The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


35. You and I

Harry said are you ready for the trip? I said yes Harry you bet I am and I am really excited. It will just be me and you so I can have you all to myself. Harry Aww that's makes me feel so special and so loved princess you are loved and you are very special to me. Harry : you are the sweetest and the most romantic person in the world and you have the most beautiful smile.

Harry and I left and he drove to the airport and I fell asleep as soon as I got in the truck. Harry took a picture of me while I was sleeping and while he was driving. I know that sounds dangerous he did it anyway. I mumbled in my sleep and I said Harold Edward styles I know you just took a picture of me while I was sleep I saw a flash. Harry said princess yes I did I hope that you are okay with that. I said yeah I'm fine now I'm gonna go back to sleep now. Harry said okay love and I will wake you up once we get to the airport.

We arrived at the airport. I wasn't to excited now I hate the airport. I was tired I got all of my bags and Harry got his stuff , I cuddled up next to him and we walked into the airport. I checked our bags in we had to go through security and I didn't like that at all the people are not very friendly. It didn't take long to go through security at all. The lines weren't very long and that was a good thing and I was glad. After that was over Harry and I walked to our gate and he sat down and I went to get some snacks for the plane ride. I got a chocolate crunch bar Harry wanted the same thing so I bought one for him to. When I paid for it made sure that it was the crunch bars and not the Hershey's chocolate bar. Thank god it wasn't when I left out of the candy store I went and sat back down with Harry. I have him his crunch bar and I opened mines and started eating pieces of it.

He looked at me and he said are you hungry ? I said no not really I just wanted a little snack and Harry said oh okay cause the way you are sitting over their crouching makes me think that you are hungry. I said what times does our flight leave and he said right at 8:00 and I said well what time is it now? He said it is 7:50 I said well at least we only have to be in here for 10 more mintutes. He said you really don't like airports do you I said nope I sure don't they are so big and I don't like flying because I am afraid of heights. Harry said well you are going to have to face that face someday and that day is today actually I said I know it's just that the pilots always end up crashing the plane because they weren't paying attention to what they were suppose to be doing.

I said I just don't want to die and I don't want you to die either. Harry said I am not going anywhere I will always be with you. I won't ever let anything happen to you. Harry said I think I have figured you out you are scared of heights and you are crazy about eating healthy and you love having a cooked breakfast every morning . You always have to have bacon and eggs and toast. Harry said why is that and I said well breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if I don't eat breakfast I will be hungry for the rest of the day. He said I noticed that you like to read books a lot and that you love listening to music. I said and how do you know all of this he said well cause that night you and I went Dancing you want to hear all of me and slow dance to it and because it is your favorite song. I said Harry you really do know me and what I like and what I don't like. I said well we should Start walking to our line where we get on the plane. Harry said good idea and let me give you your boarding pass and mines is in my back pocket. He got out the passes and he gave me mines.

We were one of the first in Line to get on the plane. I was happy to because Harry and I got good seats and I sat by the window and sat next to me. We are able to have lots of private conversations also because no one sat in the seat next to him. He was happy and I was happy. Before the pilot told everyone to put their phones and other devices away we both texted the Boys and told them that we wouldn't be able to talk until later and that we were on the plane and getting ready to go to New York. They all texted back and said well have fun love birds and call us or text when y'all make it their safe. I said okay and we will and Niall said I will miss you and I said I will miss you to and your hugs because you give me the best hugs. I said lol and don't tell Harry that.

I turned my phone off an put it in my purse. So did Harry I got my blanket and pillow out of the Ben before we took off. I wrapped up in my blanket and I put my pillow behind my head. I talked to Harry for a little while and he told me how excited he was about us going to New York for out honey moon I told him that I was excited to and I couldn't wait to get their so we could go see a play on broadway. He said I have always wanted to go see one of those plays and I said you might enjoy it I know that I will. I was getting sleepy again he said I can see that you are sleepy so get some more sleep my love. I said okay and I love you and he said I love you more. I drifted off to sleep and I slept the whole time that we were on the plane. Harry stayed up he want tired and he was really excited about going to New York so going to sleep was not on his mind at all he stayed up the whole time we were on the plane. He whispered in my ear and he said when the flight attendants start serving snacks I will get you peanuts pretzels and a coke. You don't need that coke because I said so but I'll let you have it just this once. I said haha okay now let me sleep.

I hope you like this chapter I worked really hard on it. Read it all don't skip anything and enjoy it. I hope that I will get more fans leave any comments concerns or questions on my wall. I love each and everyone of you .

Signed Alexis

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