The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


34. The job

Princess get up and come downstairs. I got up and went downstairs apparently whatever Harry wanted to tell me was very important. When I got downstairs Harry said princess I have today all planned out. The tickets for our New York trip came in the mail today. I said Harry I am so happy that the tickets came today. Harry said me to love and why don't you go get dressed and get ready. I have so much for us to do together and I am gonna make you a special breakfast today. I hope that you will enjoy it.

I went upstairs and I got dressed I put on a polo and some skinny jeans and boots. I curled my hair and I put on some perfume so I could smell good for Harry. I also put on my favorite lipgloss. It was really shiny and really pretty and it looked good on me. After I got ready I ate the lovely breakfast that Harry made for me. When we left Harry said that we were both going to go find jobs I told him how excited I was because I wanna either work at an elementary with kids in pre k or Kindergarten. I told Harry that I have always dreamed of being a counselor and I know that it is something that I will enjoy since I love working with kids and helping them feel good.

Harry said princess I think you being a counselor is a good thing . You will like the job and I know that you will be good at it. I believe in you and I always will Harry said why don't we go to Carlton elementary school and you can tell the boss their what you are their for and you can tell her what you want to do and what kids you want to work with. I said okay Harry let's go we arrived at Hearst elementary school and I talked to the counselors their and Mrs banks was the principle their and she said that their of lots of spots open for me to get the job. I started my interview when I got their and She said that I seemed really serious about this job and she said that if I really want it the job is mine. I got the job and I was so proud of myself and so was Harry.

Mrs banks said you will start Monday morning at 7:00 am. I said okay and I gave her a hug and I said thank you so much. She said when you come back for the first day on Monday I will give you a tour around my school. Harry and I left and when we got in the truck he told me how happy he was for me and that he was glad that I got the job. I said Harry well I'm going to call the boys right now and tell them that I got the job. So I called Zayn and he answered and he said hi Alexis and it is nice to hear from you today and I said hi Zayn and I have some exciting news that I want to share with you. He said well what is it and I said well I went to look for a job today with Harry at Hearst elementary school. I applied for the counseling position and I already got the job. Zayn said that's wonderful Alexis and I am sure that Harry is very happy for you and proud of you and so am I. I said well thank you so much for your support. Zayn said your welcome and no problem and I will the other boys if you want me to. I said yeah sure I don't mind.

Zayn said when I tell them just a heads up they might want to throw you a little something to celebrate. Zayn said and you didn't hear that from me. I laughed and I said okay yeah sure and then I said well I talk to you later. Zayn said bye and I love you sis. Harry looked at me and he said wow love you and Zayn were on the phone for a very very long time. I said I know he was just really excited to hear the news Harry said that's good. I said so where are we going to go next? Harry said we are going to go find me a job now I said but you already have a job and I said well it's always good to do something else besides singing all day.

I said well what else do you want to do and he said I would either want to work at a bakery or become a firefighter. I said well I like both of those ideas. Harry said the job I want the most is to become a firefighter and I said that's so good and Harry drove to the fire station and he told the boss that he would like to work their. The boss said well I can picture you doing this and you will make a lot of money. The boss said well Harry you have the job and you can start Monday morning at 7:00 am. Harry was so happy that he got the job and I was so happy for him to. After we left the fire station. We had to go home start packing. We were leaving for our honey moon We are spending it in New York.

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