The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


14. The lovely talk

Harry I love you so much. I don't know what I would do without you. You are nice sweet and adorable and you have awesome hair. I love the way that you look at me and how you always make me smile and I love spending time with you and I also like it just being the two of us.

Harry said Alexis that is so sweet of you to say and you have really made my day. Harry said how about we can't a nice breakfast or I can go to the store and buy the stuff and cook a nice breakfast.i said I like your cooking better so you should cook this nice breakfast. Harry said Alexis when you talk it makes happy i love hearing you voice.

Harry said for breakfast would you like strawberries and your favorite bacon, Grits, Eggs and Toast. I said Harry that is just what i want. Harry said Love make sure that you eat all of your food that's why yoy never gain any weight. You always take a bite of your food and then say you are done eating .

I sat down and ate my breakfast. Harry said how is The BreakFast Alexis and i told Harry it is really good and I will try to eat all of it . Harry said you better eat all of it I cooked it just for you and me. Harry sat down and ate his food and he ate some strawberries and he made some tea. I asked Harry can I have a cup of tea my love. Harry said sure Love coming right up. Harry gave Me some Tea and then he sat down and talked to Me and he said so I was wondering if you wanted have the talk with me. I said Harry what talk.

Harry said umm that talk about our relationship. We need to also talk about our future . I said well we still have time to plan everything so lets not rush into anything yet. Harry said ok that's probably a good a idea . Harry said well I was wondering if you would like to meet my parents and I said sure Harry I would love to. I asked Harry can we go see the boys to I haven't seen them in forever and I really want to see how Niall and Liam are doing. Harry said sure how about we go see the boys now so I drove to Liam's house and then she knocked on the door and Liam answered the door . Liam gave Me a big hug and he said so Alexis how are you and is Harry being a good boyfriend . I said actually yes Liam he really is. I asked him how are things with you and Aleiya and Liam said we are just wonderful I told him that's good and is she here. Liam said yes she is right over their so I went to talk to Aleiya and she told her how things are going with her and Harry. I told Aleiya that she hopes that she can marry Harry and Aleiya said oh girl don't worry he will ask that sooner or later.

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