The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


15. The lovely talk continued

Me and Aleiya talked and she told Aleiya that Harry is taking her to meet his parents. Aleiya said that's wonderful and are you nervous I said just a little bit. Aleiya said well at least you know that Harry might marry you. Liam hasn't asked me yet and we are still taking things slow. I remember when Liam asked me did I want to be his girlfriend I was so excited. I knew that we would be perfect for each other and that is something that I have always dreamed about.

Aleiya told me she is really am in love with Liam. We are very happy together and I want the same thing to happen with you and Harry.i told her I'm sure it will just as soon as we both decide to take the relationship a step further. Aleiya said how about we go outside and see what our men are doing. I said ok let's go so I walked outside with Aleiya and Harry and Liam looked at both of them. Liam said Harry we have the most beautiful and stunning girlfriends ever. Harry said I agree and then Liam said Aleiya why don't you come sit with me Harry said Alexis come here my love. I told Harry to tell Liam what they talked about earlier.

Harry told Liam that he was going to take the relationship a step farther . Liam said Harry that's great and so you want her to meet your parents and Harry said yes if she is ready. Liam said well I am sure that she is ready. I told Harry I am ready just nervous. Harry said I know and I understand why you are nervous. I said well when we go To their house Tomorrow I can introduce myself and I will try to hold a good conversation . I want to make sure that they will like me and that they will understand me and love me just like you do.

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