Crystal Iris

Amix was sent down to annihilate pop star Justin Bieber. Her mission was designed specifically for her with no flaw in sight. But one crash landing and a fail of technology will leave her stranded on earth with the enemy. Can she hold up long enough to recover, get new supplies and continue her mission? Or will an affection her planet believed only humans could feel put her and him in danger?


1. Crystal Iris

Okay so my book includes aliens and I sort of had fun with it. So in this book you will encounter words that sort of build off of english or that are just completely are weird and out there. I don't want you to get too confused and stop reading so here are some of the words and terms that may be confusing and there definitions. I will gradually add more as I invent more.

Gartog- The species of aliens I created in my story

Procedist- A Gartog doctor

When Amix says her and Taro's hands are glowing: It's there form of kissing (I know it's weird)

Homosapien: (not invented just some people don't know)- It means Human

Monarchs- Like the Gartogs Presidents 

Eyes Glowing- a sign of happy emotions


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