Fifty Shades Of Valentines

Christian Grey's first Valentines. Alone and frustrated at Harvard University on the most romantic night of the year, Christian is disturbed by a knock on his door...



Carefully holding the goblet in her hand, she climbs up the bed on her knees until she straddles me. The damp crotch of her panties rubs illicitly against my growing erection, fuelling the heat of my desire.


"Thirsty?" She asks seductively as she gently rocks against me, taking a sip of wine.

"Very," I breathe, unable to take my eyes off hers.

She places the rim of the glass against my lips and tilts it so that the wine slips into my mouth. It's cold, crisp and starting to infuse with the taste of sweet strawberries.

"Mmm..." I groan in appreciation, as my hips begin to gently gyrate under her of their own accord.

She immediately stops and glares at me.

Oh shit.

"Control, Christian." She hisses. "You're still struggling to master it."

I nod, dropping my head and staring at my lap - which is no help whatsoever - as I am now staring at her red silky hold-ups, creamy thighs and arousal-soaked panties.

"I'm sorry." I begin. "It's just the unexpected, wonderful surprise, the strip show and the amazing scent coming from your's...overwhelming."

"Overwhelming?" She asks softly, still holding her position.

I nod and shut my eyes to cut off the visuals and really concentrate.

" have no idea how much I've missed you since starting back at college. I've gone from being with you throughout the Christmas holidays, to bread and water for days on end. I've had to resort to jerking myself off whilst watching porn, just to relieve the constant ache in my balls." I lift my head slightly and peek at her. "I've missed you so much and especially tonight, when I know I'm probably the only guy on campus who stayed in...And suddenly here you are...looking heavenly and writhing on me..."

Elena cuts me off with a scorching wet kiss that tastes of Sancerre and strawberries.


"Oh my darling boy," She breathes against my lips. "That is undoubtedly the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I don't think anyone has ever told me how much they've missed me before."

"Well I have," I whisper.

She gazes at me, ice-blue eyes full of wonder. "And I've missed YOU. I've realised how mundane my life is without you in it. You've become the reason I get out of bed every day. This separation has made me take stock of my life. The main reason I'm going to see my old friend Valena Rossi tomorrow is to discuss a possible business plan."

I smile. "That's so cool, Elena. If I can help you in any way, just let me know."

She strokes my face. "Thank you." She sits back. " you think you can control yourself long enough to have something to eat?"

I nod. Our little chat has thankfully cooled the fire in my loins a little bit. She takes a sip of wine then using her tongue, manoeuvres a plump strawberry into her mouth, all the time not taking her ice-blue eyes off mine. She grips it with her teeth and leans forward. Droplets of wine drip from the strawberry onto my lips and chin. She pushes the strawberry against my lips and I open my mouth to accommodate it. She bites through the strawberry so half of it slides into my mouth and we both chew through the juicy flesh, lips brushing tantalising against each other as the sweet pulp descends silkily down my throat. She then grabs my chin, licks off the wine droplets and kisses me long and hard.

When she pulls off, we are both panting and desire is beginning to surge through me again. I can tell it's affecting her too, judging by the feel of her panties.

"Time for a little game I think." She rasps huskily, before giving me a swift kiss and placing the wine glass back on the cabinet.


"I'm not much of a game player, Elena," I begin. "I like chess and that's about it."

Seriously? She wants to play a game NOW?

"Besides," I continue. "What game will I be able to play like this?" I shake my hands that are trussed up in the cuffs making them rattle.

Elena smirks sexily at me and reaches across to the cabinet again. My eyes follow her hands.

Oh shit.


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