Crystal Iris

Amix was sent down to annihilate pop star Justin Bieber. Her mission was designed specifically for her with no flaw in sight. But one crash landing and a fail of technology will leave her stranded on earth with the enemy. Can she hold up long enough to recover, get new supplies and continue her mission? Or will an affection her planet believed only humans could feel put her and him in danger?


3. Playin Along

Amix's Pov

I awoke and my head hurt like it never had before. Is this what homosapien pain felt like? I suddenly wish they didn't have to give me homosapien qualities. Just as I was adjusting to this new feeling reality hit. I looked around quickly and realized I was in some sort of facility. It was nothing like what I had at home. I also realized I could not spot my ship or weapons. The enemy must have confiscated my things.

Silently but stealthily I rose from my spot. As I snuck around the room the floor made a strange creaking noise. This structure is poorly built and perhaps when I handle business I will do the homosapiens a favor and destroy it. 

My concentration was interrupted when I heard stirring to my left. Turning around I saw the one and only Justin Bieber. He was sitting up on his bed staring at me. At this moment I would have killed him but my weapons were gone and I don't know if me being homosapienized would effect my fighting. So I stood and looked at him. 

"How are you standing right now?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" 

"You crashed from the sky." 

Before I could respond his eyes got wide and he jumped up. "Are you like an alien?"

I felt a weird feeling in my chest. This must be what it feels like to be surprised. Then out of nowhere answers filled my head. "I crashed from a space shuttle sent from NASA." 

He nodded his head then looked at me. "So shouldn't you be sending them some sort of message on what happened?" 

"Well it was a secret mission and I must wait for them. Just incase someone may be listening in on our calls." Calls? Where did that come from? I was so confused on where any of these answers were coming from. 

Justin was about to say something when a loud song played throughout his living facility. "What is that terrible ruckus?" 

"A doorbell." He said knitting his eyebrows together. 

"Oh yes of course. My living facility does not own such a device." 

"Riigghhtt." The tune played again and Justin began to walk away. "Stay here I'll be back." 

He left the room and I then heard a static noise in my ear. Soon Taro's voice was in my head. "Amix do you respond?" 

"I do. Taro where are you." 

"On our home planet. When you went in for your procedure they made a few extra variations for emergency purposes. But don't mind that. Just know everything is under control. We will have the next person to do a mission come with extra supplies so you can finish your job. Until then you will need to stay under the radar and keep an eye on Justin." 

I was about to respond but the second Justin entered the room the receiver went off. Taro was gone. 

"So ummm... the neighbors saw your crash and now there are FBI agents, guards, and well any official you could think of. Are you serious?" 

"About what?" 

"About that being a NASA space shuttle." 

"Well like I said it was a secret mission so no one knew about it." 

He nodded but looked at me suspiciously for a moment Then he spoke again. "Anyway who should I call?" 

"Contact for what?" 

"Well wouldn't your family want to know your okay?" 

"Family? Ugh I don't have a family." My heart felt a strange aching feeling. I'm absolutely over these homosapien emotions. 

"That explains it." 

"Explains what?" 

"Why you'd be stupid enough to go into space on a mission that would clearly require you to sign paperwork. Or in other words you sign your life away." 

"Yes of course." 

"Well if you'd like you may stay with me. Ugh how old are you?" 

"Sixteen I do believe. Yes that sounds right." 

Justin scratched the back of his head and gave me that confused look again. "How do you not know your own age?" 

"I don't know how that works here." 


Before I could respond the sound of static then Taro's voice filled my head. "Sorry Amix the program I'm using to send you the proper wording is malfunctioning. Just hang in there and yes you're sixteen." Then his voice vanished. 

"Hellooo! Anyone home?" Justin was standing in front of me waving his hands trying to get my attention. 

"Oh yes. I am sixteen. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm still shaken up by the crash." 

"Yeah well as soon as we get to my house in Atlanta you can rest and I'll have a doctor come to check you out." 

"You are relocating to another living facility? Why and how far away is it? You're not going to another planet are you?" I had to be sure Justin was going to stay on earth. If he left my plan could be terminated. I had no idea where this Atlanta was but it wasn't earth. Justin again gave me his confused look but this time he looked slightly frightened. 

"Okay Atlanta is still on earth and I think you hit your head first on your way down. To be honest I don't see how you're even standing or alive right now. Also this area is being evacuated and your little space shuttle out there is being stationed for evaluation." 

"Yes I will relocate to this living facility with you. And does this mean I will not get my ship back?" 

"Most likely and it's a house." 


"Stop calling it a living facility. It's a house." 

I nodded my head and walked off. Although the thought of my equipment being gone bothered me.


When we arrived at Justin's new living facility. Err house. It was quite big and I was actually in awe. Well I guess Taro got the program working again. 

"When we get in you can take a shower and I'll give you some clothes." 

"Okay." Yeah the program was definitely working because I had no idea what a shower was. 

"By the way what is your name?" 



Once we were in the house Justin directed me to a large room. He pointed to a strange device then told me where these weird things called towels were. I simply nodded and let him exit. Where was Taro with how to use this? Just as I thought that he flooded information into my head. I did the steps as said. I removed my clothes then walked to the compartment known as the shower. Opening the door just like Taro said there were two knobs. "Now I guess you just pick one." Said Taro unsure of how to exactly work it. 

I did as he said and turned the one to my left until I couldn't anymore. What I identified to be water pored from a hose and I stepped in. Immediately I let out a loud scream from the red hot pain. Homosapiens enjoyed this? I was screaming so loud I didn't even notice Justin had ran in and stopped the water. 

"You know most people sing in the shower." 

"Sing? How could they sing through that pain?" 

"Well they also don't put the water full blast on hot. Here." He handed me something soft. 

"Wrap this around your body. I think you can wait to shower until tomorrow." I nodded then when he was walking off I hissed at the shower to show my dismay. It hadn't seen the last of me. 

"I'm going to put you in my room today just in case you have a concussion." 

"What is that?" I said looking at a giant square against his wall. 

"That's a bed. And yeah I'm leaning towards you having a concussion." 
I widened my eyes at the thought of me having a concussion. If something was wrong with head could it mess with my homosapien programming? 

"Wow!" I was shaken from my thoughts when Justin got into my face. "What are you doing?" "Your eyes are purple but like a light purple. They sort of look like a purple crystal." 

"Have you never seen someone with purple eyes?" 

"Actually no. Or at least not real ones." 

"Well mine are real. How can you get fake iris's?" 

He just shook his head and looked back at me. "Here put these on until I can get everything straightened out with you." 

I nodded and dropped the towel. 

"What are you doing?" Screamed Justin shielding his eyes. 

"You told me to change." 

"Yeah but you don't change in front of me." 

"Ugh homosapiens. So strange." 

"What did you call me?" 

"Nothing." I replied as I continued to change into the clothes Justin gave to me. 

"So your still going to change in front of me?" 

"I am not bothered." I blatantly stated. Once I was changed I handed Justin the soft plush fabric he had handed me earlier. 

"Thanks, you can sleep on the bed. And since you weren't bothered with changing in front of me would you mind if I also slept on the bed? On the other end of course. It's a king so we wouldn't even be close." 

"Do what is necessary to sustain living." 

"Sustain living? Yeah I'm going to get that doctor on the phone."

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