The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


31. The wedding planning

Princess come here and boys and girls gather around please. The girls and I and the boys sat by Harry and we say what is it and he said it is time to start planning our wedding and we don't have any time to waste and if I catch anyone procrastinating we will have a problem.

I said Babe calm down I don't think that the girls or the boys will procrastinate I think that they will help us with the planning . I hope so if they all think that they will get to be in the wedding. Liam and zayn said yeah Harry you need to chill you know all of us will help you and Alexis out so take a chill pill and calm down, take a seat also cause you standing up and looking at me is scaring me. Liam said Harry I know that you are under a lot of pressure right now but all these people you see right here by your side will help you and me plan the most romantic wedding ever. Liam and I said Harry don't worry everyone is in this together and everyone has to take responsibility For something.

Harry said Liam why don't you ask any of our producers or managers if they can attend the wedding. Liam said okay mate I will see what I can do. Harry asked Zayn and Perrie if they could make a big nice Strawberry cake and make sure that Alexis and I are on top of it and that we both look good. Zayn and Perrie said Harry we will make the cake tonight and whatever ingredients we don't have we will buy. Louis and Niall said Harry we will find a ring barrier and Harry told me and the boys he said I will cook all of the food. I am the best cook in the world so I will take on this responsibility. Harry said guys I am gonna have a talk with Alexis about all this and right now so let me discuss this with her. Harry and I talked and I told him I would love to have strawberry cake and that I would love to have all of me by John legend played at our wedding and at the reception if we have one.

Harry said well love it looks like we seem to have half of the wedding planned. We just need to make sure we have our phones and speakers when you walk down the isle you can hear all of me while you are walking and coming down the altar to me. Harry said maybe you and Louis am Niall can serve the food since I am cooking it and y'all can set up the tables for the reception. The reception will be in a ball room by the way and that's when I will get the first dance with the love of my life.

Liam and Niall and Zayn and Louis said Harry and Alexis y'all seem to be ready for this. Y'all both have everything y'all will need. Liam said Harry and Alexis why don't y'all go home and see what is waiting for the both of you. I said yeah Harry why don't we do that it might be something really exciting and I can't wait to see. Zayn said Harry leave the wedding planning to us and we have everything under control and we know exactly how y'all want y'all's wedding to be. I said thank you so much boys for all y'all's help and you to girls and they said no problem. Harry and I went home and when we got their I saw my dress and it said to Alexis from the boys. I looked at Harry and I said who's idea was this and Harry said I don't know. I said Harry you knew it's bad luck for you to see me in my dress before the wedding right. Harry said I know and I said so really Harry was this a gift from Liam and all the boys including you or just you and Liam. Harry said well umm it was a gift suppose to be just from me but the boys chipped in and helped me buy it.

I said well Harold Edward styles that was very sweet of you and the boys and I really appreciate that. Harry said your welcome princess. Harry looked by my dress and he saw his tux and he said I wounded who brought this here I said I don't know Harry I've never expected to know that would be here. Harry said Princess tell me and so I told him that it was my idea and Louis idea to buy it together cause we knew what would look good on you. I said well I'm gonna go upstairs and take a bath and then change. Harry said ok princess and I will be waiting for you to come back. I took a long nice hot bath and after that I got out and went in my room and Harry's and I changed into my dress. I also put on my pearls and my veil. I heard Harry coming upstairs and he said princess where are you and I said Harry I'm in the room. He came in and I said Harry can you help me out my heels on and he said sure.

Harry got ready and he put on his tux and then when he was ready he called the boys. We met them at the church and the Girls said that they would do my hair and my make up when we all got to the church.

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