Fifty Shades Of Valentines

Christian Grey's first Valentines. Alone and frustrated at Harvard University on the most romantic night of the year, Christian is disturbed by a knock on his door...



Elena pulls the silk scarf through her fingers as my mouth goes dry.

"You can play the best games when you're handcuffed and blindfolded, Christian. You should know that by now."


My mouth drops open.

"I don't understand." I breathe. "The only blindfolded games I know are Blind Mans Bluff and Pin The Tail On The Donkey - neither of which seem feasible."

Elena throws her head back and laughs. "Oh Christian! You are so amusing!"

I'm glad one of us is finding this set-up entertaining...

Ignoring my frown, she leans forward and briskly ties the scarf to the back of my head. She kisses my jaw under my right ear and then she sits back.

"It may have been a while since you played the game I have in mind," she begins as I feel her jiggling slightly on top of me. "But I'm sure you remember how to play Hot And Cold."

Seriously? I haven't played that game since I was about eight, when my annoying brother thought it would be funny to hide my toy Wrestling figures around the house.

"Yes, of course I remember how to play," I snap, starting to get irritated. "But excuse me for stating the obvious - how the hell am I meant to look for things when I am blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed?"


AHH! Fuck!

She slaps me soundly across the face, taking me by surprise and making my cheek smart in pain.

"Don't start with your wisecracks, Christian or I will walk away and leave you stranded." She hisses.


"I'm sorry," I mumble quickly into my chest.

"That's better. What's the first rule when you are bound and blindfolded, Christian?"

"To trust you."

"Good. And the second one?"

"To safeword if I need too."

"Excellent." Her lips find mine and she kisses me softly. "Remember those rules, okay?" She whispers.

I nod. She starts to jiggle again and then I hear a pop.

What the hell is she doing?

"Okay. I am going to spray cream around myself and you have to use your tongue to find it. I will say hotter and colder to direct you. Get it right first time and I will reward you with a wine-soaked strawberry. Get three consecutive colds and I will punish you. Do you understand?"


Holy crap - use my tongue to lick cream off Elena? I'm going to enjoy this game!

I hear the hiss of the cream as it spurts out of the can and I feel Elena lean forwards.

"Okay Christian, find the cream." She purrs.

Grinning, I move my head to the left from where I think the sound came from and press my tongue to her warm, body.

Fabric. Shit!


Damn, this is harder than I thought it would be!

I twist my head further in the same direction and stick my tongue out again.


Oh shit! I only have another chance!

I sweep my head upwards and luckily my nose touches the cream. I pounce victoriously, licking and sucking the cream off her negligee.

"Mmm...good boy. Ready for round two?"

"Yes!" I say, grinning eagerly.

This time I concentrate hard. The noise comes from below my chin, so angling my head downwards, I prod my tongue out.


"Well done!" She breathes. "Time for your reward."

I feel her lean across and then a strawberry is pressed to my lips. I open my mouth but she doesn't push it in. Instead she draws it achingly slowly around my lips, coating them in Sancerre. She then places the strawberry on my bottom lip. I'm panting now, blood beginning to pound through me. Then I feel her warm breath by my ear.

"Suck it."

Oh Christ...

I tentatively begin to suck and she pushes the strawberry into my mouth. I begin to chew and suddenly feel her tongue tracing my lips, licking off the Sancerre. I swallow the strawberry and no sooner has it slipped down my throat, than her tongue slides into my mouth to replace it.


We kiss and kiss - all wet ardent tongues and warm breath laced with strawberries and wine. It is the sweetest of kisses. Suddenly, I feel her hands on the ends of the silk scarves and she tugs hard, tilting my head back and breaking the kiss.

"Final round, Christian." She pants. "Let's see how well you do this time."

She releases the scarf and I feel her jiggle again, then I hear the squirt of cream. I'm disoriented now, the highly charged erotic game playing havoc with my judgement. I stick my tongue out again.



I twist my head and try again.



I feel like my head is going to explode. My whole body has started to throb and I can feel my cock thickening between her legs and soaked panties. I twist again and stick my tongue out.

"Oh Christian...that's three consecutive misses!" She pants. "What do I do now?"

"Punish me," I groan, desire flooding through me.

"Louder!" She snarls.




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