Black Butler-Angel from Hell *discontinued*

Elise is not just a maid seeking a job with Ciel Phantomhive, she is also eager to serve and protect him, like Sebastian. She needs to prove that she is worthy of a job with the Earl but how will she do it? Well, let's just say, she is a perfect angel (of hell)


3. Chapter 3

I slowly took a couple of steps forwards, away from the massive double doors I entered through and opened my mouth to make up any old excuse I could, Sorry I am late, but that asshole of a butler you have has been calling me for extra work all damn afternoon...Sorry I am late, but the work was just piled onto me by that aggravating butler. Surely you should remind me I am just a maid, not a f****** gardner...Sorry I am late but THAT FRICKIN SEXY BUTLER distracted me with his charms! but instead, only a little squeak came out, so I pursed my lips again, and lowered my head politely, "Sorry I am late, young master." I ended up muttering, though internally I was just folding my arms and yawning as if nothing had happened, Man it's only been a day and this whole maid thing is already messing with my head...

Ciel just made a grunt noise and held out a hand to the chair closest to him, his visible eye closed, "Your may sit, Elise."

Sebastian, who was standing just behind Ciel, immediately got into action and stood behind the said chair and awaited my approach, smirking slightly at me, He's really enjoying my screw ups...every. Single. Moment... Slowly I stepped over the tiled floor and by the black butler, as he pulled the chair away and allowed me to take my seat. As I took my seat, he lowered his mouth to my ear and whispered, "Not very reliable, are we Elise?" his breath tickled my ear, making me shudder.

I bit my lip and whispered back, "Maybe someone should have cut me some slack, since I was working in areas of the grounds maids aren't supposed to." I put on a scowl, to hide my temptations of biting his lip. But quickly, as he moved my seat back to the table, I smiled, "Thank you, Sebastian."

Sebastian smiled, "Cabernet Sauvignon?" he held up a dark wine bottle.

Come again? I thought, looking up at him with a lost look of annoyance, "Please." I ended up muttering, completely unsure of whether that was the right idea or not. I was poured a small glass, before Sebastian left the room, into the kitchen.

In total, only me, Ciel, Madam Red, Ran Mao and Lau were left in the room, just absent-mindedly looking in different directions. I started clicking my tongue against the roof of my mouth, hoping to Satan that someone would raise a conversation, to remove this eerie silence. 

"So, Elise, what is your background?" Madam Red asked, taking a sip of wine and dabbing her mouth with a napkin.

Background? S*** what can I say? Can't exactly say 'Oh I am an Angel from Hell and I made an agreement with young Phantomhive to serve him for the rest of his mortal life, in exchange for a fraction of his soul.'

"What were you before you became a maid of the Phantomhive manor?" she added.

I looked away for a second as I thought of something good to say, then when I thought of, I looked back at Madam Red and began, "Well, I was born into a small family in the slums of London city. Not a very well of person, I was, and neither were my parents. As I am sure you are aware, the streets of London are not a particularly safe place to be poor in. Mum and Dad were attacked by a serial killer and left to die in a alleyway. I was fortunate enough to have been left at home to do the cleaning, but when I found out the news I realized I couldn't afford to pay for the house and was kicked out onto the streets. I decided to start a cleaning service, where I would clean the houses of Lords, Ladies, and any other for that matter, and that is when the young master found me this morning. He was most kind to offer me a permanent position at the Phantomhive manor." I smiled over at Ciel, who just gave me a stern look back, as usual.

"You poor dear..." Madam Red's brow furrowed in concern after my long, ridiculously fake story, "It's so sad to see pretty urchins such as yourself out there to fend for yourself. You are so lucky young Ciel found you."

I nodded my head slowly, trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Indeed." Lau popped in, "I could have offered you a job until you found yourself a more permanent occupation."

Uh no thanks...I don't really want to associate with a person who stinks of opium...I can kinda imagine what kind of positions you give out. But I lowered my head briefly and gave Lau my gratitude, "I just think I am a very lucky person." I smiled brightly as I took a sip of wine. But as soon as the red liquid touched my lips, I recoiled, Ugh that is foul! How can human's drink this crap?! I was rather disappointed since the fluid seem to resemble that of blood in my eyes.


"Tonight I am serving poached salmon with dill cream sauce. Then for dessert, there is a Trifle with whipped cream and fresh summer berries." Sebastian explained, serving the salmon onto separate plates and placing them in front of us.

As he placed the fish in front of me, I took a small, subtle whiff to make sure he hasn't stuck anything in there that could kill me (Though I knew deep down he wouldn't). Should've done that with the wine. Lucky it wasn't drugged either. When I came to the conclusion that the meal was safe, I cut a small chunk of the tender looking meat and popped it slowly into my mouth. My eyes widened at the subtle flavours. They were amazing! How they worked together so perfectly, as if they were made to be served together. Savouring every mouthful, I ended up being the first person to finish, Goddammit Sebastian! Why do you make such good food? If an Angel from Hell can make that review, then the humans must be loving it!

