The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


19. the family gathering

Harry told Me and his mom that it was time for us to have a family gathering. Harry asked me will I set the table and mom will clean the dishes. Harry said Princess you can help get the table set up. I asked Harry when will the family gathering be? Harry said it can be today or it can be on Sunday whatever day works for you and me and my mom.

Anne came in the kitchen with Me and Harry. He told her that she could pick what day their family gathering would be. Anne said well it will be Sunday. Harry and I said ok that's perfect and what time should we come back over? Anne said it doesn't matter just Whenever y'all are ready. I said well anne it was very nice meeting you Harry and I are going to go for a walk on the beach. Anne said well I hope that you to will have a wonderful time together enjoy the sun and just this beautiful day. Harry said ok mom we will Harry and I walked out the door. We got in the truck and Harry told me we are going to go home and change. Then we can go to the beach.

Harry and I arrived home and he saw Liam and Aleiya sitting on their couch. I looked at Liam and Aleyia in shock and she said what are y'all doing here ? Aleiya said we just came here to relax and Liam wanted to check up on you and Harry. He just wanted to know how well things are working out. I told Harry Liam and Aleiya were checking on us how sweet is that. Harry said that is very sweet. Harry said Liam why are the dishes dirty and Liam said because aleiya and I ate and I never washed them yet. Harry said well look here if you to are gonna eat here please wash the dishes when you are finished using them. Aleyia said we will clean up after ourselves and I will make sure liam helps me. I said well thanks for making sure and Harry said Alexis and I are getting ready to go to the beach. Aleiya said that sounds fun and romantic. Aleiya said Harry can Liam and I join y'all. Harry said sure you can . Aleiya said well thank you Harry but Liam is being lazy and and has been like a couch potatoe all day. Harry said I have something that will get off my couch. Harry went over to the kitchen and got a bucket of water and he dumped the water all over Liam.

Liam said Harry what was that for. Harry said for being a couch Potatoe . Liam went and changed into some dry clothes and Harry and I waited for Liam and Aleiya. They came back downstairs and Harry said is everyone ready. Aleyia and Liam said yes we are ready and they all walked out the door. Liam said Harry how about me and you and the girls walk to the beach it is a really nice day. Harry said ok Liam Harry held My hand and Liam held Aleiyas hand. Harry told Aleiya and Liam how Much he loved Me and that he enjoys spending time with me.

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