The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


26. The boys

I woke up the next morning. I said Harry get up charming. Please please Harry . He got up and he saw me smiling and looking at him and he noticed I was very happy. He said Alexis why are you so happy this morning. I said I am happy because you said that today we would see the boys. I really want to see Liam and Aleiya. I also want to see Eleanor and Perrie and Barbara. Harry said we will Alexis just calm down.

I added people in this chapter. Eleanor Barbara and Perrie . Zayn and Perrie are together and so is Louis and Eleanor and of course me and Harry. I hope everyone will like this chapter and my note. I will tye and finish Tommorrow I'm really tired. By the way this is the authors note.

I got up and I fixed a nice breakfast for Harry and I. I made waffles eggs, bacon and I had some yogurt and Strawberries. I heard Harry coming down stairs and when he got closer her said princess what smells so good and I said well it's breakfast of course. Harry said you really didn't have to do this I would've did it. I said no Harry it's fine you have done it so many times already. I love your breakfast but I wanted to learn how to cook it. I said Harry what would you like on your plate Harry said the usual Strawberries, waffles,eggs, and bacon please. I said well here you go and you Bette eat it before it gets cold. Harry what would you like to drink and he said Tea please I said ok Harry coming right up. I gave him the tea. He said princess when are you going to eat and I said I will right now.

Harry said ok cause I don't want to be at the table alone. I said Aww Harry that's so sweet. Don't worry I'm coming I fixed my food and then I fixed a cup of tea and then I sat down at the table with Harry. We both ate and when we were done he washed the dishes and I got dressed. Harry said what are you wearing today princess and I said I don't know yet Harry. He said well you know we have to go work out right now so don't dress up yet. You can dress up after we work out. Harry said princess we are gonna walk around the neighborhood and also go to the gym. I said okay Harry that's sounds perfect. I said well let's get waters now I'm pretty sure it's really hot outside.

I said well I'm going upstairs to get dressed. I love you , Harry said I love you to and I will be right here waiting for you. I got dressed and I put my hair up and then I put on a cute shirt and sweats with my Adidas. I brushed my teeth then I went did stairs and I saw Harry just starring at me. I said Harry what what are you starring at he said I'm admiring how beautiful you are I said Awww Aww that's the sweetest thing ever. Harry said well I'm gonna go get ready and I'll be back down here in a few minutes. I said ok Harry and he said I love you and I said I know. He came back downstairs after he got dressed and we left and walked around the block and then we both sprinted and we sprinted faster.

I sprinted faster then Harry a little to fast. I fell and I sprained my knee and Harry came to my rescue. He said omg omg Alexis are you okay. I said yeah I'm fine I just need to get to an emergency room and get my knee checked out and fast. Harry said well sweetie let me call the boys and tell them what happened they will tell the girls. They will come see you instead of us going to see them.

Harry said sweetie we need to get you to a doctor . I will call the doctor right now. You just stay calm and everything will be alright. I am here and I know that you need me. I need you to feel better. I said so are the boys on their way and Harry said they are hear now. The boys and I are going to take you to the doctor and get you checked out. You might have to have surgery on your knee we will pray and hope that everything goes well.

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