out, gazing at my wings, clutching her knife tighter in her hand.

I gave her a confused look, cocking my head to the side, "Me? I'm the chief maid of the Phantomhive family."

"Don't talk crap with me!" Madam Red shouted, running forward, holding the knife to her side and aiming it directly at my face.

With my left hand, I grabbed her arm with the knife in and squeezed tightly, feeling the bones in her wrist begin to groan. Madam Red screamed in agony, opening up her hand and allowing the knife to drop to the floor. 

"There we that that nasty business is out of the way..." I tossed the red woman backwards, watching as she fell like a rag doll on the cobble, "Completely vulnerable now." I pulled the pistol out of my holder again and aimed the end of it directly at her forehead, "As I have said, no hard feelings..."

"Elise stop!" my eyes widened as I heard the command. Ciel was to my side, his hand on my shoulder, making me wince at the contact.

Lowering the loaded gun I turned to him, "Y-young master?"

Ciel closed his eyes and ignored me, "Why?" he asked Madam Red, looking slightly hurt.

"Why? You're asking me now? How do you expect me to answer?" Madam Red sneered suddenly attempting to reach for the knife again, but I hissed loudly and raised the gun again, making her freeze in place.

"Madam, as a doctor why did you have to murder people?" Ciel continued

"Even if I told a little brat like you, you wouldn't understand!" Madam Red shouted loudly, starting to get hostile again.

I thought about what Madam Red said and then gasped lightly, "I have it." I grinned again, "You wanted a child, didn't you?" it would only make sense. The missing ovaries in prostitutes, who were very likely to get pregnant.

Madam Red stopped and stared at me mortified, her eyes going shiny.

"That's it. You cannot have children can you?" I added.


"That's what you want. It's easy to tell, once you put the pieces together. You couldn't have a child and then all these women on the list for surgery were getting rid of them like rubbish. So you had to punish them. Make them pay. Make them...

"Shut up!" Madam Red shouted, catching me off guard as she grabbed the knife in front of her and scrambling to her feet, "You! You! If you had not been born it would have been for the best!"

"Young Master, watch out!" I shouted, barging the boy to the side just as the knife hit a target. My wing, just where the feathers met the skin. It Hell

Screaming loudly, I lunged at Madam Red like a wild animal, snapping my teeth inches from her neck. My pupils were mere slits in my irises as the pain surged in my body. Intent on finishing what I commanded without hesitation, I lunged once again.

"Elise. Stop. Don't kill her!" Ciel commanded.

I froze, mid bite, picking up the sound of her pulse in her neck. I felt myself start to go sane again as I obeyed the command. That was when I noticed Madam Red covering her eyes. She was...crying, maybe?

Sebastian appeared by my side, his eyes glowing. He probably picked up Ciel's distress and came to his aid, but calmed when I was the victim instead. There was a massive gash on his shoulder, which I smelt demon blood seeping out of. Did he...sacrifice his arm to save Ciel?

"Sebastian." I whispered, "Your shoulder."

He said nothing, just clenched his shoulder to try and stop the bleeding and turn attention elsewhere. I just rolled my eyes and shifted his hand away.

"Hm." I sighed, placing my hand to the wound and closed my eyes. Immediately the gash disappeared, "I know it would heal quick, but I can make it heal even quicker." I winked at him, "Don't give me any gratitude." I then turned the sound of straining behind us. It was Grell trying to wrench his scythe out of the wall, blood trickling down it, "You DID sacrificed your arm?! You are insane!" I shouted, my mouth dropping open.

Sebastian just smirked, but remained silent.

"Madam Red! Kill that brat already!" Grell shouted, as he finally got the scythe out of the wall.

But there was silence. Instead, we heard the clatter of her knife to the floor and the sobs from the said woman as she said, "I can't kill this child. This child is my..."

But she could not finish her sentence for Grell had sent his scythe directly into Madam Red's stomach.

"No!" I shouted, but Sebastian instinctively held me back before I could do anything too foolish.

"How disappointing Madam Red. I am no longer interested in an ordinary woman like you." Grell mumbled, pulling the scythe back out and letting the woman collapse to the floor.

And after that, I watched Madam Red's life flash before her eyes, her cinematic record playing for us all the see. The heart wrenching truth that an accident caused her to lose her child and her husband, the fact that her first love was taken away, and the fact that life would never be the same once her sister died. Madam Red went lifeless. I stepped forward and knelt in front of the fallen lady. Her eyes were wide open in shocked. Ciel knelt down next to me and closed her eyes with his hand.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, trying to put on the most sympathetic tone possible. Even for a Hell's Angel, I knew that Madam Red had pretty much surrendered, so there was no need for her to die.

Ciel said nothing.

"I am disappointed. Good day madame." Grell muttered, slinging his scythe over his shoulder and heading off.

I clenched her fists and took in deep breaths, "You!" I shouted at Grell as I got to my feet.

"Sebastian, Elise, what are you doing? Like I said, take down Jack the Ripper. It's not over yet. Don't hesitate. Hurry up and finish him!" Ciel commanded, glaring at us both, but of course. Only one half of Jack the Ripper is dead. Immediately my sympathy vaporised.

I grinned widely, moving my hand to my back and pulling out a weapon embedded into my skin. My stolen death scythe. The original. "With pleasure, my lord." I replied, charging forward to clash my weapon with his own.

