Fifty Shades Of Valentines

Christian Grey's first Valentines. Alone and frustrated at Harvard University on the most romantic night of the year, Christian is disturbed by a knock on his door...



She's here.

She's actually fucking here.

My friend.

My lover.

My Domme.

"What are you doing here?" I finally breathe in delight.

Elena arches a perfect eyebrow. "It's Valentine's night. Where else would I be?"

My face breaks into a massive grin and I suddenly lunge at her, taking her by surprise and lifting her off the ground. I bring my mouth down hard onto hers, taking her gasp of surprise into my lungs and giving me the opportunity for my eager tongue to find hers. Her hands fist in my hair as she responds and I walk us back to my desk and sit her gently on it. We kiss hungrily for a while and then I feel her withdraw.

"Slow down, handsome." She pants against my lips. "We've got all night."

Now it's my turn to gasp. "Really? Oh Elena! You're really going to stay the night with me?"

"Well I didn't fly cross country just to exchange pleasantries! I can stay till tomorrow afternoon and then I'm heading to Boston for a few days to see an old friend from beauty school. Linc thinks I've gone straight there, so everything's worked out quite well."


"What is it?" She asks in response to my frown.

"'s just..." I sigh. "You've gone to all this trouble for me and I've got nothing to give you in return. If I'd known you were coming over..."

I'm stopped in my tracks by Elena's right hand as she begins to stroke me intimately through my jeans.

"Oh I wouldn't say you have nothing to give me," she says huskily, giving me a squeeze and looking up at me through her lashes.

My breath catches in my throat as blood begins to pound round my head.

"But like I said earlier, we have all night...and I have a few other surprises for you." She says sexily, withdrawing her hand.


I step back and help her off my desk. She wonders over to the sports bag she left on the floor and undoes the zipper. To my surprise she hands me a large plastic tub full of juicy looking strawberries and a can of spray cream.

"Are we having a picnic?"

She beams as she straightens up. "A very special picnic."

It's then I notice she has other items in her hands - a pair of handcuffs and a silk scarf.



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