Shadows of the Mind

An insight into the mind of Sherlock Holmes. Post-Reinchenbach but pre-series 3. Not quite sure where it is going yet. :) Rated yellow for reference to childhood abuse and misuse of drugs.


9. Nine

Ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ring. Ri...

Lestrade answered the call on the fifth ring.

"Hello?" he said, a little hesitantly.


Ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ring. Ri...

Mycroft got no answer until the fifth ring.

"Gregory Lestrade. This is Mycroft Holmes. I am calling on urgent business."


Lestrade stood in the dark car park, shivering and puzzled.

"Mycroft Holmes?" He wracked his brains to work out where he'd heard the name before.

"Sherlock's brother? What business do you have with me? It's midnight, for pete's sake!"


Mycroft sighed, fully aware that what he was about to reveal would change the life of the D.I.

"It's about Sherlock."


Lestrade's heart stopped.

"But...Sherlock's dead."

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