Grell chuckled, "I wanted to let you off since I thought I had finished off your little task for you, munchkin. But since you want to die so much, I'll send you all to Heaven!"

"Heaven?" I asked, recoiling away from Grell and slamming the staff of my weapon to my side, "Don't make me laugh, reaper."

"I don't have any affinity with that place either." Sebastian chuckled, picking up a crate and tossing it towards Grell.

The wood was turned into splinters by Grell's saw, but Sebastian took the opportunity to stand on the blade so it was stuck in place, and then smiled at me, giving me the hint to balance on his shoulders. Using his strong shoulders, he boosted me up into the air, giving me the momentum to launch a powerful at the distracted Grell, who was trying desperately hard to free his scythe. He groaned loudly and fell backwards, clutching his cheek

"You aimed for my face on purpose!" he screamed in a shrill voice, a vein popping out of his head, "You think this is funny?!" he shrieked high enough he could have been mistaken for a woman.

"Hell yeah, it's hilarious!" I replied through each breath, trying hard not to collapse.

Sebastian sighed loudly, clearly knowing I was going to be out for a while to catch my breath, so went in alone to fight.

Grell cooed loudly as he intercepted an attack from the butler, "Aw Bassy. So pleased you are taking the spotlight again. I like you so much more than that vermin that gave me an awful bruise on my beautiful face. Ah, a demon. A Grim Reaper. Apparently we are unable to reach mutual understanding. If the job of a Grim Reaper is to recover all the souls of the dead, then demons can be likened to that can snatch these souls away just for the sake of devouring them. No matter how much love I put in, it cannot bear fruit. It's like...the tragic love story of Romeo and Julliet."

That was when I lost it completely and began to snort loudly again. Looking up I realised that Sebastian grew goosebumps and shivered. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I was on the floor, tears streaming out of my eyes. That was...until Sebastian got slashed again by Grell. Automatically, I intervened, blocking any further damage, by clashing weapons again, but this time he was one step ahead of me. He barged me, twisted my body around and roughly kicked me between my wings, making me cry out and collapse to the ground. A pressure was applied to my back, leaving me completely immobilised.

"Ah..." I cried out, feeling my wings quiver as I began to worry, what's he going to do...he's a Reaper...he knows all my weaknesses.

"My my, such a feisty little munchkin. People would think there was no weakness to your kind, but....I found one. I saw it over there, with Madam Red. Your wings..." he was referring to when she cut my wing, "It makes you turn into a bit of a wild animal, doesn't it my dear. You take on the form of a beast, because you know without your wings, you are going to die. And the best is that painful, you are left immobilised and react only by reflex."

My eyes widened as my breath quickened. He isn' he?

"Let's make this slow. I want to see your cinematic record. I bet you have some juicy memories." he raised his scythe above his head.

"No! NO DON'T!!!!" I screamed desperately, but the pain numbed out my consciousness. I couldn't sense anything else but the pain. It was...indescribable. Screaming out again, I gripped my claw like appendages on the edge of my finger tips into the tiled roof I stood upon. Immediately the slats broke in half.

Then the weight of Grell's boot on my back was removed. I took in deep breaths, but they were more like snarls. I dared look up to see Sebastian looking down at me in disapproval.

"Such a careless one..." he muttered, bemused, "To get yourself in this sort of predicament.

I instantly growled, leaping up at him and aiming for anywhere to bite and sink my claws into. But again, I was stopped.

"That's enough, Elise." I feminine voice rang into my ear.

My eyes widened at the familiar sound. Turning to the voice I saw a familiar pair of ruby red eyes and black wings. Tabitha...I thought, but I couldn't speak, instead I snorted.

She chuckled and shook her head, "Wow...such trouble you got yourself into in two days, Elise. It was quite a show for me." Again I growled, the pain still not subsiding. She frowned and gently turned me around, "Tsk...nearly all the way through. Sebastian, please wrap this up? You need to get Elise back to the mansion before her wing tears off completely."

Sebastian frowned, "Is that not an option? Very well." he slipped off his torn coat and held it to his side. He launched himself forward, as Grell attacked. Suddenly, Sebastian tossed his coat forward into the scythe Grell was holding, wedging into the mechanism. And it stopped working.

"Genius!" Tabitha cheered, holding me tightly, so my wing wouldn't collapse, "When I said wrap this up, I didn't think it would be so quick."


"Wowie...that was definitely wrapping things up." Tabitha finalised as she looked at the floor where Grell was lying, completely battered and bruised.

Sebastian chuckled slightly, "Now, what if I use this on a Grim Reaper?" he wondered, unjamming the scythe and holding it to Grell's head.

Grell suddenly became less dazed and began to exclaim and begg, but it would not stop Sebastian. I watched as best as I could from a sideline as Sebastian switched on the blade and held it above his head. But before it hit Grell, something stopped it. I metal bar.

"What the hell is that?!" Tabitha shouted, looking at the metal pole, following it up the shaft to its owner, "Is that a litter pick?!"

There was a man standing on top of a building.

"Sorry to interrupt." the man said, "I am William T Spears of the...."

I felt myself begin to feel woozy. I swayed backwards and forwards before my vision went dark.

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