Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


4. Chapter 4

Such grandness! So this is what a mortal's ball is like! I surveyed the room, mesmerised by the bright lights flickering from the grand chandelier above the foyer. Below, crowds of guests, young and old, but certainly not poor, packed together in their groups, muttering such compliments and gassing away as if this were the last time they would meet.


I was so transfixed by the atmosphere around me, I completely forgot my arm was linked with Sebastian's, that is until I tried to walk towards the elegant buffet to admire the food, but I realised I couldn't as I just recoiled into Sebastian.

"Going somewhere, Elise?" Sebastian asked, smiling slightly at me.

"N-no..." I replied, internally sighing in disappointment. After that delicious meal earlier, I was hungry for, potentially, more.

Sebastian frowned slightly, "Look, you have a pretty face, so make that pretty mouth into a smile and don't blow our cover."

I snapped out of my previous mood and scowled, digging my nails into Sebastian's arm and flushing. Obviously it caused no pain to him though, so it ended up being a waste of effort.


Merely minutes after we arrived, Madam Red had already made herself comfy, sprawling across a plush lounger, and laughing alongside some guests.

Wow...she's so used to events like this, she doesn't even need to stay in role...I thought, watching as someone refilled her glass full of wine.

"Sebastian, Elise, keep an eye out for Druitt. He could be anywhere in the mansion." Ciel muttered to us, as we merely stood in the middle of the grand room, doing nothing in particular, "I would expect him to be near groups of women, knowing his type."

Type? Ew he's one of those types of d***heads... I thought, half closing my eyes unimpressed.

"Oooh! There's a lot of pretty dresses!" a shrill voice nearby piped up.

I turned around to see a young girl with corkscrew like blonde curls and an elegant dress, obviously, "So cute!" she ran up to another woman and swooned over their dress.

"Wow...she acts like she has never been to a ball in her life." I muttered, looking back to Ciel, grinning cheekily. However, his face started to pale, "Young master?" I whispered, raising my eyebrows in concern.

But before I could get a response from him, Sebastian grabbed his arm and dragged him away, leaving me alone in the middle of the room.

"What was that all about?" I muttered, looking around at all the crowds.


Unfortunately, I couldn't find my 'partner' again, so I ended up wandering around the party, into all of the different rooms and taking sips of all of the beverages available, though none of them were as good as a pint of blood. Might need to take a hostage at this rate.

Suddenly, I felt an arm wrap it's way around my waist, and my body turn around.

"Now what is a princess like you doing without a partner?" I gentle, seductive voice whispered in my ear.

My eyes widened as I looked into those of the said person. A well dressed man in white, with shoulder length blonde hair and purple eyes gazed back at me. The features of his face were so perfect, they were unnerving. 

Uncomfortably, I shifted my weight from foot to foot and averted my gaze to elsewhere. Around me, women were scowling and muttering to each other.

Is there something on my face, or is this man some kind of...I dunno, but their is definitely a charm these women are falling for.

"Is there a tongue in that pretty mouth of yours?" the man touched my lips with his index finger and dragged it down to my chin.

I flushed slightly, my legs going a little unsteady.

"U-um.." I tried to find the right words, but they were failing to come out.

"Can I at least have your name, princess?" his smile didn't leave.

"E-Elise." I replied, biting my lip.

"Elise..." my name was repeated, "A beautiful name for an even more beautiful angel." Oh you have no idea...I tried hard not to snicker, "Well, may I have this dance?" he took one of my hands and kissed it, making the flush on my cheeks go even darker.

Hesitantly, I nodded, maybe then I can see if I can find Sebastian and Ciel...I thought, as I placed my hand on the man's shoulder. He pulled me closer, before starting to sway to the slow, subtle music playing in the background.

"There he is..." a woman whispered to her friend as we passed her by, "Viscount Druitt..." he pointed at my partner, "He's so handsome. Isn't his hair like golden thread?"

I furrowed my brow, So this is the guy we were looking for. Something made me start to feel shifty again. After Ciel explaining to me what this guy is like, I wasn't so sure I wanted to be near him. Especially with my...fetishes. And my thoughts were correct when the song ended and Druitt took my hand a lead me to a different room.


There weren't that many people on this room, so it was difficult to get noticed. Druitt took two glasses of wine from a nearby table and handed one to me.

"So, my princess, what do you make of this evening?" he asked.

This is it. Maybe I can get some clues on this guy...If he is the killer, maybe he will lead me away somewhere...

"It's beautiful, Sir." I replied, looking down at the pale liquid in the glass.

A small chuckle rose from his chest, "But not as beautiful as you, my angel." he lowered a hand to my hip, as the other lifted my chin with one finger.

Playing the part of an innocent girl, I gave him the large eyed look and sighed at his touch. I would be lying if I said the sensation wasn't nice.

He lowered his head so he was inhaling the scent of my hair, and breathing in to my ear, "What do you say we...take this somewhere else?" he whispered, gently grazing his lips over my ear.

But before I could get an answer, a familiar voice called from behind me, "I'll be taking my wife out of your hands now, Sir." Sebastian.

Druitt smile disappeared almost instantly as he turned to look at my lost partner.

"She is yours?" he asked, letting go of me and trying to square up to him.

Sebastian wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close, so my hands were resting on his shoulder and chest, "Indeed she is." he was smiling brightly as per usual, which was a relief, otherwise we would have to leave before any information was collected.

Druitt looked away, "I see. Well, I shall leave you alone now." he swiftly glided past us, but before he disappeared, he flashed a smile and a wink at me.

I shuddered, "Ugh! Thank you..." I muttered, resting my head on Sebastian's shoulder, "That guy was like those dolls little girls play with..."

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself." Sebastian retorted, starting to walk, letting my head almost collapse. I quickly regained my balance, sighing loudly, and followed alongside him, "But thanks to you, we have got the information needed to allow the next phase of our plan to take place."

"Next phase?" I repeated, looking up at him.

Sebastian nodded, "Follow me." he escalated quickly forwards, me in tow. 

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