And indeed there were, as there were mutters of compliments, coming from Madam Red and Lau. 


"I hope you enjoyed your meal Elise." Sebastian smiled, taking the plate off of and placing it back on the trolley.

"Hmmm." I nodded, but refused to look at him.

After all the plates were cleared up, Sebastian served around the trifle. Again, I double checked to make sure there was no poison, or whatnot in merged within the cream before I tucked into the pudding. Again! F****** delicious! I will be asking for leftovers later!


"I thank you sincerely for the meal, Sebastian." I smiled at Sebastian, forcing the curve to stretch across my face.

He bowed lowly to me, "It has been my pleasure, Elise." God why is he so deceptively perfect?! I screamed in my mind, internally tugging my hair.

"And thank you for inviting me tonight Ciel." I almost forgot to add, turning to the host, who was quiet for the whole evening

"Don't bother thanking me Elise." Ciel droned. Ok I won't next time... "Also, I have to inform you of something. Tonight we are going to a party at Viscount Druitt's, since we believe he may some involvement of sorts in the Jack the Ripper case. Madam Red has got us an invite. "

I raised an eyebrow, "How wonderful, young master. Would you like me to clean the manor tonight in wait of your return?" I internally begged him to say no. I fancied spending tonight sleeping. 

"No Elise. I wish for you to attend with us. Since you are aware of our case, we believe you could be of some use to us." Ciel replied, looking at Elise with his one eye.

My mouth dropped open, You wish for me to attend a fancy shmancy mortal ball?! "Of course, young master. I hope I am of use to you tonight."

"Good, I wish for you to change into the evening gown Sebastian has sent up to your room, and be outside the front door at six thirty." Ciel explained.

I nodded slowly, excused myself from the table and left the dining room and back up the stairs.


When Ciel said an evening gown, I didn't think it would be so over the top!! I internally whined, trying to hoist my massive dress out of the tiny carriage door. I managed to stumble out, but only to fall straight into Sebastian's arms.

He chuckled, obviously amused at my mess up and said, "Not a very feminine move back there."

"Shut it!" I hissed, pushing myself away from the demon, my cheeks turning a slight red. I folded my arms to look more moody.

"And neither was that remark." he added, his smile widening a little more.

I was going to growl in irritation, but then he would have something else to criticise about, so I chose it zip it and not react. Maybe that way, he would go away.

Instead I looked down at the rather garish dress I was wearing. It was a strapless lilac and black laced dress which went down to my ankles, and had a humongous skirt. There was a black sash tied in a bow around my waist and a matching black choker for my neck. The worst part was probably the small darker purple laced hat with a black ribbon shaped like a flower on the top and a two long feathers sticking out of it. I also had a pair of long black velvet gloves, with lace at the top. On my feet I wore some simple black evening shoes. My hair fell down in long cascades, with no particular effort made.

I feel like an idiot, I thought sulking rather unladylike in Sebastian's case, but when Ciel stepped out of the carriage behind mine, I smiled, but not as stupid as Ciel! I chuckled slightly to myself, but it wasn't very subtle. He was wearing a pink dress with ribbons, flowers and a stupider hat than mine!

"Shut up Elise." he growled at her as he went and stood by Madam Red, who was looking at him in adoration, in massive contrast to my evil giggling.


A plan was set, once everyone was gathered together into a small row, Madam Red giving us positions in our little roleplay. Madam Red was to be the main guest, Lau was Madam Red's lover, Ciel was her niece, Sebastian was his tutor and I was to be his lover.

I stopped grinning at Ciel's ridiculous clothing at this point and almost choked on my giggles, "What? Woah, woah woah!" I cried out, flailing my arms around a little, "There is no way in Hell I am to be his lover!"

"Sorry Elise, but this needs to be convincing. Anyway, what is wrong with being Sebastian's lover? He is cute enough." Lady Red explained, throwing a flirty smile at Sebastian, who shuddered slightly.

"Ugh!" I groaned, throwing my arms to my sides and scowling yet again. I refused to look at Sebastian.

"Places everyone~!" Madam Red all but sang, standing at the front of the group and walking on ahead with Lau and Ciel in tow.

"Shall we?" Sebastian asked, holding out his arm for me.

I shivered in disgust, " going nowhere." I growled and held Sebastian's arm with my much smaller hand.

"Believe me when I say the thought of this going anywhere would make me the laughing stock of the whole Underworld. Associating with such scum as the Hell's Angels is a ghastly thought." he smirked at me.

As I scowled up, I only just realized that Sebastian had tidied his long messy black hair and was wearing a pair of thin framed glasses. I had to bite my lip again to hide the flush on my cheeks. I was too mesmerised with his appearance to retort.

Let's just get this evening over with...I thought as we entered the brightly lit manor.

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