Crystal Iris

Amix was sent down to annihilate pop star Justin Bieber. Her mission was designed specifically for her with no flaw in sight. But one crash landing and a fail of technology will leave her stranded on earth with the enemy. Can she hold up long enough to recover, get new supplies and continue her mission? Or will an affection her planet believed only humans could feel put her and him in danger?


2. Mission Failed

*For the heads up Amix is an alien who's people are called Gartogs like how we are human. So some words they say are made up to ours. The same with there traditions and ways of living. So if some actions seem weird to you just know it's the way of the Gartogs. Lol*

Amix POV I awoke to hear that my procedure was done. They handed me a glass and I looked into it to see my reflection. Hmm It was a success. I looked like a true homosapien. It disgusted me. They were vile creatures and once my people took over their planet they would be Gartogs just like us. I smiled 'What a perfect Utopia.' I was about to continue smiling but then I saw my teeth. They were pure white instead of there usual bright red. And instead of there perfect tipped points they were smoothed down.

"Don't worry Amix. It's only temporary." I looked at my procedist who was walking over to a holographic chart. "Now Amix if you look over here this is your original body. We had to make some visual variations so that while your on earth if you happen to stay there longer than intended and end up in one of their medical facilities you will appear homosapien. Also a breathing piece has been inserted into your throat and will be activated once you hit earth's atmosphere."

I nodded and kept a straight face not wanting to display my dismay towards my new appearance.

"Excellent now follow Taro to receive your mission from the Monarchs." I nodded once more and turn to Taro who flashed his eyes brightly as a sign of greeting. I returned the gesture and walked to meet him.

Taro was my mate. Here on my planet when Gartogs turn one they are placed in a room with other one year old Gartogs. The first Gartog of an opposite sex they go to is declared their mate. I personally thought that whole process was infrared and not efficient but that's how things are. Besides I'm happy with Taro. He is special to me and he shows me I'm special to him too.

As we walked I could tell he tried to remain professional but that didn't stop him from grabbing my hand. "So do you know what your mission is?"

"No that's what you're taking me to find out."

The grip of his hand around mine tightened. "I'll be fine Taro. It's just a day mission and I've been trained for this."

"Yeah but the rumor is you're going to earth. That place is dangerous all around. The homosapiens are relentless. All they do is send probes and useless technological junk through space to pollute our planets and uncover our secrets."

"Calm down Taro even if the rumors of me going to earth are true I will survive." Just before we reached the Grand Throne where the Monarchs sat high and mighty I stopped and pulled Taro close to me. "Taro please calm down." He exhaled and made his hands glow. I did the same and we shared that brief moment of connection before dimming down.

"I guess you should go in now." Taro said giving me a worried look." But I smiled and walked towards the large doors that led to the Grand Throne. They opened slowly but I didn't wait for them to open completely. Instead I walked in once there was enough space. A hover disk was waiting for me and I stepped on it. It made a noise as it powered up and glowed to life. Then I slowly glided towards the Monarchs stopping a matter of feet away.

"Welcome 326058."

I bowed in response but cringed at the same time. It always bothered me that the Monarchs felt so above everyone that they classified us not by our names but by numbers.

"As you know we are now carrying out our plan to take over earth. Each week we've sent out a different Warrior Gartog to carry out a top secret mission."

I nodded to let them know that I was still listening. I was very excited for my mission. I'd been training for as long as I could remember. This was the moment I lived for. I watched as a hollograph glowed before me.

"Here you see three faces. We have carefully selected celebrities and high figures on Planet earth. We are now working on people in North America. Our plan is to kill these high figures or celebrities sending the world into panic." A light flashed over a young man's face. "This is Justin Bieber. He has quite a lot of influence on many homosapiens especially the younger generations. Your job is to abolish him. His demise will send much of the population into a frenzy. Then just as they calm down another will come to kill the one they know as Beyonce and then the one known as Barack Obama." I nodded. "These deaths will be taken out in surprise and the warriors who carry them out will be anonymous. The homosapiens will not know what's going on and that's when we come in. We will be the only ones who can explain what is going on and the weak homosapien population will fall to there knees for us to save them from the terrible occurrences that have plagued their planet."

I nodded but I was confused as to why they uncovered their whole plan to me. I understood I was a warrior but hadn't they just given me too much information? Before I could respond a package was given to me and the hover disk started to back away.

"Everything you need is in this pack. Do your plant well and complete your mission. Our future depends on it. And make sure the information you were given remains disclosed." They then gave me a menacing look letting me know not following these rules could lead to trouble for me. Then the door closed.

I faced the door for a while until I felt Taro place a hand on my shoulder. "We have to go Amix. I have to take you to the spacecraft." I nodded and we walked the few steps to the spacecraft launching chambers. Taro walked me right up to the door of my designated spacecraft but not before stopping me for last words. "Promise me."

"Promise you what?"

"That you'll come back and not leave me."

"I promise."

His eyes glowed and it made me happy to know he was happy. Our hands glowed and we held them together before I had to board the ship.

I flipped a few switches then pulled back on the steering lever. The ship moved forward before rising slowly. Then withholding one stomp of my foot I zoomed off. I was moving almost as fast as the speed of light. I listened for the sounds of the ship letting me know I was crossing into another galaxy. In a matter of minutes I hit the Milky Way and made a straight shot for earth. I slowed the ship not wanting to drive straight into the ground when I hit. As I reached for the lever that controlled the speed I bumped it causing an abrupt shut of of the power. My ship began to spin out of control and there was nothing I could do. The ship began to burn as I entered earth's atmosphere too fast. The door was jammed and I was trap. I was going to crash into the planet and there would be nothing anonymous about that. ...

Justin's POV

I stepped out of the studio happy with today's work. I placed my headphones over my head and bobbed my head to the beat. Then just in a matter of minutes right before the hook I heard a loud bang. The entire building vibrated and my music stop immediately. There were no windows in the room I was in and considering this was my private at home studio.

I was alone.

I quickly stood up ran out and down the hall. When I finally reached the main room of my mansion it was filled with a glowing blue light. I covered my eyes as I neared the window. Outside I could see a light radiating in my driveway. I noticed a crowd hadn't gathered yet so I opened my door and exited my house. The light was brighter now and it took my eyes a while to adjust. When they finally did I saw a large ditch was in the ground.

As I approached the ditch my eyes widened. Inside was a large UFO and a girl. She was unconscious and blood was all over her body. From what I could tell she was breathing but I had to get her out of there. I slowly lowered my body into the ditch. Then once I was inside I lifted the girl from among the many rocks and loose pieces of the strange ship. With slow careful steps I lifted her out of the ditch and onto the pavement.

Just as one of my neighbors was opening their door I sprinted into my house.

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